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Demethea (C)
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Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 06:10
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Tiger Mask has been listening to the woman's story ever since she began talking to Siren, and she nods. "I can do that," she replies. "So you live by a mountain river and were attacked by a pack of bandits. How many of them are there? Do you remember anything about them?"
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Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 11:20
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
She tells you that she just isnt sure in between bursts of crying.  It all happened so fast.  As you question her she tells her story again, more calmly this time.  It happened a few weeks ago, and just like she said, she was doing chores when her husband came screaming, telling them to run.  Then men came from across the river, out of the mountains.  Her husband tried to fight but was chopped down like a blade of grass.  She would have fought too, but they had already captured her children and she had to see they were safe.  They took her back to their town in the mountain where the slaves were forced to work.  While they went out to capture more slaves.  They especially preferred... females.  With that last part she breaks down crying again.  She refuses to let anyone touch her and clings to her dirty, long sleeve, full length peasant dress.  Refusing to take anything off to get clean despite both her and it being filthy.  She smells horribly, and does not look much better. With some prodding she agrees to change and get clean, only if she can do it in a tent by herself, especially with no men around.

If Demethea goes out to investigate, you find a small little ranch house broken and burned out.  There is a body of a man on the ground, cleaved into pieces and left to rot.  Its mostly bones left, but you can see the damage to the skeleton from a bladed weapon.

What do you do? Do you have any questions for her?
Demethea (C)
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Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 12:49
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Demethea's no savant, but she can put the pieces together: slavers who want women, a refusal to take off her clothes and an aversion to men.

"Keep an eye on her, Siren," Demethea whispers. "She may need to share a tent with you or me."

She then heads out to where the house is... or was. Demethea shakes her head as she sees the cut-up body on the ground, and she does her best to bury him and say a prayer for his soul. After that, she returns and tells Sky and Siren what she found there, though she conveys her doubts about telling the woman about her husband.

While Demethea doesn't think the woman can give them any more useful information, she does have one more question for her: "What is your name?"
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Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 18:48
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
"My name is Dhalia."  She says softly.

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Ascending Sky (C)
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Fri 10 Jan 2020
at 22:15
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Ascending Sky stays back from the women. Clearly he will only cause problems in the event. Using the information he begins to work on a map. Trying to take the information presented and times and construct something that could be used to help them find this town. Focusing on the math behind the statements. He does need help to understand average walking speeds and the like. Trying to take the womens story and create a crude map that someone else might actually be able to use.
Demethea (C)
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Tue 14 Jan 2020
at 10:29
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Demethea pats Dahlia soothingly, before letting her cover up. Once the woman is asleep, or at least calm enough that Demethea feels she can be left alone, she gets up and approaches Siren.

"So, what's the plan now? Sky's working on something, right?"
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Sat 18 Jan 2020
at 18:00
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Sky uses his lore and skill with mathematics to create a rough map of where this little group is hanging out.  Of course, using the information Dhalia provides you are able to create a much more detailed map.  There is a little bit of guess work due to her subjective use of distances (Half a days travel for a frightened, injured women might be very different for a strong and practiced man for example).  The camp is high in the mountains and there are two ways to get there.  The first is longer but will accommodate a large group with horses and supplies easily.  It will take about a week due to the winding nature of the path.  The Second, is much more treacherous, will not accommodate horses or any supplies that you cannot easily carry on your back.  It should only be used by experienced mountaineers due to the difficult climbing and inherent risk of falling to your death.

Do you guys make any more plans or discuss anything before bed?

Players need to make a Stamina + Resistance roll.
11:51, Today: Storyteller botched using 4d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 4,2,1,4.  The Flu.

In the morning you wake up to discover that almost all of the men are a bit sluggish and are coughing.
Siren (C)
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Tue 21 Jan 2020
at 03:06
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Siren (C) rolled 3 successes using 4d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 8,4,8,8.

Siren talked to the others last night and planned on taking the best of them and going the short route. Then allowing the others to take the long route. This would allow the smaller group to attack if they felt they had the numbers and if not they would have the place to strike and could link up with the larger slower group. She felt good about this till this morning.

