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House Rules
A collection of house rules for the game.
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Characteristics, Skills, and Tasks
Social Standing (SOC) - The DMs from SOC are highly fungible In My Traveller Universe (IMTU).  Generally, a Baron is not going to be able to comport himself appropriately in a local dive bar - politely, yes; in a manner that generates camaraderie with the locals, no.  Occasionally, I may rule that a normally positive SOC DM will yield a negative DM to a check, in some situations.  The opposite is also true - a low SOC score can be an asset for some endeavors - especially illicit endeavors.  As outlined below, this is always the case when the Streetwise skill is being used in conjunction with SOC.

Streetwise - Any Social Standing (SOC) modifiers that might apply to Streetwise checks are inverted so that PCs with high SOC scores receive a negative DM to Streetwise checks (i.e. SOC 9, which normally generates a +1 DM, gives a -1 DM to Streetwise checks) and vice versa (i.e. SOC 5, which normally generates a -1 DM, gives a +1 DM to Streetwise checks).

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Central Supply Catalog
TL-C Cloth Armor does not exist IMTU and in general, worn armor does not stack, with the exception of Reflec Armor, which can be worn under modern ballistic armors (i.e. TL-A Cloth) and vacc suits.  Implanted subdermal armor stacks in accordance with the Core Rulebook & CSC.

Use the CSC price for Skill Augmentation, not the Core Rulebook price.

Specialty ammunition will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with an eye toward compatibility with Traveller OTU cannon.

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