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Bitter Leaf (DS)
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Tue 7 Jan 2020
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Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
Oaths in Ashe, do you mind if Bitter pokes her head in?
Jorax Swain (DS)
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Tue 7 Jan 2020
at 01:53
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
I personally like the Old Nobility and the various dojos of Catta as people and things to work with. Lots of options there.

The Dragon Blooded have a lot of potential, but are a tough sell. There is real possibility for that to blow up in our faces but also big gains. The fact the Realm is noticing things even at a minor level, not a good sign.

The Spirit Cout has a lot of possibilities but Tenepeshu's grudge might make that impossible. Do we think there is any chance to change that?
 GM, 166 posts
Tue 7 Jan 2020
at 05:22
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
You dont need to ask someones permission to join their threads.  Everyone has been given explicit permission to... insert... (read shove) their characters into other threads whenever they feel like they want to join their story.  We are also going to handwave any obvious plotholes that might arise or conflict with a characters ability to do that in the name of game cohesion and interaction.
Oaths in Ashe (DS)
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Tue 7 Jan 2020
at 06:22
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
...But it's still nice to ask, and you're also welcome to drop in! xD

A new counter appears!
Oaths in Ash - Terrible deer-based jokes 2/8

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Riaus (DS)
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Thu 9 Jan 2020
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Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
Sorry for my absence the last few days.  I have had some personal stuff come up, but it is mostly resolved now.  Will try to catch up and post something before the end of the week.
Siren (C)
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Fri 10 Jan 2020
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Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
Hmmm now whose threads should I Invade Ah um grace with me presences?
Oaths in Ashe (DS)
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Fri 10 Jan 2020
at 20:13
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
Planning to escape Chiaroscuro for calmer shores before all those 'Unwanted Attention' counters explode?

Just give us a few days, we'll soon be eye-deep in interesting lives on our side of the south too.

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Siren (C)
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Fri 10 Jan 2020
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Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
You know it!  Nah I can't get into your guys threads, until I am forced to flee... haha
Riaus (DS)
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Fri 10 Jan 2020
at 23:56
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
Looking forward to it, hoping to have some interesting infrastructure up and running by that time.
 GM, 191 posts
Sun 19 Jan 2020
at 18:44
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
So i had sort of forgotten until now, but i still need to make a group thread for you guys.  This is what i posted before...

"First, you all know each other, and this takes place an indeterminate number of months after your current individual threads.

Second, You (one, a few, or all) have seriously become embroiled in the politics of Champoor between Tenepeshu and the Dragon-blood of Prasad.  Tensions have boiled over and there has been literal war in the streets.  Unfortunately, each side fears you are too important and could sway the power, and for (reasons) instead of trying to recruit you to help, you are being targeted.  One of your previous exalatations has bad blood with Tenepeshu, and he doesnt forget.  The Dragon-blooded have called out favors from the Blessed Isle, and between the empire of Prasad and their cousins have managed to assemble a full compliment of Dragon-blooded to deal with the Anathema infestation in Champoor.

Third, Riaus has visions of a floating citadel falling from the sky, its defenses failing, and being lost forever in the Wyld.  He will need help dealing with the dangerous and mercurial energies of Wyld, as well as protection from the depredations of the Fey.  His visions include sweeping libraries full of topics and information thought lost to history, including the healing arts and ancient treatises of the gods..."

The following is the new rough basis for your group thread, if anyone feels like they want a different/adjusted reason for being a part of the main thread, post it.  If you do NOT feel like anything needs to be adjusted, please post noting that you are fine as is.  Either way, i would like a post from everyone indicating that they are either ok with the reasons, or a post of what changes they would like there to be in regards to their reasons for joining the group and heading off towards the end of the world.

Broadly speaking, you will all be heading towards the end of creation into the Wyld to find a first age island with incredible stores of knowledge and power.

Riaus - You have visions of this manse and believe it is yours from a previous incarnation

Oaths in Ashe - There are long forgotten treatises that would provide you information on different gods as well as long forgotten promises and duties you can use to your advantage.