She looked out at the mostly sick men. "Did they not use the blankets and fires? This is less then helpful." She looks very angry. What can I do now? Siren looks to Sky. "Can you do anything to help with this?" She bites her lip thinking for a moment. "Or if not I think we should send most of them the long way. Maybe they can recover in time? We take who ever is strong enough and go the short way like planned. What say you two?" She asks looking to Demethea and Sky.
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Tue 21 Jan 2020
at 03:22
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Sky wakes up sluggish and coughing, suffering the same as most of the men


Demethea is Fine


As you look for sky and ask if there is anything he can do, you see that he is sick too.

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Ascending Sky (C)
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Tue 21 Jan 2020
at 03:38
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
OOC:i rolled at work and never got poat up way back

20:56, Sat 18 Jan: Ascending Sky (C) rolled 3 successes using 2d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 7,10.  Stamina 1 will to avoid botch.

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 GM, 202 posts
Tue 21 Jan 2020
at 12:15
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Sky wakes up a bit sluggish in the middle of the night, but by morning is fine.
Ascending Sky (C)
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Tue 21 Jan 2020
at 15:58
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Sky shakes his head as he finally gets up. Waking late hoping that coughing fit that woke him was a fluke. When he finally did awaken he is feeling better. Getting out of the tent he is suprised to find Siren looking for him, "I cant do anything directly." He looks at the sun in the sky, "I could call forth allies that might be able to help, however, doing so will have other consequences. I could instead call forth allies that are brtual in combat but also brutal and hard to avoid them causing more fear in our friends then our foes."

Ascending sky bites his lip, "Assuming I make no mistakes I would guess a week I could call forth spirits that might help and fix every person. Or have a better chance anyway. I could however simply try a prayer and see if a local god would be willing to help." For some reason the scholar is very torn about the first idea. He sees a demon in his mind. One with 10 grasshopper legs and the size of a fist that swims through the human body and loves to eat the taint of poison and diseases but also loves to rip and tear its victims. The demon was called something like Sesseljae, the Stomach-Bottle Bug.
Siren (C)
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Sat 25 Jan 2020
at 05:41
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Siren walks over to her tent and pulls out her violin and bow. She tests each string, taking the time to make sure it is tuned. Then she brings the bow across the strings. The music is soft and low but it does not rise in cheer and hope like she does often. It stays low and a bit foreboding. She plays this slow song with her eyes closed and body unmoving. Siren is in thought it and seems the music helps her think. When the song is ended Siren opens her cold blue eyes and for once they truly held malice in them.

Siren (C) rolled 5 successes using 13d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 ((8,9,2,6,8,4,8,9,6,4,5,3,5))

She walks up to Sky and Tiger Mask. "Gather your things. We are going through the short cut. The others will take the long way with the wagons and supplies. I am not delaying any more then I already have. I will go in alone if I have to and blast all I find." Her voice is low and unemotional. With that she gets her small travelers pack with the supplies she can carry. Then she instructs the horseman of her plan and tells them to break camp and head out when they are ready.

Siren had risked so much and had soared so high to get where she was now only to be so close and brought low by the bad planning. She would not let that happen again but she also could no longer wait. The power in her was like her music it was there at her fingers and all she had to do was call it forth. Siren had not fully embraced it all but now she would cut away anything holding her back, rescue her friends and crush those who dare hurt anyone around her. Siren would not need an army. She possessed all she needed in her hands right now. Her cold blue eyes looked down at the violin her father had given her.

Siren then starts walking to the dangerous path with only a small glance back to see if Sky and Tiger Mask follow. Her pace does not slow though and she only exudes grim determination. She does not slow her pace as she heads to the mountains. When ever the terrain turns hostile she seems to move more carelessly jumping from rock to rock. Graceful Crane Stance
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Sat 25 Jan 2020
at 12:01
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
"NO!! Dont go!  Please..."  Dhalia grabs your sleeve crying out as you talk about leaving.  She gets ever more insistent, physically getting in your way and grabbing your pack as you try to leave.  You dont understand... they have many men, hundreds!  Its not just some small bandit group, its an entire community!

