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RTJ & Metagame Conceits
The Basic Premise
The crew of The UEX Prometheus one of the first manned extra-solar exploratory vessels to go through the newly discovered Pandora Gate, has had their egos resurrected centuries after their mission went dark.  Their failed mission might hold insights into the alien species recently encountered.  But cortical-stacks that are hundreds of years old tend to have degradation issues...

Whoever you are--biological, synthetic or even a construct--you've been conscripted into Firewall, a clandestine conspiracy that fights to safeguard the transhuman remnants of humanity against threats both internal and external, real and existential, transhuman and alien.

The PCs are "resurrected" crew-member of the United Earth Exploration Vessel Prometheus.  This allows us an excuse for our characters not necessarily being familiar with the state of the setting around us.

To RTJ to this game
Please submit the following:
  • A couple of lines (no more, please) about the character.  What kind of character do you want to build?
    While the mechanics do allow for sentient ships and the like, from a practical standpoint, PCs should start out as human-scale PCs that can interact r(work, socialize, etc) with a baseline human.
  • Tell me about a former favorite character...
    I want to know what you enjoyed about playing that character so much.  I'm looking for insight into what kind of game you want to play, what kind of player you are.  If we don't have similar play-styles... well, there's no point in us trying to force things, is there?

These ideas are not final.  They simply give me an idea of what kind of character you want to play.

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Wed 15 Jul 2020
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Metagame Conceits:
The RTJ is a audition... an expression of interest.  The real audition (for both of us!) happens during character creation and world-building.  This is where we get a feel for whether we'll play well together.  It is not just the GM auditioning you for fit... it's also you auditioning the GM.  It's way better to know if we're going to rub each other the wrong way before the game goes live...

Fate Core == Proactive Collaboration
As a player, you are expected to be proactive in the development of your character, the setting and the story.  This means that you are expected to regularly offer suggestions about the current story, scene, situation, and setting.  Think of this as an open license to make statements that start with "Wouldn't it be cool if...".

You have enormous creative license.  Fate Core works best when the players have the authority to introduce new elements to the scene.  I'd rather complain that you added too much than that you weren't bold enough to add anything at all.

Meta-Game Discussion
It is entirely okay for a player to direct the character in specific ways based on metagame discussion.  In fact, I really encourage this type of interplay.    It is not okay to have the character act on information that isn't justified by the narrative.   But you know the difference, right?   As a player, you accept that drama involves conflict and sometimes your character is going to get into a bad spot.

Erratic Pacing
This game will have an erratic pace.  I'm a serious hobbyist photographer.  I tend towards tunnel-vision in most things I do.  So, if I'm working on photos, that's what I"m doing... if I'm on RPOL... well, same thing.  I will work to keep you informed, though.    I may go offline for a bit, but I won't kill a game without telling you all.

Dropout Notice
If you need to go offline for a bit, tell us!  If we haven't heard anything from you for a couple of weeks (or earlier if the scene is waiting on you), I will assume you've chosen to drop-out.   I will then remove you from the game.  I will not ask questions.  You are not a child; I am not a babysitter.

This is not at all the same thing as how I'll treat someone who posts "Life sucks, going to be offline for a bit." in the OOC thread.  At least then, I know to bench your character.   And if things have gone to hell?  It's probably better to deal with it all and talk to me again things clear up.  Remember... fiction is full of characters who "didn't actually die!"

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