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Fri 6 Mar 2020
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[Misc] Lukas Verbannt's House
Verbannt's domicile was a simple affair of wood and thatch, buried into the side of a small hill so that its front door and heavily shuttered windows would face the morning sun.  Its positioning made it difficult to determine just how large the building actually was, it could have been only one or two rooms, or it could have extended deep into the hillside behind it.    What was most surprising was the presence of a small garden in front, mound of earth and trenches clearly painstakingly done to support several plots.  Most were empty, but one plot had six small grey plants with the hints of buds beginning to peak out.  Any herbalist would have recognized the Hallas Blossom for what it was, and would have been able to infer much about Verbannt from its presence there.

Inside, the ceiling was surprisingly high, but perhaps not so surprising given the Bugbear's immense height.  The main room is was simple square of wooden walls, with a hearth in one corner next to a doorway, and another doorway leading further into the hill.  Each of these doorways had a heavy cloth draped over them to provide some measure of privacy, and the scent of smoke filled the small domicile.