Jorax - Among these tomes of treatises there are tomes of healing and disease to advance your knowledge as well as resources to build your school of healing

Bitter Leaf - First Age weapons as well as a secure location from which to launch your campaign against those who have wronged you

Golden Lion - A location that is safe and secure from which you can launch your personal aims and goals as you see fit.
Oaths in Ashe (DS)
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Sun 19 Jan 2020
at 21:22
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
Works for me.
If anyone else wants a cameo, feel free to drop a line.

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Bitter Leaf (DS)
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Wed 22 Jan 2020
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Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
Works for me. Plus a flying fortress is like classic evil villain and thus great for getting revenge upon all those who have wronged me.
Bitter Leaf (DS)
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Tue 28 Jan 2020
at 21:14
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
I'm not sure if these guys merit a full on fight, but in case they do I've rolled join battle. Pew, pew!
Oaths in Ashe (DS)
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Tue 28 Jan 2020
at 21:58
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
Considering Bitter Leaf current habits that's just restocking the meat supplies, not combat.
 GM, 229 posts
Wed 29 Jan 2020
at 00:15
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
well, I imagine that Ashe is going to be expected to provide some more detailed information regarding some of his staff now that his cook has artifact armor and weapons... hmm...
Bitter Leaf (DS)
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Wed 29 Jan 2020
at 01:16
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
Lost Egg. You know how they are, 13 dots of merits and nothing to spend it on except artifacts. So they end up tripping into the local forgotten First Age armory. Its the only explanation. Happens all the time.

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 GM, 232 posts
Wed 29 Jan 2020
at 01:49
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
These are just two local bully boys, so you can deal with them however you best feel is appropriate.  They cant do anything to you now that you have jumped ontop of a building.  Handle the situation however you feel best.
Oaths in Ashe (DS)
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Wed 29 Jan 2020
at 06:27
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
In reply to Storyteller (msg # 67):

I don't know what you're talking about. My poor innocent cook was saved by a mysterious hero.
...wait, don't tell me she left -witnesses-? <.<
 GM, 235 posts
Wed 29 Jan 2020
at 12:39
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
oh Ashe... you are so naive.  There were always going to be witnesses.
Oaths in Ashe (DS)
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Wed 29 Jan 2020
at 15:34
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
Just apply more Dawn recursively as needed.

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Bitter Leaf (DS)
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Thu 30 Jan 2020
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Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
Honestly, the most damning thing is probably the fact that the armor/weapon clearly matches that of a Dynast that was recently slain in the Wyld Hunt. If/when that gets back to them...

although recursive application of Dawn seems like a good solution.
Ascending Sky (C)
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Wed 5 Feb 2020
at 04:47
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
So the Pitch for the replacement for Ascending sky. Since he will be part of the DS group i figured it put it here.

Name: Wraithful Leaping White Leopard, The 2nd prince of the Chimerian Kingdom the Head of the Snow Leopard.

Caste: Eclipse

Supernal: Presence -focusing on the fear tree initially-

Family Symbol: A chimera with 4 heads. Three on the front of its mountain goat body and one on its tail. The center head and largest is that of a Tyrant lizard (Sized for the body) blowing fire, the left head is that of a snow leopard with a cloud of frozen shards venting from its nostrils, the right head is that of a sea eagle with acid dripping from its mouth and seeming eat the ground below it. The tail is that of a snake with fangs exposed and poison dripping down them with poison gas flowing outward.

Clothing: Strange silver and gossemer robes that shimmer with an strange magical glint. The robe is thick enough to restrict movement of the wearer and bulkier then most people would expect a robe to be. Its actually an Artifact armor and on examination its obvious to onlookers that the robe is actually cleverly disguised Articulated plate or Reinforced breastplate. (Theory is Artifact 4 or 5. With an additional cost upon purchase of the first evocation that makes it further appear as a robe -with the exception of when someone strikes it and remove fatigue from it. Still have mobility issues) On the right shoulder is a patch of a well rendered version of the family Chimera crest. On the Left shoulder is an image of a snow leopard. When angered these shoulder markers appear to come alive but that is certainly a trick of light.

Appearance: Leopard mostly appears human. His eyes, hair and body hair of all kinds give lie to such a belief. His hair appears much like the fur of a snow leopard. His eyes are grey on grey without pupils. He is also a little more lithe and limbs little longer then one would expect.

