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Ascending Sky (C)
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Tue 24 Dec 2019
at 08:06
Ascending Sky
Sky gathers the debris and attempts to bury the entrance to his little makeshift ritual room. As he completes the preamble he paces off a circle and draws an outline of it in the dust. Considering how to work with the lack of proper ritual chalk or a holy space. Another passage returns to his mind, "Blood has some power best for the dead but in any ritual blood can replace some components. In theory the blood of the dragons is even more powerful than that of humans and life especially when dealing with the Demons is an effective sacrifice." The twilight nods to his mental words and removes his shirt and sets it to the side to avoid blooding it. Taking a piece of jagged glass he runs it down his left wrist and uses his own blood to draw the circle that would normally use chalk. Being careful to capture the ruins designed to prevent the escape in the case of failure. Closing his eyes as he follows drawings from the books he should never have been allowed to see. Adding each ward and matching them to the mental picture of the book. In the center of his circle he creates the old realm rune for Tomeschu, The Clamorous Cloud Arsenal. A demon known for skill in battle and knowledge of fate. One that was not known for its bloodthirsty and violence but known for being powerful in battle when forced to.

As finished the ruins he begins to slowly chant. Letting the Tongues of old come forth from his mouth. (active Ancient Tongue Understanding 6m Personal) Losing his ability to speak anything but Old Realm. When he is well into the ritual he doesn't even notice when something deep inside reaches out from the past and changes his chant from the approved chant of the Immaculate Faith and to a song of ancient oaths and great victory, "Let the least souls of old ones, come forth and serve the child of the sun, Let the souls of darkness be bound to the Sol Invictus, the oaths to the victorious, be honored forever." The song continues calling forth an ancient oath before he hears a scratching within the circle. Standing within a being shrouded in a mist with many insectoid arms that appears to be made of different weapons.

Rising slowly Sky looks at the beast within his circle and speaks, "Welcome child of Malfese. I require a Guardian I offer you this promise in exchange for service. I will not send you forth to complete violence in my name. I will only ever ask you defend myself and those who I feel need a guardian. Should you agree willingly this I promise for a year and a day as your service would be."


So for the Arm Self Slash I Rolled 2d10 with a minimum of 1 success as if it was decisive damage. Rolled 1 success. Ill let you decide if you think it should be 1 + rolled or just 1 total.

For Binding I feel like he isn't setup as well as he should be so his words of binding merit shouldn't apply here. If you feel it still should then I end up with more successes. I used Excellency to add 8 dice. 7m personal 1 m Peripheral.

Total of 7 without words of binding 9 success with it.

23:43, Today: Ascending Sky (C) rolled 6 successes using 18d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 9,5,8,4,9,6,1,5,6,3, 7,7,6,1,7,6,5,3.  Demon Binding 1 Auto Success Ancient Tongue.

I also did not include any stunt.

Essence pools:
0/13 Personal
25/26 Perphial
8/10 Willpower -regain 1 if spell is completed-
Active Effects:
Harmonious Presence Method
Ancient Tongue Understanding

Also For fun the perfomance of his song during the ritual. Mostly just for fun:

23:59, Today: Ascending Sky (C) rolled 7 successes using 10d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 ((1,9,9,8,3,8,8,9,6,8)).

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Tue 24 Dec 2019
at 22:26
Ascending Sky
Demons of the first circle (as is my current understanding) do not generally have first names, but are instead recognized more as a species and have a main drive or purpose.  So instead of a singular demon "Tomeschu, The Clamorous Cloud Arsenal" (which is reserved for second and third circle sorcery) you will be summoning a type or species of demon.  You are perfectly capable of naming the demon if you so choose to do so, however it will be more akin to naming a pet.

With all of that in mind i have decided to give you some options to help you customize the type of demon you want.

First you have to pick a drive for which your demon was designed for, or is best at.  I assume this would be combat, but you also mentioned knowledge of fate.  So, decide on the type of drive the demon will be best at and he will get 10 dice on all appropriate rolls of this type, 6 dice on adjacent type rolls and 2 dice on all other rolls. Alternatively, you may choose 2 drives that he is pretty good at, gaining 6 dice to both of them, 4 dice on adjacent tasks to either of them, and 2 dice on everything else.

