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Mon 18 Nov 2019
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In-character posts
Make in character posts here. For example:
Bhalom asks "who took my makeup kit?"
Midnite Oil
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Tue 19 Nov 2019
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In-character posts
As the party recovers from their battle with the dragon and settle down for a much needed rest, Bhalom sinks into a trance where he dreams the following:

He sees a wizened figure in brown robes and holding a staff. He kneels before blood colored pools in the earth and fills what looks to be vessels of living earth.

He then sneaks along a passage where he hides from a tsathar scout walking along the passage. Suddenly the scout vanishes, a spot on the ground glows where his feet had been moments before. In your minds eye you see the scout wandering in a maze of passages, with the occasional pile of bones from those poor souls that had been trapped there.

The wizened figure holds aloft the vessel he filled from the pool and steps safely over the spot where the scout vanished.

Before long he comes to an opening in the passage. Before him stands a huge, black monolith. The base of the monolith lies some 20-30 feet below him. He repels down the cliff and walks to the base of the monolith where he inserts a shard into a small hole in the wall. A passwall opens and he enters the monolith.

The vision fades but you hear a gentle, female sounding voice in your head saying,
"Abysthor lives. Free him."

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