She explains more about their size and numbers to you.  You would be overwhelmingly outnumbered.

I am trying to pre-emptively guess at your objections/responses to her.

-- If you mention/ignore her warnings due to being a Lawgiver, then she will mention that they have dark magics and receive the blessings of a cruel god, imbuing them with sorcery and power.  You will need all the help you can get.  She will implore you and beg you to please not leave your fighting force.

-- If you think the men would be a hindrance do to being sick, she tells you a story about two gods, best friends.  They were inseparable and shared everything until one day people started moving into their mountains.  The people worshiped and gave their prayers to the gods.  At first, the friends were happy, and the gods happily blessed the people in return for their prayers.  But over time, one of the gods became lazy and drunk with power, demanding more prayers and more service for less and less in return.  Eventually coming to rule over the people as a tyrannical despot.  Not being the equal of his friend in strength, but unwilling to see the people suffer more, the kind god devised a plan to free the people.  A massive feast in the cruel gods honor was prepared, and in secret the people made plans to escape.  Over the course of three nights the people began to slip away while the cruel god was entertained, and songs were sung of his greatness, using his pride against him.  Little did he know, that the kind god was using all his power to fool the cruel god covering the escape of the people.  Once the cruel god discovered what had happened, he lashed out at his friend and banished him to forever lay at his feet, a punishment for his betrayal.  There is a secret spot, deep inside the mountains where you can go and visit this kind god. He will heal your people and help you.

-- If you still try to leave, she will go with you, absolutely refusing to leave your side or stay alone with the men.
Ascending Sky (C)
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Sat 25 Jan 2020
at 13:10
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Sky considers the women's words. Perhaps there was another path forward. The only way the three of them going ends is that of brutal violence and death which in turn will lead to more. The vicious cycle has to break.  The story of the god perhaps it would be enough it adds another avenue of attack as well. "Siren please wait and come with me, Tiger mask you to please. I have an idea." He looks over and points out a cave too avoid unnecessary death and pain he would share all of his secrets with theses two, "Miss Dhalia thank you" He bows to her, "Would you do one further favor keep everyone out of the cave and only enter if an emergency require our attention." He holds a hand out to Siren for 10 seconds, "Please ill explain in private and trust you with more secrets then I should."

Whether she takes it or not he heads for the cave gathering his words  keeping his back to those that follow him, "I am more than a basic mortal. I was graced with power beyond normal mortals I believe the power is from the god of the sun, though the immaculate faith would call me an Unclean. I am not a warrior though I am a shaman, a sorcerer and a teacher." He feeds his anima a mote and light illuminates deeper into the cave and her turns to face them, a golden circle on his forehead. The top half of the circle is solid gold with the bottom half only covering the outline and then speaks in old realm, "Show yourself my friend."

Behind him a cloud of fog appears and out of it insectoid arms emerge. With strange weapons attached to the end of each limbs.  One pulls in and a new weapon appears and a clicking voice speaks back in malfean old realm, "You risk much master you put yourself at risk just call the army and be done with this. Risking yourself to protect your enemies from death makes you a fool."

"I could call a small army of demons that would work but seeking this god would be safer. In addition with the god we have a means to call out theses people god. Deal with the god and shatter there will avoid massive death on both sides. A town has children and the death of those children's parents will lead them to hate and despise the one that killed there parents leading to more death. If we can break the cycle we must." He waits for the response hoping that the others would listen.
Siren (C)
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Mon 27 Jan 2020
at 21:12
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Siren seems taken aback a bit as both Sky and the woman try to stop her. Saeryn has to take a breath and hold it for a moment. She wanted to scream to go out and yell, play a horrible song that will melt those who hear it. She looks at them  for a moment then focuses on Dhalia "Why are you so concerned?" She asks. It seemed suspicious to Siren this mortal would go to such lengths.  " You are safe now and I am going to go and free those who are trapped. What is my safety to you?"

