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The Wolf and the Prey.

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Mon 18 Nov 2019
at 09:31
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The Wolf and the Prey

The City

New York City the city that never sleeps, and so the hunt must go on. The children of father wolf have watched over the place that would be the city since before steal stretched from the earth to the sky and pierced in to the dark places of the earth. The history of the city is not documented in any written form by any Tribe or Pack with only the most ancient Spirits having any knowledge of the past although they only speak of it in their own alien fashion. The city has always been a battlefield between the Forsaken and the Pure. An uneasy truce came about between the two factions shortly after the moon landings and Essence found its way to the void stirring the Idigam.

The coming of the Idigam brought the children of Father Wolf and Mother Luna together for the first time in modern history as a battle against a common foe could not be won by anything less. Nearly a decade went by before the the Idigam were contained and no sooner was the Void foe bested did ancient grudges return.

It was fortunate for the Forsaken that the Idigam did more harm to the Pure then it did to them and by the time of the turn to the twenty first century came the Tribes of the Forsaken had triumphed in the long standing war. With the Pure bested the War Packs of the Forsaken divvied up territory and went about their business.

While skirmishes with the Pure have not been uncommon it has recently been uncovered that the Pure have used more subtle means of influencing the city. The Fire Touched have been operating numerous cults throughout the city prompting the Forsaken for greater escalation.
GM, 11 posts
Mon 18 Nov 2019
at 18:04
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The Wolf and the Prey

The Forsaken

The Tribes of the Forsaken have long held a firm foothold in the city holding up their paths without question of diversion. While most Forsaken will rarely answer to any power outside of their Pack they have crafted something of a crude way of arbitrating disagreements between the various Packs of the city. A tribunal of Uratha of great renown from each Auspice is formed to arbitrate any issues that might emerge as a result of any disagreements between Packs, in this way the Forsaken avoid any needless bloodshed between themselves. Such Tribunals are also formed when a threat is great enough that multiple Packs must be coordinated, and if the time is dire enough the Tribunal can call upon all of the Forsaken to come to action.

The Blood Talons are warriors above all others, the Tribes list of deeds during the war against the Pure and the incursion of the Idigam are the stuff of legend. Since the Pure have been beaten the Tribe has played something of a diminished role and it has not seen the same level of growth as the other Tribes. Despite their smaller place in the world all Blood Talons know that they must keep themselves ready for there is no knowing when the next war might emerge and when heroes will be needed again.

The Bone Shadows are a small Tribe, they always have been, the Uratha have had little need for academics while faced with the onslaught of the Pure. Despite their disparaged place in those times the Bone Shadows have always fulfilled their role with a peerless level of devotion. It is they who know the Shadow best and what Spirits can and cannot be bargained with and it is they that lead the Tribes to victory against the Idigam.

The Hunters in Darkness know the ways and roads of the city more so then any other, their calling to guard their territory from violation obliges them to know their land. It is they that watch over the sacred places and it is among those places held most sacred to them that the only certain knowledge can be found. They often work in tandem with the Bone Shadows as the two Tribes have much in the way of common ground towards achieving their oaths although this has also lead to something of a rivalry amongst the two Tribes.

The Iron Masters are by far the largest Tribe within the city with their ranks dwelling as the cities population has grown, above all of the Tribes it is the Iron Masters who coordinate the most among all of its members regardless of their Pack. This has lead some to be weary of the Tribe but the scope of resources and influence the Tribe has accrued is typically sufficient to overlook such things. The Iron Masters are ruled by a triumvirate of Uratha that oversee their vast tribe and call upon members of their Tribe to guard the sacred places to the Iron Masters, being called upon in such a way is seen as one of the highest honors among the Tribe.

The Storm Lords are perhaps the smallest Tribe in the city as the rigid trials to join the Tribe have in the past proven to be all but lethal to some. Despite this there is no Storm Lord which is looked down upon for one of the cities Uratha to look down upon the Storm Lords is to look down upon the very backbone of the Forsakens history. They do however shear an intense rivalry with the Iron Masters with the ladder believing they should lead the Forsaken because if the sheer size of their Tribe. It is unheard of for a tribunal to be formed without at least one Storm Lord present such is the power of their prestige that Packs will go out of their way to acquire a Storm Lords guidance.
GM, 12 posts
Tue 19 Nov 2019
at 16:57
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The Wolf and the Prey

The Pure

For generations the Tribes of the Pure have fought against the Forsaken for dominion over the city, it was only the coming of the alien Idigam that brought a short end to this long conflict if only for a time. The Pure agreed to fight alongside the Forsaken against the Idigam and the fanaticism they threw at the the Idigam cost them in blood. The fact that the Forsaken triumphed in the conflict only added to the grievances the Pure feel towards the Forsaken. The Pure have yet to fully recover since their defeat and now rely on more cunning tactics to fight against their hated foes. The Forsaken have experienced pockets of the Pure ever since then, be it in street gangs, church community, or the cities elite.
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Tue 19 Nov 2019
at 17:27
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The Wolf and the Prey

The Ghost Wolves

Most Ghost Wolves find a place in a Pack which consist of at least several Forsaken and usually even earn some measure of trust from other Packs of Forsaken depending on the Packs reputation. Those Ghost Wolves that come together and make Packs of their own and carve out their own sliver of territory are the biggest gaps in the Forsaken’s dominance over the city.

Those Ghost Wolves that maintain total independence from the Forsaken are looked upon with distrust and on the seldom occasion the Forsaken gather to socialize there is usually some new rumor circulating about the Ghost Wolves. One story though has been told as a warning, no Forsaken should ever enter Chinatown or Little Odessa unless they are prepared, the source of this story remains a mystery forgotten by the oral tradition but the lesson remains.
GM, 14 posts
Tue 19 Nov 2019
at 17:55
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The Wolf and the Prey

Bale Hounds

The average Forsaken would tell you that the Bale Hounds do not exist but those with more experience know better then to ignore the possibility. The city is vast and there is no way for every inch of it to be watched by the Forsaken, through an unnoticed Wound there is no saying what evil might slip into ones territory.
GM, 15 posts
Tue 19 Nov 2019
at 18:21
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The Wolf and the Prey

The Moon Shunned

Lunas payment for power, these werewolves will never know the blessings of Auspice or the power of the Moon and for that they are vengeful, thankfully the years of endless conflict between the Forsaken and the Pure has never allowed them a foothold in the city. Rumors about them began only recently, with no clear proof of them in the city as of now.
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Tue 19 Nov 2019
at 18:45
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The Wolf and the Prey

Spirits, Urged, and Claimed

The Spirits of the city are far to numerous to count and to divers to attempt to classify. The best the Forsaken can do is keep the population in check culling Spirits where necessary, truly violent actions are only necessary for those Spirits that brazenly pierce the Gauntlet or have grown so powerful that they might become a true threat.

Those Spirits that Urge or Claim humans on the other hand are not reasoned with they are hunted down and they are destroyed without mercy or hesitation.
GM, 17 posts
Tue 19 Nov 2019
at 18:54
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The Wolf and the Prey


By far the most numerous threats to the Forsaken Packs of the city are the Hosts, the scale and size of the city make truly destroying them all but impossible. The best work which can be done is for them to be contained and where possible the Shards of them destroyed.

The Azlu are rare but not unheard of Host active in the city, fortune seems to favor the Uratha as the main Shards of this Host seem uninterested in combating the Uratha and seem more likely to flee.

The most numerous Hosts in the city are the Beshilu who are hidden among the cities rodent population, there is not nearly a night where one Pack or another is not barreling against this horde.
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