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Rules & Character Creation
1. Don't be a jerk.
     - If you believe that someone is being a jerk, do not argue with them in OOC. Speak to the DM first and then message them privately. If a peaceful arrangement or understanding cannot be reached, the DM will have final word on the matter.
     - In addition, please refrain from talking about IRL politics and religion. It almost never ends well, so just don't.

2. The DM has final say.
     - On all matters related to the rules and other mechanics, the DM has final say. If you do not agree with how a situation was handled or a ruling made, message the DM privately to address your concern. The DM will consider what you have to say and may alter the previous decision, but is under no obligation to do so.

3. Communicate with the DM.
     - We understand that real life comes first and that this is, ultimately, just a game, but please post in the extended absence thread if you are unable to post for more than two days or wish to leave the game so that the DM and your fellow players know. We will not be mad or offended if you wish to leave the game, but if there are changes that can be made to improve the game, then we would like to know.
     - In combat, if you do not post within two days of the start of a round, we will post for you. Outside of combat, after two days since your last post we will assume you are going along with whatever your party decides.
     - Any player under DM control when their party returns to town will stay there, possibly running a shop as an NPC.
     - If you drop to zero HP we will PM you. If you do not respond within two days, we will begin making death saves for you.

4. This is a General game.
     - This game is marked as General so please no foul language or overly violent/inappropriate situations. Please do not push it.
     - Be sure you are following RPoL's Games Policy.

5. Think before you post an link.
     - Please make sure ALL links that you post follow the rules for a general game.
     - Posting an inappropriate link may lead to being kicked from the game.

6. Out of Character posts are for the Out of Character Thread.
     - Keep idle chatter out of IC threads. You don't need to talk about sports while fighting monsters.
     - If you need to ask a rules question, and want to do it in the IC thread, type it in orange. Also post all rolls in orange.

7. Practice good posting habits.
     - We are not all grammar professors, but RPoL and most browsers have a built-in spell check.
     - When your character speaks, please color the text so that it's easier to determine the spoken words from the rest of your post. You may use any color you like, but we only ask that you make the text bold if you use a lighter color.
     - Please have enough description in your posts so that the DM and other players can understand what you are doing.
     - Please post all relevant rolls you make in an IC post when appropriate (such as attacks in combat or if a skill check is called).

8. Try to keep parties to four players. Encounters will be built on that assumption. We will not prevent you from setting out with fewer, but do so at your own risk. NPCs who offer jobs will allow 5 characters to accept, in order to prevent players from being left out, and we will do what we can to ensure those in town waiting for parties to join have something to do.

Character Creation
Ability Scores:
   - You may take the standard array as described in the PHB.
   - You may roll 4d6 (keeping the highest 3 rolls) six times to determine your scores or use standard point buy and then assign them to the ability you wish.
   - If you choose to roll for scores, you cannot switch to standard array after rolling.

Characters start at level 1

Starting Equipment: You start with the equipment given by your background and the options listed by your class.

Starting Gold is whatever you receive from your background.

Please remember to let us know when your sheet is done. We will not add you to the language groups if we do not know your sheet is ready.

Please when you send your RTJ include the word "hopscotch" somewhere in your post so we know you have read this thread. Once you are done with character creation, and we have approved your sheet, you may make a post in the Smith's Gambit thread. That is where groups form to go on independent adventures or take Jobs detailed in the first post of the Job Board thread. Players are free to enjoy this open world as they wish. This is a sandbox game.

Accepted Material

Player’s Handbook
Elemental Evil Player's Companion
Sword Coast Adventure Guide
Volo's Guide to Monsters
Xanathar's Guide to Everything
Anything else with our permission.

No flying races or flying racial variants. Class features that allow flight at level 5 or higher are fine. No Far Traveler Backround.

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Magic item crafting works on a case by case basis. Tell us what you want to make, we will tell you what skills, components and other costs are required.

For mundane items: 1 unit of downtime and 1 gp in materials (Based on what Jessop charges, not what he is willing to pay for it), per 5 gp in item's total cost. Single-use consumables require 1 unit of downtime no matter the price. In the wilderness, every long rest is worth 1/8 a unit of downtime for every hour you aren't sleeping.  If two people combine efforts, the downtime cost is halved. The players may decide how the cost is divided.