Example 1 - Close quarters combat 12 dice. Athletic rolls like jumping, running, lifting 6 dice. Everything else 2 dice.
Example 2 - Close quarters combat 8 dice, Predicting the future 8 dice. Athletic rolls 4 dice, Strategy/planning 4 dice. Everything else 2 dice.

Additionally spend 8 bonus points on your demon. Raising his main drives costs 4BP and effects adjacent drives as well. You may give him merits. You may spend these to give your demon a "charm" like ability to help embody talents that are difficult to represent with pure numbers, such as seeing the future. The cost for a "charm" like talent should be reasonable in benefit to what you might gain from spending that many BP points on other merits.

P.S. If anyone has any advice or critques for me, since i am doing this off the cuff go ahead and offer it up.
Ascending Sky (C)
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Tue 24 Dec 2019
at 23:07
Ascending Sky
OOC: The demon is a breed from 2nd edition i found a hombrew made demon book that has the flavor and a stab at mechinics for third edition. We can figure out how to modify if needed. That is the species name.;cshid=1577228174223

Starts on page 15.

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Wed 25 Dec 2019
at 00:52
Ascending Sky
Ok, we can just use the tomescu from the book.

"The form of a tomescu cannot be discerned, for each is per-petually surrounded by a thick fog from which many-joint-ed limbs shielded with a green insectoid carapace emerge, each  usually  ending  in  a  weapon  of  some  sort  bonded  to  the tomescu at the last joint—swords, axes, sledges. A few limbs  have  bows  attached,  while  other  adjacent  limbs  end  in hand-like extremities capable of notching an arrow. An-cient  texts  depict  the  tomescu’s  true  form  as  resembling  a  cross between a crab and a praying mantis, with dozens of clawed limbs jutting improbably from all over the demon’s body.  The  tomescu  have  no  love  of  violence,  living  as  they  do with an innate understanding of their own mortality, but they are quite skilled at it. "

You asked if he would serve you as a question, but you both knew he had no choice.  You have bested him with your knowledge and mastery of sorcery and he is now your slave for a year and a day. Its voice emanates from somewhere within the cloud "I accept".  Now that you have a bound demon, What do you do with it?  Where do u keep it? Where do you plan on staying for that matter?

What if any instructions do you give to your Demon slave? Does ascending sky care about the forceful enslavement of a sentient being?

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Ascending Sky (C)
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Wed 25 Dec 2019
at 11:54
Ascending Sky
Ascending Sky walks to his shirt and restores it. His mind started to race on his next move but first. He needed to deal with the Demon. Bound did not mean safe careful use and management would be important. This demon was here to give him a shield in the event he was in danger, "Good Morning, I am Ascending Sky, It is a pleasure to meet you. I find myself in need of a bodyguard of great skill. I believe you can do so and also believe you can make better decision on when intervention is necessary and when it would be a waste.  I however wish to know if there is anything you need and a bit about you personally. I am sure that there may be ways I could help advance your personal goals while you are here so perhaps we can work together again." Sky begins to work on cleaning up the site as best he can while he waits for the demon to respond. He wants to try to make this arrangement more equal without risking the demon being free within creation.
 GM, 68 posts
Thu 26 Dec 2019
at 01:10
Ascending Sky
The demon doesnt communicate the same way that mortals do so its not a simple "I enjoy painting." answer.  Nevertheless you are able to discern through pointed questions that the tomescu apparently enjoys painting. It also yearns to defy destiny, and bypass its fate.

What do you do with it?  Where do u keep it? Where do you plan on staying for that matter? What if any instructions do you give to your Demon slave?

Ascending Sky (C)
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Thu 26 Dec 2019
at 03:46
Ascending Sky
"Well my main task for you is my protection. Part of that is keeping yourself immaterial unless you must become material to protect me." He considers and continues trying to explain his thoughts more fully, "In general if Im not being attacked by an essence wielder do not intervene, if my anima flares however intervene cause you wont make the situation any worse. For now remain nearby immaterial."

With that Sky finishes the last of cleanup here and heads back to cleanup and get one last night of sleep there before he has to find a new place to live.

The next morning he heads out to the street in search of some form of work bookkeeping, teaching or maybe work as a servant is his initial thoughts with a job perhaps he can find a place to live as well. He is rather forward in his method simply walking into business and asking if they need any service he could provide. Listing skill at translation, Bookkeeping and Tutoring as his main skills.