Background: Wraithful Leaping White Leopard is the son Fair Fold Noble King Bergonos and a Mortal Named Lilly Whitescreen. His mother was one of the products of the Kings breeding program that was so successful he became obsessed with her beuty and took her as his.

After his birth Leopard grew up the younger prince. The prince that would never inherit. He to be a diplomat and to be a voice for his father. His combat training was to use strength of personality to make up for a lack of raw power. If your enemy believes themselves to have lost you already have won the battle.

His exaltation came on one of his missions to a village. He was traveling with a caravan when it set upon by a hobgoblin raiding party coming from the dreaming sea. He stepped out alone to defend them. He knew he stood no chance against an army but instead he called out the Fair Folk Cataphract leading them. A large beast of a man who looks like a pirate with a peg leg and a cutlass. Planning to play the game of fear with him and perhaps get lucky and win. The chances were not in his favor but fight he did. As he battled the situation seemed to shift his enemy began to show signs of fear while he pressed him back. His flail met the enemy's sword strikes and his will pushed his foe back.

When the fight was over and his enemy defeated the hobgoblins fled rather than face him. He looked around and himself and noticed a golden aura and light from his forehead.

He took the caravan to the nearby village and then went to tell his father of the event.

After a few months he learned to adapt his old abilities with the wyld to a more effective method. To feed on the emotions of others to allow him to change his form with a bronze sheen. To enhances his power at wyld manipulation to near the levels of a true Racksha and to make even the Racksha Cataphract pause in fear at his very will.

Important NPCs in his background:

King Bergonos the Lizard the Head of the Chimera:

The Rackha playing the role of head of house Chimera and Leapords father. He took on the role of a loving and obsessive ruler. Though in more ways he is more like a Dragon with a horde of pretty things he wants to protect. He is fascinated with making beutiful things. Either through crafting jewelry, breeding for the most stunning of mortals or the crafting of magical clothing/armor from gossamer and moonsilver. He actually is fascinated more with moonsilver even then gold. It's a creation metal that is like the wyld, mailable changeable and able to become its users very desires.

He started his kingdom as a way to build a court and to have his own willing source of mortals to feed upon. It was also to learn why mortal kings are so foolish. How come there people revolt and can he a monster by mortal standards be a better ruler then the despots that think they are so powerful.

He jealously protects his mortal subject like a dragon protects his horde. He clashes with the fair folk ships, mortal brigands and even the young (By a fair folk such as him) monsters of blackbenders and the flesh-eating gigante.

His yearly taxation from his villages comes in the form of a beauty pageant. Where each village and city send there most beautiful women or man depending on the year. Usually even years are the year of the women's pageant and odd are the men however there have been times where he has done 10 years of women in a row or 7 years of men.

Each village sends a single contestant to his court and he selects a winner. The winners village is the one that receives his crown prince the Cataphract Tristan for year gaining the protection and support a great boon. The constants stay in his court and serve as both dream food and breeding stock for his mortal genetics program.

One of his mortal breeding programs produced a women that was so beautiful he became mesmerized with her. Lithe and perfect. He took her as a lover and the pair produced a son, Wrathful Leaping White Leopard.

Crown Prince Tristan the body of the Chimera:

Is a Fair Folk Cataphract, He is a warrior first though fighting nature in the hunt is as much a battle as fighting a foe. He never turns down a challenge and sometimes will take a slight to far. He has cloven hoves and goat legs instead o human legs and his head has the horns of a goat. His armor appears to be made of stone. He Rides a wyld Mutated Mountain goat whose fur is actually plates of stone and is the size of an elephant. The beast eats only stones and soil and somehow turns it into fertilized soil for use in farming.

The Eagle head Hobgoblin the Stewart of the house: The Hobgoblin in charge of managing the humans and hobgoblins (work in progress)

The Snack headed Viser and diplomat: A Fey Noble that is sworn to King lizard. He originally acted as the diplomat before Leapord and has now taken more the role of the Jafarisque Vizer. Accepting the new role with enthusiasm. (Possibly more but haven't got hit with anything else.)
Bitter Leaf (DS)
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Fri 7 Feb 2020
at 02:05
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
Seems good. Also a good connection to the Wyld if we decide to go that route.
Oaths in Ashe (DS)
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Fri 7 Feb 2020
at 10:36
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
If you're set on changing characters, this looks like it could work. It might even have a built-in excuse for our characters to know each other, as Fiends do get diplomatic immunity and diplomatic duties in the fair folk courts.

