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--Antique: you are from the past. Your essence is pure... for now.

----You are good at: Being ignored, Being Lucky, Motivating others.

"Wait, what if this is just a big misunderstanding? I don't think that Graflar here really wants to destroy us, amirite? Graflar, buddy, it seems to me that you're carrying around a lot of hurt. Who hurt you, bro? Who hurt you?"

The skills that Antiques are usually best at are: Hidey +2, Charming +1. But hey, do whatever you want.

------You’re from one of the many previous eras. Perhaps you’re from 21st Century Earth, where you were put in cryogenic suspension or what-have-you, only to be revived in this strange future time. Maybe you’re from a derelict spaceship, where you were put in suspended animation only to be rescued much, much later than you ever thought possible. Or you might have popped through a wormhole or other cosmic anomaly, and you were lucky enough to survive. Play an Antique if you want to come through in a pinch and bring out the best in your friends.

-------You might not be a literal antique-- you might be an Isolate, raised in a culture that knows nothing about the real world of the present. So who are you? A real Antique, or just an Isolate?  Do you just want to blend in, or are you cool with being seen as a Backward Savage? Are you quick on the uptake, or Perpetually Confused? Do you find the future cool and awesome, or is the constant culture shock freaking you the hell out?

----------Sample Roleplaying Question: How will you handle being so far from the time-culture you know?

----------In The Ziggurat: You've only been there for a very short time, like days or weeks (and I mean, seriously, less than "several" weeks). You were given a little translator device that lets you keep up with whatever other humans are saying, but you haven't really gotten a very strong handle on culture here at the end of history. Everything is new and strange to you. The other people are either bored by you (they seem bored by practically everything), or else they're fascinated by you (in a slightly clingy, creepy way). You've spent all your time so far just trying to wrap your mind around where and when you are...

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