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PLAYBOOK: Historian
--Historian: you specialize in trying to sort out the past.†

----You are good at: Being Insightful, analyzing things, knowing things.

"Be careful-- that's a Eisoli! They look harmless from a distance, but they go berserk if you get too close to them!"

The skills that Historians are usually best at are: Insightful +2, Hidey +1. But hey, do whatever you want.

------The problem with history is that they used to just keep making more of it. Now, here at the end of time, you can finally get around to cataloging all this stuff. You just love going through old things. You've forgotten more than most people (who aren't immortal) will ever remember. You make for a great adventurer because you know a little bit about everything-- and what you donít know, you can extrapolate from the thousands of things you do know. Play an Historian if you want to help your friends with useful facts (and trivia).

--------What are you like? A Quiet Observer? The Most Interesting Person In The Room? An Insufferable Know-it-All? Or just someone who really likes antiques and old stuff?

----------Sample Roleplaying Question: How will you use knowledge about the past to change the present?
--Also: Do you value knowledge or people more? Which might you choose, if you had a situation where you had to choose between them?

----------In The Ziggurat: You've mostly spent all your time studying historical records, and maybe arguing with others about the historical records.

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