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Jessop's Shop and Erret's Construction
Jessop has all the mundane gear listed in the gear and tools section of the PHB, at the prices listed. He will purchase any items players want to sell for half the listed price. He only stocks weapons and armor sold to him by players, anything else must be ordered during downtime, or crafted by players.

Erret is in charge of any new construction, and charges 50gp for a single room log cabin with a fireplace or stove and 25 gp for each separate room (bedrooms, kitchens, etc.) Additional fireplaces or stoves cost 25 (limit one per room.)  The more you pay for your home, the better the lifestyle available to you. Any non-portable crafting fixture (worktables, blacksmith's furnace/forge, etc.) Costs 50 gp, requires its own room, and allows the type of crafting it is made for.

Poor Lifestyle: Basic 50 gp cabin: Capacity 1

Each additional fireplace, room, or stove, raises capacity by 1
For every person below capacity living in the dwelling, available lifestyle increases by one. For Every person above capacity, available lifestyle decreases by one. Dwellings may be expanded as needed.

When you give us the layout you desire for your house, please include a description for the thread. Player housing threads are public, but you may not go inside another player's house without their permission.

Note the inn provides only modest accommodations, for 3 gp a day, and will neither reserve a room nor store belongings (unless you pay for the whole room, even if you aren't using it.) Inn pricing also includes meals, whether you eat them or not.

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