19:43, Today: Ascending Sky (C) rolled 2 successes using 9d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 6,3,6,2,5,1,3,8,7.  Cha+Investigation Searching for Work. +3 Exellancy Personel.

If this counts as social Influence I would get three more dice from Harmonious Presence method. If Socialize is more Appropriate I would get one more dice.

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Thu 26 Dec 2019
at 07:20
Ascending Sky
Your demon does as instructed, although you get the sense that it will find it difficult to paint while forced to be immaterial.

You spend most of the day searching through town and end up finding both a place that will put you to work and a place to live.

What use does this establishment have for you? You get 2 choose 2 positive and must choose 4 negative qualities, 3 for your job and 3 for your place to live. They do not have to be evenly distributed. Some sample qualities are as follows.  This is meant to be a sample list, not a complete list.  So feel free to add your own qualities that you feel would be appropriate.

Students, access to students, growth potential, payment for services, criminal activity, chiaroscuro guard activity, supernatural proximity, rent, security, neighbors.  Provide a brief description why your qualities are positive or negative.

What do you plan to do next, now that you are settled a bit?

Ascending Sky (C)
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Thu 26 Dec 2019
at 12:15
Ascending Sky
Sky knows he will need to find a way to give his demon the time to paint. The first step is to find a place that is private.

His new job is a dirty and it annoys him the dirtyness of the kitchen how its impossible to keep things clean. It slows down his cooking as he tries to keep boiling water around to keep the cookware sterile. There are alot of opportunities for violence within the inn itself seeing as its the bar frequented by the enforcers, this worry's him as a direct confrontation between his demon and a mortal criminal could make for some nasty rumors directed at him. The Clientele of the bar while ruff an tumble do have a desire for better things for there children giving him potential access to students.

The room is the biggest upside of this place.

It is relativity secure especially with him have a demon to bar the door or window from the inside while he works on his paintings.

The room is relativity small. Making it hard to even fit both the demon and himself in the room if the demon is material. It also cant serve as a good place to teach.

Finally the room doesnt have much in the way of furniture its got a bed and smell chest of drawers. No room for tomes no place to write within the room.

A week or so later an older enforcer by the name of Legernold Regorshin mentions his son who he thinks is either possesed or just dumb. He can only speak in jibberish but seems to understand how to use shapes and count better then even Legernold. "It doesn't make any sense how could he seem so smart and still not talk."

Sky overheard doing something else and looks stops, "Mr. Regorshin perhaps I could help. I learned some tricks on the blessed isle where they know how to work through something similiar to what you describe. If I can help I will porbably need a painting isel to finish the process. I have to get back to work now but we can talk more near dusk or you can just bring him by then."

After his shift is over he swings by his room to speak to the demon even if he cant hear the response, "Hopefully I can help this child then maybe you can paint while I work. Thank you for your patience."

He comes back down to find Legernold and his son Vegernold. The young boy seems bright but as soon as sky sits down he starts to panic. Sky sings softly in his more native tongue high realm. (6 Successes to calm the child with a song) After some simple communication. Where he used simple sentance and watched a little body laungage to figure out that the issue the child had was a learning disability that slowed his devolopment of speak so Sky takes a deep breath and gets to work breaking down the barrier to learning. Using essence to make his words clear the barrier between him and this child. By the end of this training session the child is speaking broken words like calling his Father, Dada. Not full sentence but the block his shattered and progress can continue.

OOC: I wrapped up a little faster then I planned I have to get ready to head to work. 6 Success on soothing song in old realm thanks to the auto Success from Masterful Performance.

04:09, Today: Ascending Sky (C) rolled 5 successes using 10d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 8,7,4,7,4,5,10,6,6,6.  Cha+ Performance Singing Masterful Performance + Harmonious.

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 GM, 103 posts
Sun 29 Dec 2019
at 09:29
Ascending Sky
This took me a little while because i wasnt sure what i wanted to do, or how i wanted to handle the teaching.

