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Tue 3 Dec 2019
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--Psi-mage: you are mentally evolved and have psychic abilities. Or is it magic? Who can tell? Is there a difference?

----You are good at: Having and using weird psychic abilities and/or magic.

------You can affect the minds and thoughts of others... if you're lucky/skilled enough. "Tell your men that my friends and I are not a threat. Good, now tell them to leave us alone with the crystal. Good. Now lie down and go to sleep."

The skills that Psi-Mages are usually best at are: Charming +2, Insightful +1, Scary/Weird +1. But hey, do whatever you want.

--------You have mental powers, whether they’re an inborn gift, a natural talent of your species, or the product of technological upgrades and experimentation. You can understand people better than they know themselves, and can exert a terrifying degree of control over unwilling minds. Play an Empath if you want to play a character with mind-reading and other mental powers.

----------Who are you? A Xenopsychologist? An Interrogator, ferreting out secrets? A High Priest? Or just a mental superhero-- or anti-hero?

------------Sample Roleplaying Question: Do you still count as a human being, really? Whatever the answer is, how do you feel about that? How will the answer and your feelings about it change how you live your life?

------------In The Ziggurat: How have you been spending your time/life so far?
--Browsing people's minds like they were streaming shows?
--In isolation in the far corners of The Ziggurat, trying to avoid the filthy, messy, noisy minds of the other Ziggurat residents?
--In just the same way as everyone else spends their time in The Ziggurat, just also psychic on top of everything else?
--Some other way? What?

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