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Tue 10 Dec 2019
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How to Join This Game
We'll start at LL3, so everybody has a few toys to play with.  My only hard limit on characters is that at the start you have to be willing to accept contracts from both corporations.  No one who's backstory is eternal vengeance against Lykon.

To join the game, submit a RTJ with the following questions. You don't need to have a full character sheet.

0) Confirm that you've read all the threads.

Tell me about your character:
1) The basics: Name, background, what chassis you pilot, what other people see when you walk down the street.

2) How did you become a Lancer? What drives you to put your life on the line and kill your fellow humans?

3) A pilot who's just a killing machine is one facing the void. What's your personality when off mission? Any quirks or hobbies? How do you unwind?

Questions below are optional, but if you want to improve your chances.
4) You've been in the Prospero System long enough to know people. Tell me about one friend and/or one enemy you have here. New characters, not one of the key people.

5) Tell me a little about yourself (the player), and since this is a scifi mecha RPG, I'm particularly interested in anything relating to the last three.

6) What's your expected posting rate?

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Tue 10 Dec 2019
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And since fair is fair, a little about me.

I'm Biff, I have an office job involving computers in California. I've been running roleplaying games for something like 20 years now, and I mostly prefer to GM. My favorite systems are D&D 4e and Blades in the Dark, and I've got high hopes for Lancer. Oddly enough, I'm not really a mecha guy beyond a little Battletech, but I love cyberpunk and military history, so I'm going to extract essence of chrome and neon from Schismatrix and Hardwired, drip it through some jungle mud, and see what happens. I'm also really inspired by the aesthetics and writing of Brigador.

Oh, and a little caveat, my Lancer is less utopian than the one presented in the books. Post-scarcity and human rights is good and all, but great stories are driven by conflict. This is a setting where a handful of strangers in giant war machines can save or doom a planet, and I intend to hold to that.

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