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BRCS::Pathfinder 2 Conversions
My general guideline is that unless the character needs to know, they don’t know.  I feel like this preserves some mystery in games and settings.

But I need help with PF2, and so there will be some stuff that would normally be ‘behind the curtain’ that comes to the front.  We can discuss stuff in the game occ before moving it here.
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BRCS::Pathfinder 2 Conversions

*If you have ‘extra’ language slots, you can save them.

Available Human Languages:
Andu - Old Anuirean
Reference: Norman French spoken in England.

High Anuirean -- The Anuirean of Kings is similar to the King's English.
Low Anuirean -- The Anuirean of the People is similar to a sloppy American English.

Languages you may have heard of, but can not start with:

High Brecht -- High Brecht is similar to a Courtly, High German.
Low Brecht -- Reference to Modern, common German.

[for Brecht and all other languages, we might use google translate to express in writing. Beispiel - wei so! (Example - Like so!)]

Khinasi --  use Arabic as a reference.

Rjurik -- the Rjurik speak Rjuven, which is similar to Old Norse; we’ll use Islandic a a modern equivalent.

Vos -- Use Russian as a reference.

Sidhelien -- Sidhelien (elvish) has dialects as well. Those on the West speak Quenya, and those on the East speak Sindarin. (The Inhabitants of Taur Awn is the exception -- they speak Quenya and they are proud of it!) Let’s use it as Irish Gaelic in the West and Basque in the East.

Karamhul (Dwarvish) -- Reference to Finnish.

Druidic (druids only) - reference Aramaic
Thieve’s Cant & other trade-speak - reference Cockney Rhyming Slang

Non-Human tongues that you might know about:

Halfling (halflings) - reference Hungarian

Örog aka ‘Orks’ - Örog or Örug peoples have both spoken and written (Örotar). Let's use Czech as a reference.
Grimkin aka ’Goblins’ - the Grimkin people are nearly as varied as humanity; the ones that are here in Anuire refer to their own language as Grimal, and have spoken and written dialects. Use Greek as a reference.

Gnoll - spoken only, likely many dialects.  Most speak either Örog, or Grimkin.
Ogrish - spoken only, likely many dialects.  Most speak either Örog, or Grimkin.

Languages you know nothing about; only some kind of sage or diviner could possibly know:

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Far flung, but likely:
Giant - many dialects, most unknown. No knowledge of written language.
Troll - many dialects, most unknown. No knowledge of written language.

Possibly unknown by anyone alive or an imaginary thing:
Abyssal (demons and other chaotic evil outsiders)
Aklo (derros, inhuman or otherworldly monsters, evil fey)
Aquan (aquatic creatures, water-based creatures)
Auran (flying creatures, air-based creatures)
Celestial (angels and other good outsiders)
Draconic (dragons, reptilian humanoids)
Ignan (fire-based creatures)
Infernal (devils and other lawful evil outsiders)
Sylvan (centaurs, fey creatures, plant creatures, unicorns)
Terran (earth-based creatures)
Undercommon (drow, duergar, morlocks, svirfneblin)

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