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INFORMATION: The Ziggurat.

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Tue 3 Dec 2019
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The Ziggurat has many large gardens and parks, with special lamps and watering systems to help plants grow.

The Ziggurat has lots of ancient technology, and little robots (they may be mechanical or biological or a combination, but whatever they're made of, they're basically robots) to keep everything in as good working order as possible.

The Ziggurat has food synthesizers that can make foodstuffs with all the nutrition one needs, no matter one's species.

The people of The Ziggurat are at high risk of being bored, and pass the time with dancing, plays, games, watching recorded entertainments, philosophy, romance/relationships, gambling, exercise, meditation, and arguments about the finer points of all of the above. Often, they gamble and bet on the outcome of the romance/relationships.

Assassinations and duels are forbidden, because if they were allowed, humanity probably wouldn't have survived this long.
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The GM
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Tue 3 Dec 2019
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The playbooks:


Antique (What time-culture are they from? How did they get here and now?)
Survivor (Who or what have you been fighting?)

Non-humans (very possibly the last of their kind-- or not):

Inhuman (anthropomorphic, but Plant, or Animal? If the latter, what kind of animal?)
Lost God (deity of what?)
Monster (what kind of monster?)
Polymorph (what's your True Form like?)
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