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PLAYBOOK: Monster.

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Tue 3 Dec 2019
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--Monster: you are a (lonely) monster (but you might already have an emotional bond with someone).

----You are good at: destroying things. Being nigh-indestructable. 

------You're some sort of horrible monster, but you got lonely, so you've made one or more friends.

"I have noticed that when we try to help others, there are always obstacles, such as animals, or sentients. Let us go now and try to help others some more, so that others might appear once more to stop us, so that I may destroy them as well."

The skills that Monsters are usually best at are: Forceful +2, Weird/Scary +1. But hey, do whatever you want.

--------You could be a sentient vapor cloud, or a huge bestial thing, or a swarm of nanites. In theory, if you were left unchecked, you could destroy untold masses... but what’s the fun in that? The genocide of countless beings for its own sake has never brought you any happiness. If you just take a chance to talk to people, many of them are extremely polite, when they’re not sobbing and begging you to spare them from your ineffable power. Maybe here, among these gentle, ephemeral beings, you might come to know the strange and wonderful feeling called “love.” Or maybe you’ll get hurt, throw a fit, and wipe out a few thousand beings. Most of us are hoping for the “love” part, though. Play a Monster if you want to be a big, dangerous power who's just looking for some warmth and compassion.

------------Sample Roleplaying Question: You are an incredible force for destruction, but you want others to like you. How will you resolve that inherent conflict? Also: Have you already found a friend in another PC or NPC? If so, write a sentence where you describe that relationship.

------------In The Ziggurat: People tend to have a limited number of responses to you:
1. Oh, a monster, run away
2. Oh, a monster, how boring

You haven't been in The Ziggurat for very long... one day recently, you came to one of the main entrances to The Ziggurat, and it let you in. Who knows why? The automatic defenses usually don't let monsters in. Guess The Ziggurat somehow sensed you were special. Or maybe it was that you're so weird and freaky you just confused its sensors. Who knows?

Anyway, everyone shrieking and running away or being bored by you has started to bore you, too. Maybe you should try finding this Cloister thing...
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