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House Rules
1. We'll allow a reroll if the modifiers of all the stats combined don't add up to at least 0 before racial modifiers.

2. We are using lifestyle expenses. Eating rations reduces the expense for a day by 5sp, and pay attention to page 187 of the PHB for other options(just note you will be one level of lifestyle lower than that page suggests.) Proficiency in Wisdom (Survival) removes the cost entirely when outside of town, but keep in mind, outside the walls, random encounters are likely at any time. Lifestyle expenses include day to day expenses including but not limited to: Food, equipment and property maintenance, refilling quivers and spell component pouches (non-magical ammunition and non-costly components only,) taxes, etc. Your level of lifestyle determines how you are viewed by the community. If you take a long rest without covering the expenses somehow, you will take a level of exhaustion.

Costs per day are as follows:
Squalid lifestyle (homeless, in town. DC 10 Con Save or suffer from exposure:) 5SP.

Poor Lifestyle 1 GP (includes wilderness camping without Survival. DC 10 Con Save or suffer from exposure.)
Wilderness Camping (With Survival. DC 10 Con Save with advantage or suffer from exposure. Equivalent to Poor Lifestyle.): Free

Modest Lifestyle: 2GP

Room and board at inn (Equivalent effect to Modest Lifestyle): 3 GP

Comfortable Lifestyle: 4GP

Wealthy Lifestyle: 10 GP

Aristocratic Lifestyle (grants Position Of Privilege feature as seen in Noble Background): 30 GP

Winter Blankets/heavy clothes, give advantage on saves vs. exposure. Features that resist cold damage, or ignore the effects of cold climate mean immunity to exposure as well. If you suffer from exposure, you gain a level of exhaustion. You still gain all benefits from your long rest. Note you gain the level of exhaustion from exposure after healing a level of exhaustion from resting.

3. Downtime: Downtime will be handled using the rules from Xanathar's Guide to everything. However, since we won't be forcing everything to fit in one schedule, downtime will be treated as a resource, granted in 8 hour units, every Monday, and from completing jobs. You may spend downtime at any point, even if you aren't in town, but you must return to town to pick up items you build, (essentially events in town run on their own timeline otherwise.) Running a shop requires no downtime, but crafting things you want to sell does. I know this sort of makes it like you are in two places at once, but we really don't want to prevent players from being able to both run shops and go on adventures. While adventuring you can spend 1 unit of downtime per day, in addition to any you skim from a long rest (1/8th of a unit per hour spent not sleeping.)

4. Rest and sleep: Sleep is not required to get the benefits of a long rest, however, most races need 6 hours of sleep a night. Any night you get fewer, you will have to make a CON check, DC 10 + number of hours of missed sleep. If you miss sleep multiple nights in a row, replace the 10 in the above figure with the previous nights DC. Failure equals a level in exhaustion.

5. PP and EP will not be used as they can make things more difficult to calculate. Instead only GP, SP, and CP will be used as currency.

6. We are using the standard encumbrance rules as stated on page 176 in the PH, with a single exception. GP, SP, and CP will not take up a part of that weight. Instead they will be counted as no weight at all so you may carry as much of it as you may need.

7. We are allowing the taming rules from the link below:
We are ignoring the ban on rogues being able to tame. We find the rule to be unfair, especially since bards can still tame with expertise, as can humans with the prodigy feat.

8. If your character dies, you may make a new one of their level, but their xp is reset to the minimum for that level, and they have starting wealth as determined below. The dead character's items and equipment may be claimed by party members and any real estate they owned belongs to Smith, if they have no next of kin.

Character Level
lst-4th: Normal starting equipment
5th-lOth: 500 gp plus ldlO x 25 gp, plus normal starting equipment
11th-16th: 5,000 gp plus ldlO x 250 gp, one uncommon magic item, plus normal starting equipment
17th- 20th: 20,000 gp plus ldlO x 250 gp, two uncommon magic items, plus normal starting equipment

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