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--Tech: You are good at working with technology, machines, artificial creations...

----You are good at: Inventing things, improving technology, repairing technology, overloading technology, technology technology, technology.

"It's okay, I can bring that forcefield down with my omni-raditron. No wait, if you let me disassemble your laser blaster, I can make it so we can pass through the forcefield but the monsters can't follow us NO WAIT IF I OVERLOAD THE FORCEFIELD IT'LL EXPLODE AND TAKE OUT THE WHOLE BUILDING WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO I ALREADY DID IT WE HAVE 49 SECONDS TO GET OUT NOW RUN RUN RUN"

The skills that Techs are usually best at are: Insightful +2, Hidey +1. But hey, do whatever you want.

------One personís trash is another personís treasure. The junkyards of history are full of wondrous machines that just need a little maintenance to get them working again. The universe is your workshop,and you take great joy in collecting amazing machines, in restoring things to working order, and in learning from your mistakes. Itís very unwise for anyone to underestimate what youíre capable of making, given even the most basic of tools. Play a Techie if you want to master all the ancient machines at the end of history.

--------Sample Roleplaying Question: What are you going to do with this amazing stuff, and why? Does it seem like you are using tech more often to help people, or to destroy things you want to destroy? Once you figure out the answer to that question, how do you feel about it, and about what it says about you?

--------Inside The Ziggurat: You've spent most of your time studying the technology of The Ziggurat, and tinkering with creating (and repairing) your own inventions. (You might very likely have been the first person to read the recent Message from The Cloister. (If so, it bugs the heck out of you that you weren't able to make it more understandable, but a weak signal is a weak signal, and there's only so much you can do about a one-time transmission like that...))

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