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PCs will comprise the crew of a Subsidized Merchant ship operated by the Collace Merchant Marine (CMM).  The campaign is set in District 268 of the Golden Era Third Imperium setting.  The game will start on 015-1104.

Why use the Collace Merchant Marine as a game premise?
1) To provide an environment less rigged than an OTU Imperial Navy ship and crew might be
2) To explore the trade rules
3) To provide structure for adventures not solely limited to activities which generate profit
4) To explore the great backdrop that is the Collace/Trexalon Cold War and District 268 frontier setting

More information on Collace is available here: http://wiki.travellerrpg.com/Collace_(world)

Prospective players should submit two or more PCs for consideration.  The ideal party will be 4-5 PCs. I will review all PC submissions and assemble a team that will be able to cover key roles aboard a 400 ton Far Trader starship.  PCs should be created with the Mongoose Traveller (2nd Edition) Core Rulebook.  If you have a CT or Mongoose v.1 character that you would like to have considered, feel free to submit him/her and we can work together to convert them to Mongoose v.2 if selected.

As indicated above, the ideal party is 4-5 PCs and this will be hard limit on the number of players I admit.  I prefer to have a smaller group.  I simply don't have the bandwidth to manage a larger group effectively.  Kudos to those who can run an engaging game for 10 participates and unfortunately, that's not me.  If you are ultimate not admitted, please do not take it personally - it's me, not you - and I will reach out to players who have previously provided character submissions when we lose players over the course of the game.

<Character Generation Information>

Term Limits: 4 Terms Maximum - careers should be compatible with the game premise.

Connection skills and skill package skills should not be selected, as those will be completed once Players & PCs are selected for the initial ship's crew.

Muster Out Benefit Adjustments:

Characteristic Increases - Maximum SOC for this game is 12.  Convert all excess SOC points to Ship Shares/additional pension as below
Free Trader - Convert each award to additional pension per Ships with Benefits entry on page 46
Lab Ship - Convert each award to additional pension per Ships with Benefits entry on page 46
Scout Ship - No Scout ships are available from the Collace Scout Base at the start of the campaign; this may change in the future
Ship Share - Convert each award to additional pension per Ships with Benefits entry on page 46
Ship's Boat - Convert first award to a 25% ship benefit pension per Ships with Benefits entry on page 46 and each additional reward to Pilot (Small Craft) skill award
Yacht - Convert each award to additional pension per Ships with Benefits entry on page 46

Starting Equipment: Standard 2,000 Cr. Starting Limit

A note on relative power level for this game - For PC characteristics, somewhere around +2 to +3 total is realistic (i.e. two -1 and two +2 characteristic mods would be +2 total for example).  Most PCs should armed with common shipboard & frontier weapons, with ex-Army/Marine types breaking out ACR/Gauss Rifles and perhaps a heavy weapons in extreme circumstances.  Working toward Boarding vacc suits is realistic - cladding every PC in battle dress less so.  In and outside of the highport/downport, PCs should be paying close attention to law levels on what arms/armor is appropriate.  PCs may have an augment or two depending on career or may acquire 1-3 during the game.  PCs on a fast or slow track to full cyborg will be eyed suspiciously by most sophonts IMTU however.

Currently accepting PC submissions for the following crew positions:
None at this time.

Positions filled:
Chief Engineer
Assistant Engineer

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