A pathetic Read Intentions Roll: Siren (C) rolled 2 successes using 7d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 ((1,6,2,5,10,5,6)). 2 Socialize, 3 Percept, and 2 Stunt.

After listening she seems to consider. "So it seems the slavers are probably in league with cruel god on the mountain. So it would make some since to see the other god. Maybe he can help us in more ways then just healing out men. Can we take our men to this god in the condition they are in? " Has the men get ready to head out the best they can to head to the god.

Siren follows Sky. She watches as Sky reviles himself. At first she is a little shocked but it makes since with the way he acted. "I know the stories of the Solars. My father taught me a few and I have sought out more. You are not the only one who has been touched by the sun. I myself have been as well. My power manifests it'self in my music. I did not consider it would be a god we would be dealing with. We will go and try to find this good god. Maybe we can enlist his help in the fight. I.. I just hate these delays. I sat back in the city for so long just waiting while my friends were in trouble. Now I am this close and I have this power but I still can do nothing?! It frustrates me."
 GM, 227 posts
Tue 28 Jan 2020
at 01:15
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
"I just...dont want to be left alone with them, but i also dont want them to die.  Ive seen the sickness and what it can do... if you are going to save those people, how is a lone woman such as yourself going to do it?  You will need your men and their strength."  You seem suspicious of Dhalia's motives, but with you clearly being in charge, and with her not wanting to be alone with a camp full of men, it all seems to make sense.

As the men pack up and get ready to go it takes about and hour longer than usual.
 GM, 252 posts
Sat 1 Feb 2020
at 23:46
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
16:05, Today: Storyteller, on behalf of Siren (C), rolled 2 successes using 5d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 5,7,7,3,2.  ????.

16:09, Today: Storyteller, on behalf of Ascending Sky (C), rolled 6 successes using 5d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 7,10,9,7,9.  ????.

Players need to make 2 Sta + Survival roll. Success = 3+ on the first, 4+ on the seccond.  Failure indicates you get sick.

"It is going to take a day or two to make it to the cave."

Dhalia seems to perk up once you decide to take the men to see the kind god.  She also seems to become less frightened of the men, taking care during rest stops to see that the sick are tended to, brought water, food and any other camp necessities.  At night she takes over the cooking duties, and begins to fall into a much more motherly caregiver role.  Her cooking is actually quite good and she takes time to scrounge up a few spices during the mountain climb.  She uses these to specially prepare meals for you and Sky.  The sickness of the men is getting worse and is quite noticeable. Especially their smell, which permeates the camp no matter how clean they get.

On the morning of the third day you come to a small path hidden by some shrubbery.  You have to climb over the cliff into what appears to be a sheer drop, but there is actually some hand and footholds that angle back under the overhang. Leading to a path that is carved into the mountain and otherwise invisible from view.  You would have to know it was there to find it.  The horses will be unable to come with you.

"This is it.  Following this path will take us to the cavern."

Unfortunately one of the men slips as you are all making it climbing down the overhang.  If you look closely you can see a tiny little blip of red where his body lays before the scavengers find him.  The pathway is slow going and about 8 feet wide although there are parts where it narrows considerably.  The men are getting worse every day, and there is rampant shivering, chills, hot flashes and fevers.  Night falls and there is still no cave.  Dhalia tells you it is just a little further.  About 3 hours later you come to a tiny little land bridge just barely wide enough to walk across, leading to a cave.  It is time consuming, but just as the sky begins to lighten ever so slightly with a pre-dawn glow, your party makes it inside.  The men are completely exhausted collapsing anywhere they can some not even managing to get out their bedrolls.

Some of the men have boils and open lesions that are oozing.  Dhalia takes extra care to clean and tend to the worst of the men, bringing food and water.

Sky has a private message, so wait for him to post before you do Siren

What do you do?

