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--Lost God: you are an energy creature that lives on thought and emotion.

----You are good at: Something. In fact, whatever that something is, you're VERY good. You're the BEST at it. Or you USED to be...

------Name what you used to be the god (or goddess) of. You have otherworldly senses, and can attack using the thing you used to be the god (or goddess) of. Fire? Lightning? Love? Light? Rage?

"How foolish to think you could harm me by using THAT..." 

The skills that Lost Gods are usually best at are: Insightful +2, Forceful +1...

...But it might depend on what you were the god of. The god of thieves could be Hidey. The god of love could be Charming. The god of monsters could be Scary/Weird. The god of dancing could be Agile.

----You are an existence of (solid) energy, a lifeform that transcends the crude limitations of biology and technology (you don't need to eat or recharge your batteries-- except by getting mortals to pay attention to you). You are attuned to a perspective on reality that’s different from the way lesser beings experience it. Play a Lost God if you want a different perspective of the world, combined with wild, possibly bizarre powers.

--------Sample Roleplaying Question: What will you do to make people believe in you?

--------In The Ziggurat: The version of humanity found in The Ziggurat are ridiculously bored and unperturbed by practically everything, and so you can barely survive off the attention they give you. Mostly you've gone around trying to talk to The Ziggurat's residents a lot, trying to get them to pay attention to you, to talk to you, to give you a quick pity-prayer now and then... but you can tell their shallow hearts aren't really in it...

You will have great interest in any Antique characters that you meet-- they'll be more susceptible to being impressed by you, will find you much harder to ignore...
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