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Mon 23 Dec 2019
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Illustrious Pagoda of Triumphant Benediction - ICC
Here is the meeting house for everyone for the main story.
1 - Ascending Sky
2 - Demethea
3 - Eden
4 - Occluded Butterfly
5 - Siren
6 - Storm of Light
7 - Stormtalker Herod

22:59, Today: Storyteller rolled 7 using 1d7.
22:59, Today: Storyteller rolled 5 using 1d7.

Everyone knew what had happened... why they were there.  It was a somber mood in the Teahouse.  Everyone stared at Siren and Stormtalker Herod.  The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  You couldnt hear the alarm bells from the docks anymore, but if you strained a little, you could easily imagine them in the distance.  Every single one of you is here for different reasons, but all of you here in Chiaroscuro most certainly do not want the kind of attention that is currently underway. Every one of you as Anathema will certainly not do well with the kind of scrutiny that will be brought to bear should Siren or Stormtalker Herod get caught.  Everyone looks at you two, waiting for an explanation.

Stormtalker Herod Eden, who was the noble/wealthy individual that your circle was in contact with? Are they a local Delzahn noble or from somewhere else? What is their business here in the city? Do they have family?

Siren, what seemingly innocuous job were you and Stormtalker supposed to do?  Were you two hired directly, or was it through an intermediary that you were trying to complete said task? Luckily Stormtalker is a skilled sailor, he was able to pilot your small boat to shore safely with both of you and the cargo intact.  Unluckily, the large ship from which your small boat launched, crashed into a guild ship laden with expensive goods.  The resulting fire and destruction has led to a huge backlash in the city. What is your cargo and do you plan to return it to the original person who hired you despite everyone looking for individuals who have the cargo?  Or are you going to keep it? Get rid of it? Hide it?

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Siren (C)
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Wed 25 Dec 2019
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Illustrious Pagoda of Triumphant Benediction - ICC
Siren's eyes looked at the others as they gathered here. They in turn were staring at her and mostly in an unkind manner. "Well now that everyone is here, I suppose we can now enlighten everyone to the situation."

About a week ago Siren had been playing at the Diving Sea Serpent, a tavern by the docks. There she was doing her usual of entertaining and gathering some information. One of the regulars who came to the tavern approached her and asked if she was looking for more then just information. Intrigued Siren sat to have a drink with the man. "It be an easy job, no lie." he said with a wink and a yellow smile. Siren took a sip of her drink and inclined her head. "If the job is so easy why do you want me?" She asked. The man chuckled softly "Mine eyes look bad but they do not be seeing so bad. My peepers saw the other night how you handled those two Sailors from the Neck. Ye be a bit more strong that your outsides show. That is perfect for dealing with an easy job that in case anything goes bad you 'an handle yourself."

Siren sighed and rubbed her temple. Why was it when she didn't want to be seen there were always seemingly some one there to see. Is it because she wanted the limelight all the other time that she could not make it stop? "Fine, what is the job then?" she inquired. The greasy man tapped the table in excitement. "Simple simple! All youin have to do is got out in the harbor and meet a ship of the name Flithly Whore . She is not a pleasant site but gets the job done like her name sake!" The man then slammed the table with his hand as he barked out laughter at his on joke. Siren smirked lightly. "Far be it for me to question what sailors name their ship. What are we getting?" His laughter subsided and he leaned closer looking one way then the next. Siren followed suit.

"It be a small chest. Don be openin or peepin inside. Bring it to me and I'll give you your due."   The ragged man brought up a sack with plenty of coin. "If the job goes all easy like it should then ye get that and more." He fishes in his coat pocket and brings out an odd looking coin with a strange symbol on it. "This be showing your under my employ. Show it to the Captain and he will given you the chest. Bring it back here the day after the next week. The ship will be in harbor 5 days time. It will only be here for a day. Don be missing it!" Siren ran this through her head. It was a lot of money for such a small job and they could use it. Plus this man who went by the name of Old Desert may prove to be useful later. "Alright I can do it. I will bring along another with me just in case." She said watching his reaction. Desert nodded a few times and waved his hands dismissively. " Fine fine. Good idea any way. Now lets drink to our agreement!" He said and toasted her then proceeded to empty half his mug in his mouth and the other half on his shirt. Or maybe not such a good contact... After that he started and Siren joined in doing some sea shanties at the bar.

"After that I went to Stormtalker because who else would be better going out to a ship? The trade went down well enough besides the crew and Captain seeming nervous and wanted to get out of the harbor soon as they could. Which probably explains why in their rush they collided." Siren shrugged a bit and walked up to the table most of them sat at. She set the small chest on the table and flipped down the lock. "In the rush to get away from the commotion some one dropped the chest, cracking the lock. I only looked in it before you all arrived." With that she opened the chest to reveal a single lightly glowing Stone. "At least now I know why he wanted no peepin." She says with a smirk. "Now though what do we do? The Old Desert expects this tomorrow."
Ascending Sky (C)
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Wed 25 Dec 2019
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Illustrious Pagoda of Triumphant Benediction - ICC
As the object is revealed Sky reaches towards it. His forhead begins to sparkle and glow as he reaches out with generic essence to try to feel the magic. "Lets see if we can find out what it does." At some point his finger finds its way to the stone and his body tenses and then seems to go limp. For a full minute he is unresponsive to the world around him. Instead his mind fills with an innate understanding of every location of water. He doesnt get a clear feel for the range of this water sense or what else the object can do.

