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Tue 3 Dec 2019
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--Mad: you are mad. Dangerously mad. Completely out of your mind. ...Or is it complete? Sometimes you seem to have your figurative finger on some sort of reality principle... Temporarily, at least...

----You are good at: being extremely violent. But also at saying insane things that sometimes actually come true later...

------"The darkness told me yesterday that there are snails eating our dreams. We must arm ourselves to destroy the evil snails, because they are rich and we are poor. Maybe with the weapons in the ancient armory hidden in the hills over there..." 

The skills that the Mad are usually best at are: Forceful +2, Scary/Weird +1. But hey, do whatever you want.

Sometimes, you can try to do an Insightful roll and say something about the future. If you make your Insightful roll, the GM will make that thing, or part of that thing, come true...

--------Only the insane have strength enough to prosper. Only those who prosper truly judge what is sane. And boy, have you prospered. The pointless entropy of the universe, coupled with the death of everything and everyone you hold dear, may have had an adverse effect upon you. Or maybe you just weren’t all there to begin with, and you thrive in the madness that is the end of history. If you’re stubborn enough, eventually there won’t be anyone around to tell you that you need help-- just you, and the voices in your head. Play a Mad if you want to solve problems with brutal violence or addle-headed insights.

----------Sample Roleplaying Question: What can you hold onto, considering that nothing (permanently) makes sense?

----------In The Ziggurat: The others usually ignore you, unless you say something particularly entertaining (then they go back to ignoring you afterward). The Ziggurat itself has tried to treat your madness with drugs and hypnotic lights and maybe stuff like art therapy, but all that any of it has accomplished is that you don't attack other residents of The Ziggurat. (You might sometimes START to attack them, but then a little drone will inject you with something, or pretty lights will shine in your eyes, and you sort of calm down and forget about what were you about to do, again...?)

If you leave The Ziggurat, you will continue to not attack people whom you know from The Ziggurat (or not successfully finish attacking them, anyway)-- that's ingrained in you by now.

Whether you will be allowed to attack anyone/anything else you run into, outside The Ziggurat, is another story entirely.
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