As an unrelated side-note, post totally coming, I swear!
Ascending Sky (C)
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Fri 7 Feb 2020
at 22:13
Re: OOC / Character Creation (DS)
Hmm that might work Oath. His father would probably use him to deal with someone claiming diplomatic Immunity (After all the half fey Solar doesnt have to obey it).

Depending on what you were seeking would effect how he veiwed you and how much you lied. (Either he figured out at the time or later)

And here is the 2nd draft of the character:

Name:Wraithful Leaping White Leapord
Anima:Snow Leapord
Limit Trigger:The Solar tells a lie, deliberately deceives someone, or
breaks a sworn oath

Archery0(f)Integrity3(c) Bureaucracy1
Brawl0Medicine0(c) Occult3
Dodge0Performance0(c) Craft 
(f)Melee5(s) Presence5Craft ( 
(f)Resistance3Sail3Craft (                 ) 
Ride1(c) Socialize3Martial Arts (          ) 
Thrown0Stealth0Martial Arts (          ) 
War0()Survival0Martial Arts (          ) 
Lore focus:Fey Courts
Presence: Intimidation
Melee: Dual Weilding weapons with Diffrent Damage types
Awarness: Using Eyes
Socialize: Reading People

Essence1Limit[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Peripheral15/15//33Temp. Willpower5
Join Battle5Hardness10
Nat. Soak6/11Armor Soak11
Total Soak17/22Shape Sorcery5

Indefinite Committed Motes:
12m (6m for Artifact Articulated Plate, 6m to remove Mobility Penalty)
6m (Keen Sight Techinque)

PenHealth Levels
-0[ ]
-1[ ] [ ]
-2[ ] [ ]
-4[ ]
Inc[ ]

WeaponW. AccW. DmgDec. AccOverDefTags
Flail (Mace)11/12119/1016Bashing, Melee, Smashing
Urumi13/1499/1015Lethal, Melee, Flexible, Reaching
Whip13/1499/1015Bashing, Melee, Disarming, Flexible, Grappling, Reaching
Axe11/12119/1016Lethal, Melee, Thrown (Short), Chopping

Enhanced Eyes: 3
One of the characterís senses becomes preternaturally acute, like that of a wild animal. The character adds two dice to all Perception rolls related to that sense.

Drawback: This Merit is physically obvious in unusual eye color or shape, large ears, an elongated nose, or some other similar mutation.

Unusual Hide: 2
The character gains additional points of natural soak equal to the Meritís value. One or two dots generally represents fur, feathers, leaves, or light scales.

Drawback: The character obviously looks like a Wyld mutant, with all the stigma that accompanies such status, and suffers a penalty equal to her rating in this Merit on all disguise rolls to pass for normal.

Child of Maddness 4
The sorcerer is immune to the twisting power of the Wyld, and need never fear mutation, delusion, or addiction from time spent in chaos.

However, her Wyld afnity makes her vulnerable to iron, causing her to take aggravated damage from weapons made of it as though she were one of the raksha.

Miracles of Shadow and Chaos 4
The sorcerer may warp the substance of chaos to her will. She doubles 8s on any shape sorcery rolls made in the Wyld, and can perform sorcerous workings without needing to pay experience costs. However, such miracles fade to shadow outside the Wyld. If she used a free working to give herself opalescent wings, they would fade away as soon as she entered Creation, only to reappear when she returns to the Wyld. A palace enchanted to fly could do so freely through the skies of chaos, but would fall subject to gravity in Creation. The Storyteller may retroactively charge the player experience points for any working that circumvents or cheats this limitation in play

Wyld Robe (Artifact) 4:
Moonsilver and Gossemer Articulated Plate

Backing Prince of the Chimera Kingdom 3:
Three-dot Backing represents middling rank in a powerful organization (a merchant prince of the Guild), or standing as one of the elite in a smaller organization (a captain of the market guard).

