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Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
You followed the planned itinerary of your troupe and made it here to Chiaroscuro weeks ago.  You dont know where your troupe is, and youve never known a one of them to put being on time before have a good time, but even still... there is something worrying the back of your mind that just wont stop. What are you worried about? What realistic fears about what might have happened to your troupe do you have? With everything that had happened to your recently, your stay in Chiaroscuro has been unique. What was so unique about this visit that stand out from all the other towns and villages you and your troupe has visited before?  Where have you been staying? What have you been doing for money?  You have had a singular victory, not incredibly important in the big scheme of things, but important to you.  What was it?  By the same token, you have had an unusually difficult time with something and you are still not sure how you are going to deal with it.  What is it?
Siren (C)
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Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Hammering and sawing. Hammering and sawing. It was the noises that dominated the Aeon Theater between the major performances from fortnight to fortnight the stage was getting altered to suit the latest production. The last show had been a drama piece about a low noble woman living in Chiaroscuro just before the confrontation with the Realm and the aftermath she went through as Chiaroscuro was sundered by the Sword of Creation. The low noble lost everything and  had to go through many trails just to give her daughter a hope at a decent life. The reception to that was lukewarm. Now it was getting set up for a comedy about a Denzik coming to live with a client who had offered to rent a room in his mansion in a trade deal assuming the Denzik would never take the offer. All kinds of hi jinks would ensue as the Denzik started a whole new trade venture in this little room. It was the seemingly forever cycle the Aeon went through. One passion play then another play that would bring in the money to keep the place afloat.

It was smaller Acts like hers and others who would fill in the gaps and provide openings and intermission entertainment. She would also take part in the music portions of the plays or dancing in the background. Siren walked up to the middle of the mostly clear stage as workers moved about. In her hands was her violin and bow. She closed her eyes and slid out her right foot and as she did that the violin came up to her cheek and the bow would come across the strings. A low mournful tone came out and some how over came the constant hammering and sawing. As she played the violin seemed to use the hammering and sawing in it's own music. Soon the mournful tone turned into a more energetic and upbeat one. Siren continued to play heedless of the work going on around her. The music it'self seemed to increase productivity around her as well. Mood-inducing Music As her song came to an end she spun a bit then ended the song with a climax of sound. Siren gave a bow to seemingly no one as the workers continued their job doing their best not to watch and get yelled at for slacking off again.

Siren stood up straight and adjusted the strings on the violin carefully, fixing some minor problem with the tune only she noticed.  She tested the new settings and seemed satisfied. She often practiced here in the day or out in a park or near a shadowland were she would not bother others. In the room she had rented near the Aeon Siren had gotten complaints from those that even her music it seemed upset. Though when one had been working all night and they were a light sleeper she supposed anything could upset that person. She had not tired using essence to solve the problem but just took it as an excuse to go out. Practicing keep her mind off things. When she did not play her mind would wonder to her troupe. The should have been here by now. Did they stay in the mountains and search for her? That would seem like something Aleksander would do. Surely though he would not stay there looking this long with out any sign of her.

Did they turn back and go back north? It was Siren's idea to come this way and with her gone now... No It would not make since. Alek would search for her but then he would go on to the next place they had agreed on to see if she made it here, which she had. Had he found the crashed wagon and dead half eaten horse and assumed the worst? With Siren, the last link to her father gone, did the last bit of the troupe separate and all go there own way? Was this Violin in her hands now all that was left of her father's legacy? Siren shook her head. It wasn't all she was here as well and she would change creation one play at a time with her new found powers. He had told her many stories and now she was one of the Solars that were in the long dead stories.

It was when she had first arrived in Chiaroscuro  that it had happen. Siren had been playing at taverns and the like to make a bit of coin to live off of. She had then come to the Aeon as the owner had put out a call for entertainers. It was a stunt to get a lot of free talent to come to the Aeon and put on a show in front of the paying crowd to fight for the reoccurring spots. There were many who were booed and heckled completely out of the district were the Aeon was. Siren was near the end of the night and when she came on stage many in the crowd, mostly men, made it clear what kind of show they wanted to see. Siren had dealt with that before but now with all the bad luck she had been having it set her off.

She wanted to silence them and make them listen... and she then. With out even knowing what she did she shut them up Respect Commanding  Attitude She played and sang about a tale none of them would have heard before. It was a tale about a God in the first age seeking to rule over his domain like a tyrant demanding prayers from all those who live around the area or he would make life impossible for them. He grew fat and more cruel on off the prayers and devotion the poor people were forced to give. One day a hero showed up and freed the people from the God. They did not kill or even fight the god in a straight battle but through their cleverness they made the god realize what he had become and what the road he was on led to. The god changed his ways and worked with the people. They gave him the prayers he needed and he maintained the order they needed.

