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Sanctums and the Sacred
The Awakened City

The city is an intricate network of mystical ley lines and mystical places, with Sanctums that jut into the heavens themselves. While the Orders and Cabals attempt to make sense and categorize what exist around them there are some places with more of a reputation then others.

Perhaps the greatest place of these places is the Library of the Mysterium , here is where the Pentacale has stored vast troves of knowledge. Any Mage affiliated with the Pentacale  may look through the references but few are permitted to delve deeper into the libraryís vaults and none are allowed to wander the library without an observer from the Mysterium to escort them. The Library itself is hidden deep beneath the city at the end of a forgotten subway system behind an arbitrary looking door. There stands a price to use the Library as well for one must bring new knowledge in return for learning from its hallowed tombs.
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Sanctums and the Sacred
Hunting Grounds: New York

For the Uratha the city is an impossibly massive environment with numerous places in which the prey can hide or from where problems can emerge. Even the largest packs in the city can lay claim to an area of a dozen or so blocks before the territory just becomes to much to handle. For that reason many pack maintain amicable relations with their neighbors as despite the innate rivalry between Packs sometimes cooperation is the only way for territory to be secured.

While the city is gargantuan itís reflection in the Shadow eclipses it by an order of magnitude, formed and shaped by the words perceptions of the city traversing the Shadow of New York from end to end would be a near impossible task for any Uratha on their own. Predatory Spirits wander a savage environs this as alien steal and glass reach for Lunas domain, every skyscraper is a nesting ground for Spirits and the streets a place for predators and prey.

The Devils Playground
The area corresponding roughly with mid and lower Manhattan and most of Staten Island these areas represent some of the most dangerous parts of the Shadow of the city where the strongest most nefarious Spirits reside.

The Crescent
The area roughly corresponding with upper Brooklyn, the Bronx, and parts of Queens, here the Spirits are generally more passive feeding more on residual Essence then anything else. Beshilu have been very active in this area threading the Gauntlet with their activity.

The Cup of Dreams
An area connected to parts of Brooklyn and Queens, some of the most sentient Spirits reside here willing to bargain if such a thing becomes necessary. Here Lunes have also been known to congregate giving the place a special meaning to the Forsaken.

The Scared Front
While mostly consisting of northern Manhattan and the Bronx this phrase is used to explain any area where the Pure are active in making these areas particularly dangerous as resident Spirits are provoked to act up at the provocation of the Pure.

The Under Rot
This represents the underbelly of the city reflected in the subway system and underground tunnels beneath the city. For the Uratha it is a dangerous place where Spirits which Urge and Claim humans like to hunt.
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Sanctums and the Sacred
Places of Power

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Sanctums and the Sacred
Places That Arenít
The Den of Eblix
Type: Wound
Physical Reflection: Toriís Former Apartment Building
Shadow Location: Just beyond the Cup of Dreams
A Wound recently manifested in the city formed from the undeniable death and carnage that happened in that place. Which Maeljin claims the Wound is unknown but the powerful Wound Spirit Eblix is the warden of the Wound.

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