Linguistics 1:
Old Realm

DefiningPrincipalFear is my true weapon
DefiningPrincipalFear will not defeat me
DefiningTieMother Love
MajorTieFather Loyalty
MajorPrincipalAttidute opens doors
MajorPrincipalI must protect those who Serve me.
MajorPrincipalMy people are why I do as I do.
MinorTieCrown prince Tristan respect
MinorPrincipalLeaders are responsible to there people
MinorPrincipalAppearance is important


  • Harmonious Presence Meditation - 5m/7m -Ref- Scene/Indefinte - The Lawgiver embodies virility, magnetism and grace, empowering her forces of persuasion. For fve motes, this Charm grants three bonus dice to all forms of social influence from all Abilities except Stealth. In addition, the cost of all social Influence Charms are reduced by one mote, to a minimum of one. The seven mote version of this Charm extends the duration to indefnite. (PG. 369)
  • Magestic Radiant Presnece-  - Her incandescent spirit magnifes the Lawgiver with aspects of glory and terror. While this Charm is active, characters must pay a point of temporary Willpower to speak against her or attack her. Her enemies need only pay this price once per scene. In addition, all threaten actions against her suffer a penalty equal to her Essence (PG. 370)
  • Terrrifing Apperation of Glory-7m 1w- Reflexive - One Scene- The Solar burns with fearsome power, transforming her into an icon of terrible majesty. The Solar activates this Charm when her anima is at bonfre. This Charm inflicts supernatural terror upon all who see the Solar. This is modeled as a threaten action, but requires no words, and Suffers no penalty from being unspoken or without specifc gesture; the Solar is simply terrifying to behold. This effect also ignores the penalty for groupinfluence. Trivial opponents and most animals, even attack animals, will simply flee the Solarís presence. Those who fail their Resolve checks also flee. In combat, this effect can be perceived out to long distance, recurs every round without the need of a flurry, and may be resisted for the rest of the scene by paying one Willpower and fve Initiative. Finally, a terrorized battle group suffers a loss of three dice from its rout checks (p. 208) when faced with the Solarís immense and terrifying spiritual force (PG. 372)
  • Countance of Vast Wrath- 6m 3a- One Scene - While under the effects of the prerequisite, the Solar draws in her anima, shedding it completely. As she ends the
    Charmís commitment, she draws her power inward, channeling it into a new and more terrifying form. This Charm adds (Essence) dice to the Lawgiverís single-target threaten actions, and allows her to terrorize even those creatures who are incapable of fear. In combat, opponents suffer the loss of a single point of Initiative on each round in which they do not direct an attack at her.
    At Essence 5+, when the character returns to bonfre, she resumes the effects of Terrifying Apparition of Glory automatically and for free. Characters who fail their Resolve checks must pay additional Willpower and Initiative to remain in battle.
    This Charm cannot be muted with the Night Caste anima
    or other magic.(PG. 374)
  • Tigers Dread Symmetry- 0m - Prem  - The Lawgiver is a singular and terrifying being, awesome to behold. Learning this Charm grants one bonus die to all Presence rolls and allows the Exalt to reroll (Essence or three, whichever is greater) non-successes on rolls to intimidate. In addition, if the Solar has activated Majestic Radiant Presence, a character must resist an automatic intimidate attempt before heís able to attempt an ambush attack. This effect does not make the Solar aware of her attackeróit simply means that, as her assassin draws a bead on her from the shadows, her ferce look and deadly grace emanates forth to cow him. The intimidate action may only be supported by Charms that are ongoing or otherwise can be used unconsciously.

  • Master Horsemanís Techniques - 0 Perm - The Exalt has the talent of a veteran equestrian, knowing
    a handful of ancient and proven techniques to control,
    console, and sustain her mount through the most arduous
    circumstances. Purchasing this Charm provides the Solar
    with three of the listed techniques, and the player may
    work with the Storyteller to expand the techniques available through this Charm. Additional techniques can be
    purchased for 2xp or a single bonus point.

    Harmony of Spirits Style: The Lawgiver can spend one
    mote reflexively to stop herself from falling off a mount.
    The Exalt can activate this effect when she is asleep, unconscious or otherwise incapacitated, and will not fall off
    the mount from being asleep or otherwise unconscious
    during ordinary travel. Against any attack which might
    knock her from her mount, she gains +1 Defense.