Your rapid success with the boy astounds his father and wants to set up a schedule with you to bring Vegernold back. Do you continue pursuing teaching the children? If so, How do you address your long work hours conflicting with times appropriate to teach children?  How do you address the lack of space or resources to teach children? What information do you plan on teaching the children?
Ascending Sky (C)
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Mon 30 Dec 2019
at 08:51
Ascending Sky
Ascending Sky continues his attempts to teach. Initial he leaves focus on Vegernold. Teaching him to speak, read, write and then work on Trig and angle that he has an aptitude for. The scheduling is hard but limiting to a more master apprentice situation initially allows him to build a reputation while meaning scheduling is a little bit easier.
 GM, 123 posts
Tue 31 Dec 2019
at 20:54
Ascending Sky
Your natural talent for teaching enhanced by the gifts from the Unconquered Sun combined with a singular student to focus on is quite the feat to behold.  The child advanced far faster than a student without his learning disability would have, and within a few weeks his parents are more than satisfied with what you have done.  They thank you for your help and pay you a small amount that they can afford.

You hear the boy is working now, for his father.  And it brightens your dreary days of cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

What do u do now?
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Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 04:26
Ascending Sky
You are begining to have problems.  The unnatural screams of your bound demon slave carry to not only everyone in the building you are currently in, but also to a radius of buildings around you every dawn and every dusk. People have begun to ask uncomfortable questions.  In addition to that paintings depicting terrible accidents and tragedies have begun to find their way to people and the neighborhood is full of gossip about hexs, curses, and the wrath of vengeful gods.  This has only further complicated matters for you.  One morning a group of enforcers from the local area pull you out back and ask you what you know about whats been going on.  They are large and menacing, and only the good work you did for Vegernold has afforded you the courtesy of this meeting.

How do you answer their questions?  What do you do?

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Ascending Sky (C)
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Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 04:31
Ascending Sky
OOC: If the Demon is Immaterial at dawn and dusk the scream is only heard by those who are immaterial. I would be acting differently if this problem is something I would see coming.
 GM, 151 posts
Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 04:36
Ascending Sky
even if he is immaterial, it can be heard in the material plane.

The following is a ret-conned version of events.

The screams started slowly, barely noticeable, but they have been increasing in intensity.  You thought that keeping it immaterial would alleviate the problem, but apparently not.  People in your building are starting to ask questions, and it is only getting louder day by day.  Also customers have been finding little pictures depicting various unpleasant outcomes for them and they are starting to come true...

What do u do?

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Ascending Sky (C)
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Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 04:39
Ascending Sky
OOC:To Be Clear you are Directly changing how the demon works acording to the writeup if so that would mean i never would summon that breed ever:

Screaming Herald of Dusk & Dawn: Because the image of
its own mortality burned into its consciousness, each tomescu screams in pain twice a day, once at dawn and once
at dusk. This scream can be heard for almost a mile around
them, <Orange>though mortals cannot hear it when dematerialized.
All but the rarest of tomescu scream, and those who don’t
are often the most feared

This is not about directly arguing its more about making sure we are all on teh same page.

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 GM, 153 posts
Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 05:03
Ascending Sky
That is correct, i am changing the way it is written in order to provide some downside.  You are free to narrate how you get rid of this one as it becomes a problem and summon a different one if u prefer.  I am going to repost updated rules for summoning a custom demon.

When creating a custom demon use the following:
Choose 1 major positive quality and 2 negative qualities
     and / or
Choose 1 or 2 minor positive qualities and an equal number of negative qualities.

Major qualities can be general ideas such as "Combat" or "Social infiltration". minor qualities are more specific such as "Seeing the future" or "Manse building".

Negative qualities are all specific such as the Tomescu's screaming every dawn and dusk.  Any negative qualities are also a natural part of what the Demon is, and as such are unable to follow most order commanding them to ignore or not act out their negative qualities.  Some demons can be ordered to suppress their desires temporarily, but the summoner who does this risks an ever increasing chance that the demon revolts.  This makes them immune to any orders or commands of the summoner for the duration of the revolt.  Usually a scene, but may be longer depending on the demon in question.  You may "stack" your negative qualities if you so choose, expanding the scope and severity of the trait in question.

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Ascending Sky (C)
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Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 05:17
Ascending Sky
OOC: Then well put my solo thread on full hold for now at least till monday. While I figure out what exactly I wish to do. To be clear i am very fruatrated by this change and ruling.

A similiar wayn to create a downside without changing it could be as simple as making it a spirit instead of mortals. It captures the same issue without making the demon a horrible unusable summon. How does sky convince local spirits to br less annoyed. Focuses on thr spirital aspects of occult. Rather then focusing on brutes that either i can steam roll using charms socially or there is probably nothing i can do.

It also doesnt make it so my charecter is disturbing all the mortals within earshot. Which probably would have made him send the demon away within days. That being the thing that would bother Sky most.

