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Tue 12 Nov 2019
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[ ----------------- THE COST (Theme Song) By Misconceived ----------------- ]

Welcome to the world at the end of time, the end of life, the end of humanity.  Welcome to a world decimated by human arrogance.  A world sundered by the overzealous presumptions of a race of fledgling gods.

Welcome to Earth 2319.


According to ancient lore, the time before outs, the man knew nothing of The Tides, or the troubles.  It is said that in those times the magics of man were stable, and predictable, with forms like Medicine (Similar to Fleshcrafting), and Technology (Metalcraft) that were free of the dark taint of the Tides.

It is said that in those times Man had aspirations that would take them even beyond the reaches of the endless sky.  They were said to even ply the waves of silt in the Tranquil sea.

According to the ancient tombs, our great world was once a place of unimaginable beauty, resource, and light.  But as the tombs tell, something went terribly wrong... perhaps one of their great rituals reached too far. Mishandled perhaps.  It is said that whatever this grand casting was it broke the world, casting Humankind into its darkest days.

Now we look upon the broken earth and see only the ruins left by our ancient ancestors.  Elaborate temples of glass and metal, conveyances said to give transport without the need for livestock or manpower. Powerful artifacts of seemingly unimaginable but undoubtedly benevolent purpose -- now broken, and shattered. Ruins strung across the soured landscape sundered by time and disuse.  Reminders of what destruction human arrogance can cause.

Some claim the power of our ancestors as the progenitor of this desolation.  Some claim that it was some grand working, forged into being without proper precautions.  Others claim that it was the darkness of the human psyche.

Whatever the case may be... whatever it was our world was cast into a bout of endless night that lasted nearly 200 years.   The magic of that time lost its power, and people died in uncountable numbers.  In those dark times, the survivors banded together or faced horrible corruption at the hands of a dark new magics that seemed to well up in the darkest and most corrupt places.   The Echo, as it was called, washed into our waking world and brought with it a nightmare, and death, desolation and pain.  At it's slightest touch, everything changed.  The people, the land, the animals, all that once was bright and beautiful, as the old workings say, were no more...  The world was broken, and all that remained were twisted ghosts of a  time long forgotten.



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