It was not explicit but the story was about a Solar. Even though the people in the crowd that day did not realize it their views on the anathema softened slightly in their subconscious. Needless to say Siren was one of those chosen that night to return. She found that she liked it. Playing in the same place night after night. Getting to know the people here and having the chance to change how they thought about things. This was different then just going from city to town to small village around and around again. Here she saw what she could do and with the new thing that Siren was maybe it would be good to stay here a bit see more of what she could do. She also felt like there was something else here compelling her to stay but she was unsure of what it could be.

Siren found that she could  enthrall people with her music more so now then ever before but this wasn't always a good thing. Being she loved putting on her best performance but she found out that maybe she should not always try 100%. Siren was playing in a park a bit after she had arrived. It was late at night and it was mostly people relaxing or heading home. She played a song her father had taught her long ago. As she played her mind went back to him and she did her very best. (Used most of her charms) When the Song was done found that everyone that was in ear range of her now gathered around her or cried were they stood.

They all wanted more from her. They had never heard anything like it before. Some even said she must be a god for she shown with divine light. Looking down she was indeed glowing a bit. Siren quickly made her escape . It was the first she had ran from a crowd. Siren loved the crowd and wanted more people to listen to her and be moved by her but she could not do it this quick and this recklessly. She found it hard every time she played not to reach out with all she had and bring all those who could hear her under her spell. The best way she found to keep herself in check was to view using all that she could do as cheating. That worked sometimes... but it wasn't cheating was it? It was all from her it was her...
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Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Gain 1 Exp

You have managed to secure yourself a spot at the Aeon Theater and despite trying to play down your strengths, have managed to become noticed among a few people who frequent the place.  There are numerous benefits to such an arrangement, steady income (Resources 2), the time to see how your performances work on those around you, the ability to make friends, and others.  It also comes with certain disadvantages, especially for one such as yourself, an Anathema trying to fly low under the radar.  The most notable being that you draw attention to yourself, and anyone who wants to scrutinize you further knows where you play, at what times, and what nights. You have heard your fellow artists whispering about the night the spirit came and pulled the heartstrings of all who could hear her song.  It has brought unwanted attention.

You have seen him on more than three occasions now, an immaculate monk. It could just be your imagination, but you feel his eyes trying to burrow into your soul, to lay bare your secrets.  You cant be sure, but you think there is someone who has been spreading gossip and lies about you around the theater. Who do you think this might be? Why do you think they are doing this?  What if anything, are you going to do about it?
Siren (C)
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Tue 24 Dec 2019
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Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
The music pour out from her has she stood center stage. Sirens eyes where closed and her head tilted down as the bow moved across the strings. Tonight she was just an opener to warm the crowd up for the main play that would be happening. Typically during openings  the people would still be coming in and talking to each other being a bit loud. You could judge how good your act or performance was based on how loud or quite the audience was. With her music now Siren had to restrain the urge to dance with the music as she played. Try and tone it down slightly She thought to herself as her nimble fingers moved. During openings or side performances she had decided to just play her music. If she was the main show or center she would only spice it up then, making it seem like she had to work a lot to do such a show.

Has she finished Siren dipped into a low curtsy. Then she opened her eyes to look out at the audience. Was he here? Her eyes scanned the crowed the best she could as she stood back up straight and turned on her heel to leave the stage. I am like a moth to the flame. I know it could kill be but I need it's heat and light. She should just play lazily or just on the side for the main plays, but that was not her. Even after leaving the stage she peeked out from a corner of the curtain to see if the man was there. Please let it be my imagination. Siren had never really dealt with authority that well. "What no dancing tonight?" A mocking voice called out from behind her. Siren's body tensed as she turned and looked at the smirking man behind her.

"No Jasper. I wanted the music to take the full focus." She said and started to walk away. He moved to block her path. "Come now, do you think the music is why they want to focus on you?" he said as his eyes looked her up and down. Siren's eyes shot daggers back at him. Jasper did not like her at all. She had bumped him down from being one of the top side acts and had rebuffed him several times from advances he made on her. She knew the rumors she had heard being spread about her had to come from this trash of a man. He was good looking but was oh so arrogant and his playing was lacking in her opinion.  She took her bow and poked him in the chest pushing him to she side as she moved passed him. "Maybe you need to distract with your looks but not all of us have to make up for our playing in such ways." She said dismissively as she walked past.