    Spirit-Steadying Assurances: The Solar can spend one
    mote reflexively to stop a mount from panicking. For one
    instant, the mount shakes off all natural or supernatural
    fear, and may not be intimidated by direct effort for
    (Essence) rounds, or indirect circumstances for the sceneís

    Speed-Sustaining Technique: The Lawgiver can spend
    one mote reflexively and touch a mount to sustain it for
    two hours. Effort during that time does not exhaust the
    creature, and it does not suffer harmful random incidents
    such as thrown shoes and injured hooves.

    (PG. 381)

  • Whirlwind donning Prana-2m - Simple- Instant- Through the practiced motions of a master, the Lawgiver
    dons her armor with supernatural speed. With this Charm,
    it takes a character ([armorís mobility penalty] + 1) turns
    to don or remove a suit of armor.
  • Armored Scout Invigeration-6m - Reflexive - Indefenite - The Solar slides into her armor like it was second skin,
    Essence smoothing the way. The Exalt invokes this Charm when she equips her armor. So long as she wears her armor, its mobility is treated as if it were 0, removing the penalty to her movement, Stealth actions, and Evasion. If the Exalt is wearing light or medium armor, this Charm costs four motes. If she is wearing heavy armor, it costs six motes. If her armorís mobility is already 0, she can reroll a single non-successful die on her Join Battle roll.

  • Mastery of Small Manners - 5m - Reflexive - Scene - The Solar attunes herself to the patterns of social interaction, allowing Essence to guide her responses. While this Charm is active, the Exalt adapts to the expectations of a host culture, and is able to instinctively and exively follow its customs, behaving appropriately for the situation at hand. This Charm does not grant the Exalt perfect understanding of a society, but covers greetings, eating and gift customs, and flirtation mores. This Charm eliminates all penalties incurred by unfamiliarity with cultural expectations and group dynamics, and prevents a character from committing any major faux pas. In addition, those who hold positive Intimacies for the culture the Solar has attuned herself to gain a temporary positive Minor Tie of respect or admiration for the Solar, while those who hold negative Intimacies for foreigners or outsiders have that Intimacy temporarily lowered by one level of intensity. (PG. 393)

  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery (Scarred by Nightmare) - Cost (Keywords) - Spells 1

  • Sensory Acuity Prana- 5m- Ref- Scene  - A breath of Essence seals the fve senses into a more perfect
    form. The Solarís senses are heightened and attuned to minute motions and sounds, dim and noisy conditions. She can differentiate between subtle tastes and textures
    with only the slightest variation. Thus sharpened, it is more difcult for characters to escape her notice, or todeceive her hunting senses. For the rest of the scene, the Exaltís Awareness rolls beneft from double 9s. If the effect of any Unsurpassed (Sense) Discipline applies, reroll 6's until they cease to appear. Use of Sensory Acuity Prana comes without the danger of sensory overload; the Charm
    helps the Solar manage her senses more effectively. (PG. 267)
  • Keen Sight-  3m or 6m 1w- Simple - Scene or Indefintie- The Solarís visual acuity is heightened to several times that of a normal mortal. This Charm represents an array of mechanical benefts: the Solar may perform difculty 2 or 3 sight-based actions without a roll. She gains an additional two dice to notice hidden persons or devices, to catch sleight of hand and see through disguises. In dim conditions, she sees as well as in broad daylight. Deeper visual hindrances such as dense smoke or fog represent less of a struggle: reduce the difculty of seeing in such conditions by 1, and remove the -1 penalty to detect hidden threats in such environments. These effects reflect the Exaltís ability to notice and process hundreds of minute details, as well as to focus and manage light sources more effectively. The Solarís visual range is also increased: shevcan see tiny details at 100 yards, quickly count masses of troops, and notice threats well in advance of her position. (PG 267)

  • Exellent Strike - 3m- Supplemental- Instant -The Exalt channels Essence through skill, honing her accuracy in order to strike true. Her attack gains one automatic success. Additionally, all 1s are rerolled until 1s nolonger appear Pg. 346
  • Dipping Swallow Defence - 2m- Reflexive- Instant - With speed and grace, the Exalt flashes to her own defense. Even when she is beleaguered she strikes away blows with preternatural accuracy. The Solar can ignore all penalties to parry an attack with her full Defense. In addition, any attack she successfully parries with Dipping Swallow Defense grants her one point of Initiative. This Charm cannot by itself remove the penalties from a surprise attack. (Pg. 346)

  • Salty Dog Method - 0m- Perm- Instant -  The Solar is the consummate mariner, seasoned by hardships, tried by adversity and proven true. This Charm gives the Exalt the following advantages:

    ē The Solarís expertise often saves the ship. Reroll any 6s
    in the result of a Sail roll until 6s no longer appear.

