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Ledaal Sayn - A little bird told me
You have come home after a successful posting hunting down mortal cultists.  It was a year long position, and you have done well. Being recommended and spoken well of by your superiors and by those you were in charge of as well.  Possibly the highest praise of all was when that hot headed fire aspect almost choked having to give the account of your ingenious plan that saved the lives of so many in direct defiance of their own plan. They are forced to recount the tale in front of all your friends, family, and rivals at the welcome home party.

Who is this rival of yours? What house do they belong to, what are their (general) strengths and weaknesses as you currently understand them? What business is their house interested in that forces you and this other dragon blooded into conflict?

What specifically ingenious plan did you come up with that he/she was forced to acknowledge?

You have been given a coveted title/position in Chiaroscuro for your success but this person for some inexplicable reason, is also going to be stationed in/around Chiaroscuro ostensibly to help the realm, but you know how the game is played.  Your house wants to win and see the other house lose, that was made abundantly clear to you in half spoken suggestions and polite musings about the possibilities of the future.  Some families may be so uncouth and uncivilized as to have to spell things out, but your family is a cut above such... classless behavior How did you handle them being forced to recount their failure and your success in front of all your friends, family, and rivals?

Did you embarrass him/her further? How?
If so you will undercut their starting power and influence in Chiaroscuro giving you clear starting upper hand but will deepen the hostilities between you two.

Were you magnanimous? How? If so, they will start out with slightly more resources and influence than you, but they will owe you. And it will make you... not friends, but less hostile at least.

What is it like sailing into Chiaroscuro for the first time? Did you hit the ground running or do you take some time to enjoy the city first?  What have you been officially tasked with doing/overseeing?  Have you been given any... less public instructions on goals to accomplish in your new position?

What is the first thing that you set yourself to fully accomplishing?

Ledaal Sayn (DB)
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Ledaal Sayn - A little bird told me
My dear friend Kanaa,

I hope this past year has treated you well. I hear exciting tales of your exploits, at least those that I am privy to, and you do our house proud. It gives me great joy to be able to call you friend. This year has been both fruitful and exciting for me as well, although as a Child of Mela my idea of 'exciting' may differ from your own. As usual I am not at liberty to discuss the exact details of this most recent Shadow Crusade, but I shall divulge what I can.

It was joint operation between House Cathak and us, and took place in the south-western Threshold. I was granted the opportunity to work with Cathak Ysine again. Yes, that Ysine. She is an.. interesting character. An archetypal child of Hesiesh, with a bombastic personality and unquenchable passions. While her aptitude for both blade and word cannot be denied, I wish she'd be more inclined for subtlety. How differently she carries her ancestry compared to you, and my interactions with her has strengthen my convictions in our House's methodology. Fire needs to be tempered, not only with martial discipline, but the cool and sublime wind as well. You exemplify this, and it is my hope that the two of you would meet sometime, so that some of my sweet Kanaa could rub off onto Ysine. Alas, I digress, and it was not my intent to ramble. Sometimes Mela carries my thoughts further than I planned.

On this particular operation, we worked quite harmoniously. Few things are as glorious as when the Blooded work in unison and balance, each Aspect contributing to greater harmony. Those are truly Immaculate occasions, and it is my deepest wish for things to always be so, forever and everywhere, for the benefit of all Creation.

All was not in harmony though, towards the end some discordance entered. We were uprooting a cult of mortal heretics. Once all the data had been compiled and the extent of their operation thoroughly documented, Ysine's suggested course of action was rather.. blunt, let's say. They have these teachings within House Cathak that she'd often refer to, "Silken Blade Codex", and apparently it favors more direct methods. I found it annoying. Not only that, but on this particular occasion it would have been disastrously ineffective. She would not listen to reason, however, and since she commanded most of the forces present I was forced to take matters into my own hands. I warned the heretics of the impending disaster, and offered them a safe haven to hide out in. Thus I earned their trust, and when Ysine made her move they scurried like rats into my embrace. I conversed with them, learned more about their faith. I could then compile a report where I detailed the more intricate details of their cults, for easier detection if something similar would take root in the future as well as bookkeeping which lesser god(s) and spirits had received improper worship. Once that was done I simply informed the Immaculate Order of their whereabouts, and they could commence re-education efforts.

