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Lancer is a tactical mech RPG produced by Massif Press. All player facing rules and a character creation app are available for free.

The Dice Roller is pretty easy to use. Most rolls are 1d20+k +/-d6.  If you have multiple dice of Accuracy or Difficulty, make a separate roll and either click Keep Highest or Record Each Die.

As of start of this game, the most recent version of CompCon is 1.5.5, and the most recent ruleset are the Release Rules. We'll try and keep current.  Where the rules conflict, the Release Rules in the book take precedence.

I mostly post in the evenings Pacific Time. I'm going to try and keep up a daily posting rate, and I hope you guys do too.  If you take more than 72 hours to take an action, without prior notice of absence, your turn will be skipped. Miss a lot of turns and I'll find a replacement.

Lancer is a crunchy game. To keep things orderly, I'm going to use a Google Slides page as a battlemap with tokens. Roll20 is a little too much overhead. I'll be stating what the enemies do, it's up to you to keep track of your own sheet. I will try and maintain consensus with a publicly posted tracker.

Lancer uses popcorn initiative. I'll be pinging the next player up with a PM.  If you're designating another player as next, use a PM to ping them, please.

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Posting follows these conventions: Description in plain text, dialog in a color, thoughts in italics, game rules in <tt><orange>.


Layla was on point, every nerve taut as she lead the patrol through the narrow defile. Status icons winked in the edges of her HUD, but she ignored them, concentrating on the audio feeds she had turned all the way up.  Survivors from the last patrol said Shadow Company was running HORUS mechs with a hydra's nightmare of drones and intrusion systems. But sometimes, pilots spent so much time focusing on the electromagnetic spectrum they forgot old fashioned audio.

There, a faint buzz in the distance, bearing 050. A few quick gestures with an armored fist got the squad deployed-contact! Left flank, firing positions.

And then nothing. Am I starting to hallucinate things? Layla thought, as the seconds ticked by.  Then she spotted the spikes of a Manticore moving through the shrubbery. "Hold... hold... ready... Fire!"

[Move] 1 hex E
[Quick Tech] Lock on vs Manticore A
[Skirmish] Assault Rifle vs Manticore A, consume Lock On: +17 vs Evade, 4 damage.

21:41, Today: Control rolled 17 using 1d20+5+1d6 with rolls of 8,4.
22:09, Today: Control rolled 4 using 1d6.  damage.

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The X-Card
Roleplaying games can be about anything, and this one is about war.  War is hell.

That said, I have a couple of red lines. First, no sexual assault. Try that stuff and you're out. Second, no graphic torture.  You may capture prisoners, you may try and get information from them, but nothing further than "I rough them up some."
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Example Character Sheet
Example character sheet.  Up to you how much verbosity and formatting you want to include for talents, powers, and weapons, but I find more is always helpful. It's easy to copy/paste out of CompCon.


<b>Pilot Skills</b>

<b>Pilot Traits</b>
<i>Talents + Core Bonuses</i>

Hacker 2
When you consume Lock On as part of a tech attack, on hit, your target chooses whether it takes an extra 2 heat or is pushed 3 spaces in a direction of your choice.

Gain the following options when successfully Invading a mech:
Jam Cockpit: Your target cannot mount or dismount their mech until they take a full action and succeed on an engineering check to fix their cockpit.
Disable Life Support: Your targetís life support is disabled. They take +1 difficulty on all saves until they spend a quick action and make a successful systems check to reboot it.
Hack./Slash: Your target cannot benefit from or make Tech actions until they spend a quick action and make a successful systems check to reboot their core computer. They can also shut down their mech to gain the same effect.

<b>Pilot Loadout</b>

<b>Mech Skills</b>

<b>Core Stats</b>
Sensor Range:
Save Target:

Heat Cap/Max:


Attack Bonus:
Tech Attack:
Limited System Bonus:

<b>Frame Traits</b>

<b>Core System</b>
Core Power: 1/1

Main/Aux Mount:
Assault Rifle
+2, 1d6 kinetic, Range 10, Reliable 2
Always does at least 2 damage, even on a miss.

Light Nexus
+2, 1d3 Range 10, Smart
Targets E-defense instead of Evasion

<b>Systems (total SP):</b>
Type-I Shield
2 SP, Shield, Unique, Protocol, 1 heat(Self)
You can choose to activate this shield protocol at the start of your turn. Nominate an enemy you can see. All that enemy's ranged or melee attacks against you are made at +2 difficulty until the start of your next turn, but your ranged or melee attacks against them also suffer the same penalty.

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House Rules for PbP
Play-by-Post has one major problem, and that it's slow, and turns with a lot of interaction between different parties are especially slow.  Lancer is a game with a lot of interaction built in which is quick at the table, and like molasses online.

House Rule 1: Loose Turn Order
The Active Player designates the next player to act at the end of their turn. Pick who you want to go in your post, I'll move for the NPCs, and ping the next player with a PM.

House Rule 2: Roll for Reactions You Trigger
Reactions are also so. If you trigger a reaction on your turn, you roll for it. For example, if a Player Moves out of Engaged and triggers Overwatch, roll for the NPC's overwatch attack.

House Rule 3: You can set conditions for either of these
If the tactical situation is ambiguous, you can do some basic conditions. "I'll avoid Overwatch on the Grunt if there's a change of getting the Veteran." "Silence is next, unless Trigger gets blasted by the next attack", etc.
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Tue 17 Dec 2019
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House Rules for PbP
Roleplaying Games are about a group of people sitting around asking each other "So what happens next?"

The answers to that question create a shared imagination. The goal of the game is to have fun with this shared imagination. The rules exist to support us, by helping us find interesting answers to that question. With PbP, we're only in the shared imagination for a few minutes a day.  Events that would playout in minutes of gametime can take months to execute.  Consistency is hard, even with the record of posts right there, but what matters most is tone and theme (and numbers, but we're tracking that separately).

There's no right way to play RPGs, but there are two wrong ways.  The first is disengagement. Not really saying anything, because you're not sure what to say.  The second is stealing the spotlight and dictating what others do.  The good news about PbP is that even though it tends towards monologues, it's harder to steal the spotlight.  We all have equal time to read.

I mentioned that one of my favorite games is Blades in the Dark, and one thing which I really like is the Gather Info rules. I try to be clear and have hooks in my writing, but if I'm not, you can always ask one of the following, and I'll do my best to give you a fair answer.

  • Whatís their intention?
  • What might I suspect about this? What can I prove?
  • Whatís the danger here?
  • How can I find ____?
  • Whatís really going on here?
  • Ask about a detail for a plan.

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