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Ascending Sky (C)
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Sun 2 Feb 2020
at 09:23
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Ascending Sky spends time helping with the care of the men. Helping food prep and working through what to do. The first night he prays to the Dragon of Wood in Old Realm falling back on some of the immaculate faith speaking in old realm, "I great Dragon, Lord of Life and growing things. Grant me protection and safety this night. Keep me healthly so that I may continue to help others who have fallen victim to this Malady."

Through the next day Ascending Sky begins to notice the oddities mounting. He notices that the spices being added look off. That the men being given the most treatment and especially those that seem to be recovering the fastest are actually recovering in an odd way. It seems that the actions being taken are having the opposite effect. He spends a few moments during that day speaking to the demon hidden from view, "Please keep on eye on our female refuge today. Something about this seems odd."

On the secound night he continues his prayers but takes a further action for his protection. He choses to go out a ways away from the campt to discuss the situation with his demon ally and then rests with his demon watching over him away from direct contact with those who are sick. Adding to the prayer, "A great Dragon of the Isle, Dragon of Earth stable and true, Grant me the fortidute to do what must be done to deal with these oddities."

As they reach the cave on the third day Sky is starting to think that there is something very wrong her trips to find spices were not true and his demon mentioned oddities on such trips though nothing worthy of proof as they reach the cave he asks one simple question, "What are the herbs you were gathering yesterday?"

Dhalia smiles and a little shyly, "They are a mountain root called Iris spring."

The final piece of his puzzle a true lie. The only thing according to his demon she gathered yesterday was a few leaves from a leafy bush. Sky decides to try a direct method hoping that Siren will at least relize he who argues against violence is trying to get her scared enough to talk, "Now you are lying to me. The spirits speak to me and one has watched you. You did not gather a root you gathered a few leaves yesterday. What exactly are you doing. A farm women should not know the mountains the way you do nor should she be able to guide us through theses places. Now what games have you been playing with us speak quickly before there is another death due to your games." The young solar doesn't have as much control as he should and his castemark begins to glitter on his forehead and a thin veil of light surrounds him. Much like the light of the twilight.

Day 1 Check: 4 success (3 rolled + 1 from willpower)
Day 2 Check  4 Success (2 + Stunt (1) + Willpower 1)
Threaten Action 7 Success with the attempt to make her afraid of the consquences for murder and to tell me what she is doing.

01:16, Today: Ascending Sky (C) rolled 6 successes using 12d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 6,8,9,1,5,5,10,3,6,8, 5,7.  Threaten Action Cha+Presence +3 HPM +3 Exelancy +ST1 + 1 Willpower automatic Success.

00:46, Today: Ascending Sky (C) rolled 2 successes using 4d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 2,2,7,7.  Secound day Stamina roll +ST2 + 1 will for auto Success.

00:45, Today: Ascending Sky (C) rolled 3 successes using 4d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 8,2,10,3.  First day Stamina roll +ST1 + 1 will for auto Success day 1.

Personnel: 13/13
Peripheral 23/26 (You said you wanted to have us not understand control so I liberty of adding a glowing aura to my stunt for fun)

Willpower 9/10 (Recover 1 on first night, One on secound night, 1 from level 2 stunt. Spend 1 on presence check.)

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Siren (C)
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Tue 4 Feb 2020
at 05:02
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Saeryn watches as Ascending Sky calls out Dhalia and makes her betrayal evident.  She stands there watching the pair. Siren's eyes are cold and her face shows no emotion. Then as Dhalia comes to her trying to explain Siren calmly walks to the side ignoring her and picks up her Violin and bow.

Dhalia watches Siren unsure of what she is doing. With in Siren though is a raging storm that had calmed before with the promise of the god and now it rages all anew with the strength to ruin any ship or coastal town caught in it's path. Siren's eyes coldly looks at Dhalia as she starts playing.

The sounds from the violin are low and ominous.  Then she starts singing dark lyrics telling of the fall of a long forgotten people "Tear down the bridges, drain all the rivers, burn down the town hall, there are no winners, reload the weapons, sharpen the scissors, cut off the fetters, pull all the triggers." She falls silent as the violin play the eerier music.