After a few moments he reopens his eyes, "It has some connection to water. It allows those who touch it to know where water sources are. I think it might be able to call them as well. At the minium it would allow the holder to figure out where to drill wells perhaps also how best to sabatoge or damage water caches. Extremely profitable in a desert."

OOC: spend 6 Motes to add 6 dice to occult role. Figured id capture that learning to control by action.

Wits + Occult 9 success

10:37, Today: Ascending Sky (C) rolled 9 successes using 15d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 10,3,3,5,5,2,10,6,10,3,3,9,6,10,6.  Occult to identify  orb.

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Wed 25 Dec 2019
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Illustrious Pagoda of Triumphant Benediction - ICC
Eden, escaping in the boat with Siren and Stormtalker while watching it crash into the guild ship was an amazing display,

Eden, who was the noble/wealthy individual that your circle was in contact with? Are they a local Delzahn noble or from somewhere else? What is their business here in the city? Do they have family?

What do you plan to do, how do you plan to deal with the man The Desert works for? What did Siren miss, or what is she leaving out about how and why the ship actually crashed into the guild ship?

As Ascending Sky examines the stone he accurately surmises that it has magical properties.  It is a hearthstone, and with particular properties of water that make it exceedingly valuable here in the south.

You guys may discuss your thought about things, i will provide a prompt after you have had a chance to talk about/discuss things in character
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Fri 27 Dec 2019
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Illustrious Pagoda of Triumphant Benediction - ICC
Whoever the first person that wants to respond to this is, may go ahead and do so now.

Who was the noble/wealthy individual that your circle was in contact with? Are they a local Delzahn noble or from somewhere else? What is their business here in the city? Do they have family?  What do you plan to do, how do you plan to deal with the man The Desert works for? What did Siren miss, or what is she leaving out about how and why the ship actually crashed into the guild ship?

Eden (C)
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Fri 27 Dec 2019
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Illustrious Pagoda of Triumphant Benediction - ICC
Eden had once helped a Delzahn noble that that contracted a degenerative illness that had no known cure. His wealth came from a lucrative deal he made with the nobility of Gem importing their jewels into the city avoid some of the predatory taxes imposed on non-Delzhan. His position has allowed him to build a large family, mostly legitimate, partially illegitimate. His illness came from his extramarital escapades and Eden was able to eradicate the disease essentially performing a miracle.
Demethea (C)
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Fri 27 Dec 2019
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Illustrious Pagoda of Triumphant Benediction - ICC
It seems like Demethea has appeared out of nowhere, but in truth she just went into the back to take a leak and returns just in time for Ascending Sky to finish his seance. She ruffles his hair affectionately, then turns to Siren.

"Well, do you know the name of the guy this Old Desert fellow is going to send, or what he looks like?" she asks. "Anyway to identify him? I mean, according to what Sky here said this thing would be enough to fight wars over in the south. Probably shouldn't put it past interested parties to try and obtain it by trickery."

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Storm of Light (C)
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Sat 28 Dec 2019
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Illustrious Pagoda of Triumphant Benediction - ICC
"Interested parties are a problem, absolutely," came Storm's quiet murmur. "Like the ones who'll be wanting our heads no matter what happens to the Old Desert's pretty stone.

Still. Anything we can do to cut down on the number of people looking for us...given how things went down, I'm wondering if he might be grateful enough to offer help or harbor until this blows over. At the least it'd be less knives at our back. I say we return it. It's a small thing, but there's too much weight tethered to it now."

He turned to Siren, a wry smile touching his features, though his eyes stayed serious - but calm, absent anger. "And you're leaving out what really had the captain and his men so nervous they'd risk an unscheduled launch. This city might be big and bright enough for us to disappear in, Siren, but so much glass can catch the light just as easily. It doesn't take much time being around you to get the sense you're something special - which you can take for the compliment, but only along with the responsibility. The crew have suspicions. One way or another, and I'm open to suggestions, that'll need to be addressed."
Stormtalker Herod (C)
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Sat 28 Dec 2019
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Illustrious Pagoda of Triumphant Benediction - ICC
Herod simply sat and stared at the stone.  The blue gleam reflecting in his eyes.

It was his fault the heist had gone south.  One look at that gem--his gem, attached to HIS sword, that sprang forth from HIS underwater palace...possibly--and all his caution and planning had gone out the window.  He had to have it, and damn the consequences.

...and now all his friends were suffering those consequences, and worse...talking about giving the gem up anyway!

and he could see there point!

"A fair argument, Master Storm, but consider the following query." Herod said in his usual lop-sided brogue, "We currently have this pearl beyond price...why the hells should we give it up if doing so won't even solve our current problem?"