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PLAYBOOK: Polymorph
--Polymorph: you are a shapeshifter, an Anything.

----You are good at: imitating others, and changing your form in general.

------You can alter your body in all kinds of ways. But is there, really, any YOU to you? OR are you just a hot mess of reflections of other things? You're not sure... but you'd like to be.

"I'd be feeling pretty confident about defeating you if I were you. And look, I am you, so... guess what?"

The skills you're best at are possibly: Scary/Weird. After that, you might also be temporarily good at Agile, Forceful, Hidey, or Charming, in roughly that order, depending on what you look like.

As a Polymorph, your stats kind of don't matter, as long as you aren't using your True Form, because you can change yourself so that you're good at anything.

--Want to be Forceful? Turn yourself into some big behemoth.
--Want to be Agile? Turn yourself into some sort of feline.
--Want to be Charming? Make yourself incredibly beautiful.
--Want to be Insightful? Give yourself a dozen eyes and a dozen ears and a dozen noses and a dozen sets of antennae.
--Want to be Hidey? Turn yourself into a chameleon, hiding under a couch, the color of shadows and dust.
--Want to be Scary/Weird? Turn yourself into a horrible nightmare thing.

Trying to turn yourself into something is always a Scary/Weird roll.

If you make that roll with a 10 or higher, you're exactly what you wanted to be.

If you make that roll with a 7, 8, or 9, you're what you wanted to be, but with some sort of flaw...

--Want to be Forceful? A 7, 8, or 9 means you're good at breaking things, but you're kind of extra fragile yourself, too.

--Want to be Agile?  A 7, 8, or 9 means you can dodge bullets or laser blasts with ease... but you might also trip over your own feet at an inconvenient moment, too. Being triple-jointed and fast as lightning is one thing, but coordinating your movements might be another...

--Want to be Charming?  A 7, 8, or 9 means you've made yourself incredibly beautiful... but maybe with a slightly grating voice? Or an odd smell?

--Want to be Insightful?  A 7, 8, or 9 means you've given yourself a dozen eyes and a dozen ears and a dozen noses and a dozen sets of antennae... but everything seems so overwhelming it's a little hard to process all the information you're suddenly getting... It's easier to see into the infrared and ultraviolet ends of the spectrum than it is to make yourself smarter, after all...

--Want to be Hidey?  A 7, 8, or 9 means you've turned yourself into a chameleon, hiding under a couch, the color of shadows and dust... but you might have to fight the urge to sneeze from all the dust under there...?

--Want to be Scary/Weird?  A 7, 8, or 9 means you've turned yourself into a horrible nightmare thing... But you might be bubblegum pink and fuzzy...?

Of course, IF you have the time, you can always try to fix the slight flaw... but that'll mean rolling again.

And if you ever FAIL the roll entirely (result of 6 or less)... That's bad. It means one of two things:

A. You've gotten distracted and confused and turned yourself into the WRONG sort of thing entirely-- a mouse when you wanted to be Forceful, a nightmare when you wanted to be Charming, etc...

or B. You've had a panic attack and you've reverted to your True Form (see below), and you've lost the mental concentration to turn yourself into anything for a short while (the GM will tell you how long, but it'll usually be a fairly short amount of time).


--You must have some mass-- you cannot shrink smaller (nor be lighter) than an average-sized mouse. (On the other hand, you could become flatter than a pancake, and therefore could flow under a crack at the bottom of a cheap door).

--You cannot become larger than an average-sized tank (also, you cannot weigh more than about 750 pounds).

--You cannot become invisible. You can, however, become almost completely transparent, or almost perfectly camouflaged (with a good roll result).

--When you change your form, you're just rearranging your stats. So if you want to be Forceful but you don't have a +3 stat in anything, you can't make yourself +3 Forceful.

--------Who are you, really? Maybe you donít know. You might be a species that's just evolved to be perfect mimics. You might be something else, something much stranger. Maybe you were just part of a science experiment. Maybe you've been copying other things for so long you don't remember how it all began. Whoever you are, or were, or will be, you are the ultimate tourist. Thereís nowhere you canít go, no one you canít be. Play a Polymorph if you want to be flexible and faceless.

------------Sample Roleplaying Question: What are you? Sure, you can say "I'm a polymorph, but what does that even mean? What is your identity, when you can be anything?

------------When you make a Polymorph character, you assign their stats normally. These stats are for their True Form. When your Polymorph changes its form, you rearrange the stats you have. (If it reverts to its True Form, those "real" stats basically "pop back" for as long as it remains in the True Form.)

------------You decide what your Polymorph's True Form is like. Whatever you decide it's like, though, keep in mind that your Polymorph doesn't like others to see its True Form. It feels shameful, embarrassing-- even if everyone present finds the True Form beautiful or not shameful at all.

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