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Setting Information
Here we will be posting setting information as it comes up. We encourage improv, so if you want to be from or talk about a place we haven't named, go for it.

Continent of Kavidon: The southwestern continent of the world. Bordered by the Triton Sea on the south, the Terminus Sea on the east. Contains, but is not limited to, the following:

Nation of Alemakia: The nation that borders the Rimewood. Smith is from here, as well as many other NPCs. A parliamentary democracy, and the worlds youngest nation so far, at only about 400. Most citizens are human, though the nation is generally more diverse than others. Oddly, there are no citizens older than the nation itself, though very few members of races capable of such longevity would even deign to acknowledge the nations existence, let alone live there.

The Rimewood: A huge, ever-frozen forest, south of Alemakia. Until recently, the nearby nation of Alemakia forbade anyone from entering, citing public safety. The newest regime has lifted the restriction, and Smith has spent his considerable life savings to be the first to build a settlement there. No nation claims the land, though goblins and other savage races have been encountered by Alemakia.

Nation of Wuaden: A nation bordering Alemekia to the east and north. The Umbretal Mountains stand between it and the Rimewood.

The Triton Sea: The worlds southernmost sea, known for being dangerous to navigate due to ice, and containing the Triton nations.

Smith's Gambit: A sovereign territory governed by Erret Smith, on the far south of the Rimewood. Currently consists of a town hall, 4 guard towers and a wooden palisade, though the inn will be finished in a few days, and there are plenty of workers to build new structures as needed. Nearby is Tempest Bay, which would be a good place to harbor ships if they could get past all the ice.

Torakkum: A Triton kingdom under the Triton Sea, not far from Smith's Gambit. They have recently opened diplomatic relations with Smith, but have had little direct contact with other land nations.

Continent of Farrad: A large continent across the Terminus Sea from Kavidon. Contains, but is not limited to, the following:

Nation of Varna: A large country that makes up most of western Farrad.

Timberloft: A small, xenophobic town in midwest Varna.

Porter's Respite: A coastal trading town on the southwest coast of Varna.

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