    ē She is inured to supernatural horror. Fear effects caused
    by monsters, behemoths, demons, Yozis, and other existentially terrifying beings have less of an effect. Add
    half the Exaltís Sail (rounded up) to her Resolve against
    such influence.

    ē If she fails a balance check on land or sea, she still falls
    down, but then she immediately falls up, landing on her
    feet. In addition, she can never fall from a ship. Even the
    most stumble-footed bastard will fnd a way to keep from
    going overboard.

    ē By land or by sea, the Exalt knows the exact distance
    and route to anywhere sheís been before.

Artifact 4
Wyld Robe (Silken armor is how I got here)
Artifact Heavy armor Made of Moonsilver and Gossemer. Appears as finely woven hooded Robe of Moonsilver stitched by gossamer thread and is treated as having the Silent tag. This armor despite being armor is finely made and in most places in creation would be considered to be expensive and formal attire though the wearing of artifact armor anywhere would still cause other to rise eyebrows.

  • (Work in progress/mental theory very ruff not costed and lunar advantage might be to much)

    This evocation  allow the wearer to hide the fact the robe is armor at all. While it doesnt make it any easier to move in the armor (not changing the mobility penalty at all.) It allows the wearer to change how the armor looks the armor must still appear to cover the whole body but it could do so as shirt pants and a cloak with a hood. This can appear to be Rags to Formal dresses. This change has no effect on the armors protection and can cause enemy's to question why there attack was stopped by rags.

    For a Lunar that attunes to this armor and learns this evocation it is even more effective. It can be used to cause the armor to bleed into the lunars body. Making it appear as if nothing is worn at all.

Shaping Rituals
  • Emotional Eating - The sorcerer may feed on emotional energies like the raksha, shaping the passions of others through spellcraft. Once per scene, when another character forms, strengthens, or weakens an Intimacy that represents an emotional feeling, the sorcerer may feed from it, gaining sorcerous motes equal to the intensity of the Intimacy (its new rating if it was strengthened, or the old one if weakened). These motes last for the duration of the story, and can be spent towards any spell she casts. The fervent passions of the Exalted represented by Limit are even more potent nourishment. Whenever a character, including the sorcerer herself, gains a point of Limit, the sorcerer may draw power from that, gaining sorcerous motes equal to the characterís current Limit. She may draw ten sorcerous motes from a character in Limit Break, but only once during the duration of that Break
  • Name - Effect

Terrestrial Spells
  • Invulnerable Skin of Bronze (Control) - 20m, 1wp - The sorcerer suffuses the void between her skin and the
    surrounding air with Essence, weaving a second skin of
    shining bronze, supple and flexible as silk but cold and
    impervious as any metal. The Invulnerable Skin of Bronze
    gives the sorcerer +6 natural soak and Hardness 6, while
    rendering her immune to poison delivered through
    contact. Her metal-armored limbs deal lethal damage
    and use the traits of medium weapons when she makes
    unarmed attacks. While her mobility is not normally
    impaired, she is considered to be wearing medium armor,
    which might deny her the use of certain Martial Arts
    styles or other effects. Her bronze skin is also heavyóshe
    will sink in water or mud, and fragile surfaces wonít
    support her weight.

    Addtional Evocation see page

    A sorcerer who knows Invulnerable Skin of Bronze as her
    control spell may add her Essence to the soak and Hardness
    bonus she receives as long as she is unarmored. Even without
    the spell, her skin takes on a faint bronze tint. She may also
    add her Essence to her soak when the spell is not in effect. (PG. 474)

Bonus Points:
2 points Melee to 5
2 points Presence to 5
11 into merits.

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