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Game Rules
Books I own:
Players Handbook
Dungeon Masters Guide
Monster Manual
Volo's Guide to Monsters
Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Xanathar's Guide to Everything
Guildmaster's Guide to Ravinica

Once character is approved by me, character stats can be generated.

Start Level 4
Leveling is based on narrative and character milestones

Roll 4D6, dropping the lowest D6, 6 times, insert for each stat. Add additional ability points or feats according to your class in the Players Handbook. Point buy on request.

Can use starting equipment from class, or buy equipment (no magic items) based on fund calculation. (PHB 143)         

There will be some homebrew elements in the game, but it is mostly vanilla 5e.

Dialogue: It is recommended, but not required (I understand that sometimes we post on mobile and it can be hard to format) that we make our lines of dialogue colored. It can make it easier to follow along. If ever you speak out of character in a post use Orange to denote that. If you do not denote Out of character text with orange, announce it before hand.
IE: The Barbarian lets out a primal scream as she brings the axe down with all her might! How beat up does the orc look?

Game Rules:
1. Any Core Book Class is acceptable. Up to DM.
2. Most Races are allowed. Up to DM.
3. Characters must be accepted by DM before entering play.
4. No cursing/Obscenities.
5. Do not post as a character until the DM has accepted them into play.
6. A brief backstory is highly recommended as it will make integration with other players more seamless.
7. Most books (WotC) are allowed, 3rd party books pending DM approval.
8. Health is Always MAX.
9. Multiclassing is allowed, within reason.
10. Text is not a post. Please post more than 'text'.
   Example (Not a Post): "I got six gold."
   Example (A post): "I got six gold." The rogue pulls the coins out and smiles as he hands them over to the barkeep.
11. After falling unconscious take one point of exhaustion.
12. Anyone inactive for 3+ days will be NPC'd and possibly removed.


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