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Setting Information
The Strategic Situation
Prospero is a remote Gaia-class planet closest to Belukha Station. Three factions are contesting military control of the planet, prior to the arrival of a Union administrator and a peace mediation team in 399 standard days. All factions intend to rely heavily on military contractors, since distance from a Blink gate prevents introducing substantial reinforcements before Union arrives. Two starships are in system, the cruisers CSS Caputo for Lykon and CSS Jacaranda for Verrent-Bio. As of the star of the game, the ships have driven each other out of orbit, and neither side has the space supremacy necessary to dominate the surface.

Prospero was founded 628 years ago as part of SecComm colonization, it had a quiet and slow development. While the oxygen atmosphere is breathable with only a filter mask, the temperature and gravity are at the upper range of human comfort. Extensive jungles, badlands biomes, and dangerous wildlife have delayed the exponent growth typical of a frontier colony.  20 years ago, both Lykon and Verrent-Bio sent survey teams to Prospero, mutually unaware of each otherís plans. Their resurveys found resources that cannot be exploited by both factions.

Lykon Combine
Lykon is a mid-sized corporation focused on industrial and cybernetics systems.  Deposits of rare crystalline formations deep under the crust of Prospero can be used as key input in NHP caskets. Lykonís development plan involves heavy terraforming to expose and recover these crystals, with negative effects for indigenous flora and fauna. Expected returns on investment are high enough to create an Earth-Neutral-III class synthetic biosphere for all human inhabitants of Prospero, as well as funding exploitation of system resources.  Under favorable conditions, a new Blink gate may be opened in-system after 50 years, linking Prospero tightly to Union.

Lykon forces are centered on armored bastions with interlocking defensive grids.

Verrent-Bio specializes in cataloguing alien biomes for pharmaceutical value. Prospero has been identified as a High Potential Cornucopia world, with millions of complex macro-molecules compatible with human physiology. Verrent plans a whole world survey, training locals to conduct biology in the many minimally surveyed areas of the planet. Verrent requires that ecological damage be absolutely minimized. Industrial activity beyond that necessary to support the mission would cause irreparable harm to the value of Prospero as an asset.  Under standard Union planetary licensing guidelines, Prosperan would receive a 20% finderís fee. Further investment in education would transition the economy from a local subsistence base to an a galactically competitive intellectual-property regime.  The next generation will be scientists and explorers, revealing the galaxyís secrets, and no longer bound to a backwater planet.

Verrent-Bio forces have adopted guerrilla tactics with hidden cells and mobile strike forces.

Prospero Planetary Government
The PPG has done a good job running Prospero, and by that, they've done a good job accumulating power and influence while staying off the radar of anyone with enough firepower to knock them off. Every President since Landing has been named Corso. There's a Parliament, but little actual political legitimacy. Serious dissenters tend to get a one-way ticket off-planet.  With the war on, some of them may have filtered back. Numbers-wise the Prospero Militia is the biggest armed force on the planet, though the quality of their leadership and equipment is doubtful. Union upholds the rights of the indigenous population, so whoever is sitting in the Presidential Palace in 400 days will hold most of the cards.

The PPG is playing both sides of the conflict, trying to extract as much as they can from the corporations without committing fully to either side.  They're based in the cities and towns.

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Key NPCs
Lykon Combine
Vice President Helene Armitage: Armitage is a creature of the boardroom, but that doesn't mean that she won't get her hands dirty if necessary. She's uncompromising in her drive to see Lykon hold Prospero.

System Security Director Naheem Tate: If Armitage is the velvet glove, Tate is the iron fist. A veteran of three planetary take-overs and dozens of minor actions, Tate keeps the military situation well in hand.

Mines Foreman Nico Salbiev: Someone has to do the real work around here, and that's Nico. He can fix anything, break anything, and convince a thousand roughnecks to pull triple shifts to get the job done.

Prime Investigator Sebastiano Makitalo: A genius scientist and charismatic leader, Makitalo suffuses everyone around him with a sense of mission and discovery. Makitalo has never met a question he couldn't answer.

Long Range Reconnaissance Leader Shen: Rumors swirl around the enigmatic Shen. Some claim that they're from outside known space, that they're an avatar for a NHP, or otherwise posthuman. Their dossier is classified, but stories tell of incredible feats of endurance, stealth, and technical skill. Despite their low rank, they are fully in command of Verrent-Bio forces.

Doctor Anna-Lena Pichler: ALP, as she likes to be called, is in this for the plants, and for the incredible beauty of the Prosperan ecosystem.

Prospero Planetary Goverment
President Cornelius Corso-Thaller: Cornelius has been president for over thirty years, and his lineage stretches back right to Captain Corso. He's the father of his people, he's weathered every intrigue yet, and he'll be on the winning side of this war. Count on that.

Colonel Valencia Corso-Manes: Colonel Corso-Manes is the senior officer in the Prospero Militia, and she's not going to let anyone forget that. Colonel Corso-Manes is on the opposite side of the President on a lot of issues, but she's a patriot first. It's just that Prospero needs strong leadershp.

Nia Nguyen: Nguyen believes in the Utopian Pillars, and she thinks that the government has been letting the people down. Schoolteacher by day, agitator by night, Nguyen is the face of the real opposition, a small and disorganized movement, but one that grows with every injustice committed against the people.

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Corso's Landing: The original landing site of the colony ship, Corso's Landing is well situation on the southern coast, close to mountains and fertile plains.  The metropolitan area has a population of 800,000, accounting for about half the planetary population.  If you can find it on Prospero, it's at Corso's Landing. The dominant mood is industrial confusion. The town has grown organically over the centuries, and with more regard for the machines that sustain the colony than people who live there.
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The Cast
Name: Altruad of Dust
Callsign: Ashmaker - prefers 'Dusty' to friends.
Preferred Name: Altruad
Frame Name: Burning Sirocco
Frame: Barbarossa

Name: Alis Varn
Callsign: Monstrum
Preferred Name: Alis (?)
Frame Name: Ergane
Frame: Black Witch

Name: Xavier Ackerman (name doesnt show on iff)
Callsign: Hotshot / |-|075|-|07
Preferred Name: Hotshot
Frame Name: Prometheus / Pr0m37h3u5
Frame: Tokugawa

Name: Marcellus Esperato
Callsign: Luz
Preferred Name: Marcellus
Frame Name: Warmest Regards
Frame: Raleigh

Name: Vix Otoya
Callsign: Usually answers to mech name? Don't really have a separate callsign.
Preferred name: Vix
Frame Name: Scrapper
Frame: Tortuga

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