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Mon 2 Dec 2019
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OOC Thread
OOC Thread...

Hello... basically I liked a lot of the ideas of the PbtA game FARFLUNG (but not all of them), but I realized I didn't want interplanetary adventures, I wanted end-of-time adventures, so I changed the names of some playbooks, changed others in other ways (sometimes by adding elements of VENTURE, a game by Riley Rethal), and for all of them, I went with a more basic way for rolling to see what happens.

So now that's some stuff you know!

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The GM
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Wed 4 Dec 2019
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OOC Thread

And, in case anyone wonders, the Stuff list is (barely) adapted from the PbtA game Uncharted Worlds, which I feel has an excellent Stuff system.

So let's see, Playbooks, Setting, Stats, Doing Things (which I feel sufficiently includes Combat), Leveling Up, Health, Stuff...

Anything I've forgotten...?