I may even ask if i can change it all to elementals to avoid the hassle and just move past it. In fact that might be the easiest method to fix the problem

 GM, 159 posts
Mon 6 Jan 2020
at 02:54
Ascending Sky
As the days have gone by, you have seen a few students, but mostly just for a session or two.  The people around here just either dont have the money for your services long term, or dont see the reason for their kids to have advanced education.  The days of cooking are long and hot, you are often drenched with sweat by the time your shift is over.  Still, you have been making headway with the locals, and people respect your ability to help their children, even if they dont see a huge reason for it yet.

Unfortunately, there has began to be a bit of a problem.  Your demon has been causing some unwanted attention.  What kind of unwanted attention has your demon been causing?  And why havent you been able to do anything about it yet?
Ascending Sky (C)
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Fri 10 Jan 2020
at 21:17
Ascending Sky
After a few days Sky is working when a women comes in with her children. She find her way to the group that Legernold sits with. She begins to speak to one of the men, "Garnic the Immaculates want to take my children what can I do. they belive that the drawing I found is a sign that they are going to be monsters. I cant do anything do you know anything that might help."

Sky had been working his way over, "I might know something. It isnt perfect and it might still mean they are involved in your life. It however might be able to keep your children at home. The Immacultes actually have rules one of them is most intriquing and often ignored. Acting on Prophecy without the direct approval of the Scalert Empress is forbidden. There are way around it but its writen directly in there rules. Its an angle to move them and perhaps we can get them to allow a more limited involvment. Espically if someone like me proves to know the immaculate faith as well as I do. The only other good option might be to try to flee but escaping them is not easy and fighting wont work."

Women seems intrigued, "How do you know about something like that and who are you?"

Lagernold speaks up, "He is the person that taught my son to talk. He knows a little bit about everything."

Sky smiles, "I am Ascending Sky Ma'am its a pleasure to meet you."

Women sighs and accepts, "Alright we can try your idea. I hope it works."

A few days later the immaculates arrive at the bar following the note that told them where the women and her children were.

OOC: To add the fact about Immaculate faith. I am using Realm History to allow the roll. Activating Bottomless Wellspring Approach adds one success and doubles all other Success, Lore Introducing Concentration to add 1 2 Automatic Success,
Eidetic Memory adds one success doubled to 2. So 10 success to add the information

13:01, Today: Ascending Sky (C) botched using 1d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 1.  Reroll 6s.

13:00, Today: Ascending Sky (C) rolled 5 successes using 10d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 4,9,2,4,7,6,7,1,9,9.  Introduce Fact +5 Success Reroll 6s.

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 GM, 184 posts
Sun 19 Jan 2020
at 04:00
Ascending Sky
Gain 1 Exp

The fact is introduced successfully.

The woman is clearly upset waiting for the immaculates to arrive at the bar, fussing over her kids nervously.  When the two monks show up they approach the woman.  "We are here for your children."  There is some discussion but the woman clearly isnt able to convincingly spout knowledge of the immaculate faith to stop her kids from being taken.

Ash is nearby as the exchange happens.  One of the monks moves towards the children to take them.

what do u do?
Ascending Sky (C)
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Sun 19 Jan 2020
at 04:47
Ascending Sky
Sky makes a deep sigh and steps forward. Decides to play the first card he has. Speaking in High Realm, "Good morning, my name is Ascending Sky. I am concerned seems odd that such upstanding monks would act agaisnt the teachings. The practice of forcibally removing children from parents is barbaric. High Monk Mnenmon Delrin at the behest of the scarlet empress herself banned the practice. Requiring the scarlet empress personally to allow exception. Perhaps it would be better to step back from forceful agression. We can save these children togther but support and care rather then force and destruction will work better. Follow the teachings and let us use teachings and faith in the dragons to make this all work."

OOC: attempt to use socail infuence to use belief in the faith and its tennets to make the monks want to have compassiom for children. They are victims not monsters. 10 success.

20:45, Today: Ascending Sky (C) rolled 9 successes using 12d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 8,4,6,6,10,4,8,7,9,6,10,8.  Cha+presence instill + 3 from exellancy + 3 harmonious presence. 1 willpower for success.
If they dont speak high realm ill switch laungages. I will repeate the argument in fire tongue.

Edit to update the idea to allow further roleplay as instructed.

