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PLAYBOOK: Survivor.

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Tue 3 Dec 2019
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PLAYBOOK: Survivor

--Survivor: you are hard to kill.

----You are good at: fighting. especially with weapons. You're really good at hiding and sneaking around and then popping out where the enemy least expects you to be. The only problem is that you're kind of addicted to, well, victory...

------You're good at forming plans, and helping to protect your friends in battle...

"Okay, you're gonna go flank the enemy behind that wall. When you hear me drawing their fire, you go in and sabotage the death ray. By then I should be almost done destroying them, so you can come and help me mop up the last few dozen of them after the death ray's disabled." 

The skills that Survivors are usually best at are: Forceful +2, Hidey +1. But you do whatever you want.

--------It’s not that you particularly enjoy killing-- it’s that there’s nothing you enjoy more. Play a Survivor if you want to be savvy about fighting, and about strategy in general.

----------Sample Roleplaying Question: What does it say about you that you're best at fighting? Other than waiting for the next fight, what is your purpose?
--Also: What and who do you prioritize when times get rough?
--Also: Are you willing or able to stop fighting sometimes?
--Also: Where do you draw the line with regard to harming and killing others?
--Also: How does your violence affect the people around you?

----------In The Ziggurat: You've either been:

----Spending all your time watching recorded entertainments about war and action, and constantly training for battle in virtual reality,


----Actually outside of The Ziggurat, fighting to survive, and you're just here at The Ziggurat to rest and recuperate or else to stock up on supplies before you go back out there, or both.

If you choose the latter option, write at least one sentence about what you've been fighting out there...
--Things that are sentient? Or nigh-mindless?
----If sentient, do they fight with weapons? Or just with what they were born with?

You will get a +1 bonus to fighting whatever-it-is/whatever-they-are...
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