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Wed 25 Dec 2019
at 08:46
Adventure Thread
 However they got there, the Group finds themselves in the last outpost of civilization before the Northern Arctic. It is not a particularly large place and thinly populated, but it is still a good place to start and the last chance to get the supplies for this journey. Beyond this point is a cold unforgiving wasteland between here and Santa's fabled north pole operation.
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Wed 25 Dec 2019
at 21:40
Adventure Thread
Suiko tears another hole in the fabric of the planes and steps through, dusting her hands off. She seems perfectly at ease in the frigid weather, despite her revealing clothing. An invisible force holds a parasol over her head, keeping off the dusting of snow falling from the clouds above. "All right, time to get started," she says briskly. "I have some magic that may be helpful, if people would care to gather round. Protection from the weather if you don't already have it, and from icy energies. An enchantment to fill your mind with the hunger for glory. The others, unfortunately, cannot be cast so simply on another."
Irsen Kravik
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Thu 26 Dec 2019
at 04:05
Adventure Thread
Irsen thanked Suiko and thanked her for her magical aid again.  He then offered his own Christmas presents to those... present: a single casting of Nine Lives each.  He explained that it would ward off unlucky happenings - from grappling to grievous wounds to death itself - nine times in the next day.  "Then if anyone knows the way, let's be off.  Otherwise, let me know and I will work on some divinations."  He shifted to his large hybrid form and looked about warily - as if the snow itself might rise against them because of their hostile intentions.

OOC: Please also let me know if you want Nine Lives cast on you.  It will eat up all my 8th level slots, but it could definitely be worth it for you guys.