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Tue 19 Nov 2019
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RTJ - important read/Character generation.
Character creation:

Everything by the book, careers and such.
2nd edition core rulebook.

-Race, name, gender etc. can be rolled or selected as you see fit.
-Roll stat in order as per book, meaning WS first, etc. ending with Fel.
 You are allowed to roll two sets of rolls and keep the one you like. No mixing thought! One set or the other!
 One Shallya's mercy as normally.

-Roll twice for wounds and for fate points. Keep whichever you please.
-Roll 4 times, yes, 4 times! For careers, and select from these 4.
 Remember! Any career is open to the prosperous player, in due time.
You may selected a career without rolling, but in doing so, you are required to add a solid detailed background about this in your RTJ.
-Anything else is by the book, racial features, career restrictions, and so on.
-One free advance as well. Again, per the book.
-Finally advance 1800 xp beyond this.

-Everyone starts with the following(copy to sheet, as you desire):
Common clothing(Detail in any way you like), or take it as the book. (ENC:15)
Dagger (ENC:10)
Sling bag (ENC:5/Holds 200 ENC)or backpack (ENC:20/Holds 250 ENC) containing the following:
-Blanket (ENC:10)
-Wooden tankard (ENC:5)
-Wooden cutlery set (ENC:4)
-Hand weapon of choice(Axe/mace or sword)(ENC:50)
-Purse with 2d10 GC (ENC:2/Holds 400 coins of any type).
(usable at start for additional equipment - do send me a pm listing what you got, just to be sure).
- A choice of a unique item, exceptional and special to you, given your status and experience, which is to be detailed between GM and player.
- Any trapping needed to be in the current(ending) career of your choice.
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Tue 19 Nov 2019
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RTJ - important read/Character generation.
In terms of applying consider this:

0) Short intro: Containing name, race, gender and such here as well.
Should you decide on a career instead of rolling for it(that is allowed, but see below for "restrictions"), list here.
Mainly just to see where you are going with your concept.

1) Personality:
Give me at least 2 paragraphs, listing your characters personality, quirks, appearance, and such. What drives him/her, what's on his/her mind? What makes he/she wake up and have a purpose? This is a huge selling point in having a character with depth.
Also aids greatly when making a description which is mandatory.
2) Short background:
Not involving class but as above, list relations, thoughts on how you were brought up and such.
If you pre-selected a career, instead of rolling 4 times for it, as per character generation rules, include this, how he got in, and his/her motivations.
How did they end up where they are. The more you add the better in terms of selection players in the end.
It does not have to be long, but can aid in underlining motivations and ideoligies that can affect the game. I see it more key that you grow as the game progresses, but understanding or having thought of the past to do so, aids a great deal.

3) Reason for being in Altdorf at the moment :
Shortly put, it makes things easier if you have thought of any tie in, big or small as this is where we begin. This point is mainly to offer a lead, a story or a link to the greater narrative.

4) Shortly about you.
As much as you please, although this part must contain one line specifying your age, and that your are allowed to watch mature content in the country of your origin. This part is mainly to get a short introduction to the players joining and fit a group together that would work well. Also please list, as I am curious, your experience with RPOL, and WFRP here.

Also list if you can and WILL post frequently, meaning daily or every other day at the very least, as inactivity kills any game.
For the right players, exceptions can always be made, so worry not, but be open about it!
I am a lenient person if I just know.

In short:
You can fill it dot by dot, or write a long fluid text, write it 3rd person or play around with the format. As long as it contains what has been requested, you are brought into consideration.
This game is not first come, first serve, quality rules, so spend as much as you need to flesh out a character of your liking rather than rushing for a spot. You get filled based on how you flesh out the character, the stats and such are technicalities essentially.

Some classes may be restricted as we fill up.
Like one initiate of one church or apprentice of one college, to keep it mixed and entertaining. Please consider an alternative if such happens!

For any other questions, PM/RMail me and I will gladly reply.