Sky considers his next steps carefully looking for a way to both help the children and maybe a himself. He knew that he has to be carful, "I was born and raised on the Blessed isle. I was the son of the butler and maid for house Cathak and grew up in the inner circle of a dynast household. I am one of those who did as my peer and better wished. Learned with her and was a pen pal through school. I am a student of history and the story related to why that rule was created struck a cord with young me. I think if I hadn't been sent away to avoid questions I might have sought to join the faith. Teaching others is my real passion." He lets that statement float for a bit allowing the monks to guess he was a lover of a dynast woman she probably got engaged or something so shipped a potential scandal away rather then deal with him. "Why don't we see if we can set something up where they are educated and the faith can check? Perhaps if we prove you have there interest at heart, their mother will release them to you willingly." Allowing this statement as well to sink in "I could educate and teach them. Ill teach to prescribed texts and teach other important skills. Though my time itself is limited as I am barely scrapping by, some monetary support would allow me to teach full time."

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 GM, 189 posts
Sun 19 Jan 2020
at 17:50
Ascending Sky
The monks find themselves bound by doctrine.  But more than that they find your idea beneficial for everyone involved.  They have to speak with their superior, but seem quite amenable to the idea.  There is much crying and shaking of hands as the mother thanks you and hugs you.

The next day the monks return with a formal letter outlining your duties.  You will teach the children the truth of the faith among other required skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic.  The two children in question are to be brought to the temple monthly for evaluation in addition to unannounced visits as the order deems appropriate.  You will be responsible for informing the order of anything and everything related to the children, preparing a weekly report as well as appearing in person once a month to summarize or explain how progress is coming.

For your time teaching you will be paid a monthly stipend (enough for the barest necessities and food) and provided a small building for your living quarters and from which to have your lessons.  You will be expected to accept all local children and provide basic lessons for them as well.  You are expected to preach the immaculate faith, act according to its precepts, and teach your students to do so as well.

The building has a room in the back for your quarters, a kitchen, and a large front room for teaching the children. The immaculate texts and philosophy will be the basis from which everyone is taught, and any other texts should be in accordance with the teachings of the faith.

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Ascending Sky (C)
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Sun 26 Jan 2020
at 12:22
Ascending Sky
Sky takes the hugs and happiness and smiles. This whole situation could later blow up in his face but for now he had a path forward. As soon as his shift for the day is complete he retreats to his room and begins working on a lesson plan. With a focus on the parts of the Immaculate faith he finds most agreeable and what should mesh well with the desire that these children do not play a part in an infernal prophecy he down plays aspects of the anethma. His goal is to show that he is acting in good faith but also allow himself some wiggle room not to teach aspects he doesn't want to teach or focus on.

He focuses mostly on the aspects of respecting gods but watching for those that abuse there partitioners.

The idea of protecting the group from monsters though his main focus is on the dead and demons as the dead are common here and infernal prophicies are what the faith is worried about with these children.

Also focusing on using stories connected to the faith for things like moral lessons, why math can be important, writing is important. He includes examples of such parables.

Feeling the joy of designing and planning flow through his as he etches out his plan in paper.

The next day upon the arrival of the note he asks one simple question, "The salary is perfect. The only issue i see is how do I go about acquire text books writing impletments and other school supplies. Will I have to come to the temple, will I have to request through the buracracy, or will I be able given a line of credit in the faiths name."

OOC: Designing the lesson Plane 7 Success.

04:18, Today: Ascending Sky (C) rolled 7 successes using 16d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 9,5,7,2,9,2,10,8,4,6, 5,2,6,3,9,2.  Int +Buracaracy + 7 dice +ST1.

Ascending Sky uses 7 essence on exelancy
Essence: 3/13  23/23
Willpower: 9/10

Next morning when dragon blooded arrives should regain essence and willpower
Recovery overnight:
Essence: 13/13  23/23
Willpower: 10/10

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 GM, 239 posts
Wed 29 Jan 2020
at 16:53
Ascending Sky
They explain that you will make a request of the local temple with any supplies necessary and they will be provided to you.

Supplies that are provided are meager but sufficient.  There is long wait times whenever you go to the temple to ask for anything, but other than the tedium, things are progressing smoothly.  There are some minor signs that are troubling with the two children.

What do you see that is potentially troubling?
What are the names of the children and how old are they?

What does the first month of schooling look like?
Do you receive any other students?