She steps closer to Dahlia backing to woman toward a wall. "And everyone screaming, when the Lights go out." Her voice fades as does the violin then in incredible base the music from the violin shoots back up and at Dahlia!

Withering kiai  attack:

Siren (C) rolled 6 successes using 16d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 ((7,6,5,8,1,9,5,7,7,1,3,2,5,2,9,2))  Damage doesn't matter really only that the music hurt her and forced her back

"All my enemies dead and driven before me..." Her music seems to only target Dhalia and shakes the woman's very bones.  "Tell me every thing are be torn apart to your component motes by my song!" She screams as her violin speeds up in tempo drawing to a high threatening pitch! "Why did you lie to me!? Why do you trick me!? Why are you risking my friends lives!? Why have you killed MY MEN?!" She demands baring down on the poor mortal in all her rage.

  Terrifying Battle Shriek, Perfect Harmony Technique, Masterful Performance Exercise, Excel.

Siren (C) rolled 7 successes using 18d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 10,8,5,3,3,8,4,4,5,1,8,8,8,1,6,5,4,5.  Dread music Reroll 1s double 9s

To intimidate a single enemy and since she was hit with a Kiai attack: Terrifying Battle Shriek may be placed in a flurry, and benefits from being used against enemies who have been hit with a kiai attack on the same turn. The target of this Charm is treated as having a Minor Tie of fear towards the martial artist if he has been hit with a kiai on the same turn

15 Motes spent

Personal: 0 (13)
Peripheral: 31 (33)

 Siren glows a little

 GM, 269 posts
Mon 10 Feb 2020
at 01:52
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
On the first night while everyone is sleeping on the narrow ledge, you notice that you are feeling especially cold.  Shivers overtake you and you suffer a miserable nights never being able to get warm.  Come morning you are coughing and your throat is sore. By the time you come to to the entrance of the cave, you are feeling sluggish and are suffering from body aches.  As Sky confronts her and lays bare her deception you feel a rage building inside.  As you unleash your torrent of fury upon her she cowers and cries.  Your caste mark flares as your voice rises and you ignore the sharp pains in your throat like you are swallowing razor blades.  Demanding answers from the feeble woman she crawls on her hands and knees towards your feet clutching at your pant legs.

"Please... i was only trying to help."  Her dress is ripped from both falling down the wall and crawling over the rocky cave floor.  You can see thick pustules throbbing with their purulence.  There are weeping open wounds where they have already popped.  "You will be favored of the queen.  She is merciful and generous with her gifts.  Already you have been blessed, like the rest of the men!  Soon you will see, soon you will understand and you will forgive my lying.  I had too dont you see, so you could receive the gifts she asked me to deliver to you!  You personally have been chosen!  The cruel god was jealous of the queen, and banished her inside this mountain, and it has taken so many years, but her diligence  was rewarded.  I am her first true disciple, i have led so many to her since that time.  Most were hesitant at first when i told them of her gifts, of her glory. I learned that people just didnt understand at first, so I had to lie.  But soon, so soon you will see.  Your men will awaken and know the truth, just as you will, i can see it growing inside you.  You have no choice but to go to her and meet her.  She will protect you, protect your men.  She will shield them from the ravages of the world if you will only bow and submit yourself to her glory.  You might hate me now, but soon you will embrace me as a sister and thank me for everything i have done for you!  Dont reject the queen, let me take you to her, receive her blessings!  I know i wont be able to spread the glory of our queen much longer, but there are enough now to continue what ive started.  The men, Miaketh in particular, take a more... direct approach, and yes its true that the people the men bring are resistant at first, but they always come around once they meet and are blessed by the queen.  She only rarely appears before us to grant her blessings, and we have such a gathering for her this time.  There are even some wondrous musicians just like you that have been waiting for months to be received by the queen!  Soon they will all be recognized and then truly see for the first time!  You can be a princess among us! Wife to Miaketh who was personally imbued with the power of the queen, her champion among us!  Think of the life you could have with us!