"Your just way too tense. You know I can help you out with that..." He said as she passed and touch her thigh as she moved away from him. Siren stopped and turned her head looking back at him. He smirked at her with a raised eye brow. Then Siren smiled a bit too. " You know, you may be right." She said and watch as his face turned a bit in surprise. Siren looked out as the play was about to start up. " You don't go on till the middle right?" She asked looking up at him. He nodded with a confused look on his face. "Then meet me outside in the side alley in 10 minutes. I don't live far from here..." She said and did not wait to see his reaction. Siren turned and went to change from her outfit.

10 minutes later Siren waited in the dark alley as Jasper came out. " I knew you would come around. They always do." He said with that same stupid smirk. He walked up to kiss her. Siren grabbed his hand and pulled down then kicked up with her leg to knock him down on the ground. She followed him down bringing her knee to rest on his throat. " Listen you amateur. I, and the others, do not care about your advances and  I despise jealous frogs who seek to make up for their own inadequacies by bringing others down. I know it is you spreading the rumors and I want it to stop. Can you do this or do I need to spread the truth about a little girl hurting you?"  She said pressing her knee into his throat.

Martial Arts 9 success: 15d10 ((8,8,10,2,10,4,5,6,3,7,9,2,7,3,1)). 5MA 4EX 4Exc 2stunt.
Intimidation 9 success: 13d10 ((7,7,6,6,1,10,9,10,9,6,4,3,8))  5MA 2STR 4Exc 2stunt.

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Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Jasper squeals and agrees to do whatever you want.  You even notice a wet spot from his groin down the side of his pants as he scurries away, so you take care to not get any on you.  As you look up you see him, the immaculate monk.  You lock eyes with him only briefly, but it feels like an eternity before he turns and disappears into the crowd. You have gained 3 ticks out of 8 on a clock called "Unwanted attention" You feel like you have solved the Jasper problem but once again, but you fear the skill with which you did so will come back to bite you in the ass.

Over the next few weeks, everything seems to be going rather well.  The gossiping about you seems to have died down to what you consider an appropriate amount, Jasper avoids you almost completely, and rumor has it he will lose his spot if he doesnt start to perform better.  You have been getting more sought after parts and havent seen the monk since that night.  You still havent heard about your troupe however, and it is long past any reasonable amount of time that it should have taken them to arrive. Do you continue focusing on how well everything is going for you here and ignore your troupe? If not, what do you do to try and find out about them?
Siren (C)
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Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
Siren sits looking out at the glistening sea before her. The rhythmic crash of the waves calm her troubled mind a bit.  "What should I do..." She muses softly to herself. She had made herself a decent amount of coin and was established here a bit. It was almost certain that her Troupe was not coming here. They would have been here by now. She would have to look for them herself some how. Siren leans back and breaths out a sigh. They had been separated for a while now and there is no telling what could have happened to them. What was she to do just go out randomly retracing all the steps she took and then going where she thinks they may have gone.

She stands and walks now, the sea no longer calming her mind. As she walks Siren hears the cries of merchants and others selling their wares. She stops suddenly. That is it! she thinks to herself with a smile. Now Siren starts to go to the merchant areas and to the taverns and inns that those passing through the great city stop at while they are here. siren starts conversations looking for information on a traveling band that would fit her troupe's description. She often plays a bit, for free or just tips, at these taverns and after a few songs she starts up conversations in particular with those coming from the North east.

If she could get some were to start at then she could head out and see if she could follow the trail. In the meantime she could keep gathering resources in order to support herself when she heads out.
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Siren - Reuinifcation of the Harmonius Revelers
13:59, Today: Storyteller, on behalf of Siren (C), rolled 4 successes using 6d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 1,3,5,10,9,9.  Cha + Soc (Information about her troupe)

You come across a group of 3 men in a tavern who seem to have information you want.  They are hesitant to speak... How do you encourage them to open up? After getting them to speak in part due your skill, in part due to the tongue loosening properties of a few strong drinks, their tale sends chills down your spine.  They were part of a cattle caravan that regularly traveled between Chiaroscuro and Kirighast.  They puff up their chests and hit the table as they talk about their home city.  Born with a spear in one hand and horse reins in the other! They know how to handle themselves, they get lost temporarily in some song from the city before you are able to re-direct them back to their story.  There was a group of slavers that descended upon them like whirling dervishes, the wind and dirt hiding their approach. And they admit, to their everlasting shame that they fled. They froze up, and instead of fighting like the seasoned warriors they are, ran like children.  What do they tell you that would make grown men used to battle so afraid?  They saw their friends captured and chained, hauled away to gods know where.  The most relevant thing for you is that they saw your troupe head this way less than a week before they left with their cattle.  Nobody says it outright, but the implication is that your troupe was taken too. What do u plan to do now?