There is a look in her eyes now, the devotion of a true zealot as she rambles and preaches in equal measure.  She also seems to age before you, growing into a disease ridden woman many years older than she appeared before. Her voice is raspy and wheezing, and she coughs up fluid as she talks.  Her hair falls out in patches leaving scaly balding spots.

What do u do?
Ascending Sky (C)
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Thu 13 Feb 2020
at 15:17
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Ascending Sky looks suprised as Siren's very voice becomes a weapon. The questions of how and why almost override his anger. As the women begins to explain herself and sounds quite mad his face hardens and he looks to Siren, "I think our best action at this point is to go meet with her god. Deal with this directly and immediately. The other option might be to wait until the day after tomorrow so that i can call some protection against sickeness. That however seems like a waste at this point. Deal witht he issues directly and then we can solve the other propblems directly and then time will be more on our side." He looks at the women and her now ancient and disgusting form, "Can you take at at once to this queen?"
Siren (C)
 player, 86 posts
Fri 14 Feb 2020
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Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Her Violin played softly as Sky talked and Siren just starred daggers at the leperus woman. Sirens eyes only glanced to Sky. "No... I do not think she can." Was all she said and Sky noticed that he could see the music... As Siren's Violin sang out in a deeper tone gold energy sprang up from the strings and went to the bow in Siren's hand. It all collessed at the tip of the bow in a ball. Siren's music sped up and the energy grew. She stood up and turned away from the hag walking away a bit. The old crone laughed as she spit up more of her fluids.

Sirens music suddenly came to an end and she spun about whipping the Bow in her hand. The energy at the end leap out and in a bright streak went right into the woman's neck  and severed her head from the body. Siren then did the curtsy she always did to the headless corpse. "No one endangers my friends and men and get away with it." She says to the body and then shakenly she falls to her knees safely cradling her violin.

She is sweating profusely and shakes. Siren hugs her violin and cries. "So much time wasted. I have only wasted more. Now? Now I am so weak and so close that I can not fully move to do what I need to!?" She shakes her head and seeks comfort from the Violin. "I let you down in so many ways." She whispers to it.  What could she do!? She was so weak that it hurt to attack this filthy creature. Some hero of old she was. What Solar could not even go out and save a small band of friends? She felt the rage in her that burned like a fire and she wanted to let it out through her music and upon those that wronged her.

Siren felt she was right the other day when she wanted to go on by herself but let herself be fooled by this pathetic creature. Now she was not only late but weak! Weak like the girl she always was before! Weak and lost in the wilderness like she was before the Sun found her.
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Sun 22 Mar 2020
at 23:30
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
The woman's head rolls and ends face up, her rictus grin trapped on her face.  Thick green and yellow pus oozed from her wounds and her body begins to rot visibly before your eyes.  Maggots and beetles begin crawling from inside whats left of her body, quickly becoming a spreading disgusting mess.  As you watch it seems to seep in the direction of all the men in your party.

What if any actions do you take in regards to the spreading diseased remnants of her body?

For better or worse, she was leading you towards her queen.  Now you are inside an unknown cave system with your options being limited and compounded further by all your sick.

What are you planning to do now?
Ascending Sky (C)
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Mon 6 Apr 2020
at 18:42
Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Ascending Sky look on the mess with sadness and a little loss at what was going on. The next step had to be finding this queen. It seems the discussion had changed though from a potential ally to a foe to be dealt with as such. However the first task would be to stop the spread of muk and disgust. Somehow the scholar had managed to will himself through the worst of this so it would be up to him to deal with the worst of it. Tonight he would call a demon to at least protect him but now deal with what was here. He takes his only set of extra clothing and turns into into a towel to stop the spread. The action is not perfect but it at least could help.

As he works he speaks to Siren, "Siren, I think we continue on this path. Find this Queen and deal with her. If nothing else we can make this side trip worthwhile if we deal with a monster that would cause all of this. I will call Spirit allies as soon as I can for to Inure at least you and me but that can take a few days and the sooner we move the better."