The shortsightedness and greed that these men and women displayed unsettled me somewhat. Most of them were poor, and had turned to godly worship out of a desire to better their lives. Did they not realize that if they simply lived their current lives well and immaculately, Hesiesh would recognize their temperance and wisdom and reincarnate them where such traits are married with agency and power? Despite my enlightened state as a Child of Mela, regular humans still possess the power to confuse me.

Anyway, it seems like my virtuous toil was recognized by my superiors. And to her credit, Ysine was truthful in her reporting of the events. A lesser Dynast would have downplayed their own error. I maintained that Ysine merely acted in accordance with her Aspect, and that the success of the operation was just further proof of the soundness of Immaculate Philosophy, and the nature of the Blooded as a united force, even when we think we are going different paths. I do believe that is the truth, and Ysine seems like a virtuous enough Dynast, even if she annoys me. Do you believe it was right to 'save' her like that? How would you have reacted?

As a finishing note I will tell you that I have been deployed to Chiaroscuro. It was a long journey from Arjuf, but Danaa'd saw to our ship's swift passing. This city's beauty is beyond what I can express through brush and ink, and if you have the chance I would highly suggested seeing it for yourself sometime! Officially, I have been deployed here as an envoy to oversee 'the possibility of cultural exchange and mercantile expansion'. I needn't tell you that that isn't the whole story. Part of it is that I am here to seek a particular object, a text that I am again not at liberty to disclose much of. I am in the middle of such efforts right now, but am taking a slight break to write this letter to you. I find that Mela guides my thoughts faster if I do not stay focused on the same task too long, for repetition is the death of creativity. If I could I would spend more time just seeing the sights and experiencing the city outside of my official capacity, but alas duty and obligation prohibits me. As Blooded I must see that my time is well spent.

I am sure you have heard the stories and are aware of the troublesome situation here. What you don't know, and in some ways are even more troublesome, is that SHE is here to. Yes, Ysine. She was already here when I arrived, so she must have had an even shorter break between assignments than I did. The Cathak satrapy holding of Harborhead isn't too far away, are they looking to expand? Or is she here to seek the same thing I do? It does not sit well with me.

I hope that this letter finds it's way to you, and that you can share with me good news.

Dragons grace you,

As he finishes his letter, Sayn puts down his brush and takes a moment to simply sit in silence. He is located in a family holding, a vast building near the Immaculate temple. He lets his gaze sweep through the room, his new office. Immaculate iconography is very present here, as well as the symbols of House Ledaal. Along one of the walls was a mural, depicting some great accomplishment of a distant relative. Multiple desks occupied the room, all covered in papers. Reports, dossier, letters and ledgers. Sayn spent most of his time buried in them, but he did not mind. He did his duty gladly, and would not waste Mela's gift. A slight nod at one of his assistants, and soon a slave appeared carrying a tea cup and a pot of fresh tea. Since there was sensitive information present, the slave had mercifully been rendered blind, so as not to tempt him into doing something that could jeopardize his karma and chance at a greater reincarnation.

After enjoying his tea for a few minutes, Sayn gave another nod and music started playing through-out the building. He sat down and engaged with his work again. Compiling reports, formulating plans and signing off on orders and requests. To act, one must know. His spies were already present in the city, and they worked tirelessly to establish a network of information.

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Ledaal Sayn - A little bird told me
Gain 1 EXP

What a great post! The way you wrote your post leads me to believe that you chose not to embarrass Ysine at the party ("Do you believe it was right to 'save' her like that?") but you didnt address it specifically so i just wanted to ask for your clarification before i moved forward with my post.

You make rolls by going to the dice roller, in the top left.  The system and everything are already set, so you just need to choose how many dice you are going to roll, and then type in what it is for, and it will populate it for you.  Then you just copy the result and post it in your thread.

Also, dont forget that you need to contribute 2 NPC's and a Place for Chiaroscuro, Ysine is easily one of them.

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Ledaal Sayn - A little bird told me
Yes, I chose not to embarrass Ysine.

Will add the NPCs and locations!

Also, about the die rolling, I want to use my Excellency to add successes and reroll 6s. Is that possible to do?

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Ledaal Sayn - A little bird told me
Yes it is possible to adjust the difficulty threshold, if you practice fiddling around with the dice roller, you can figure out fairly easily how to adjust the rolls and such.  Make some practice rolls and adjust some of the settings and you will get it.

Your first few days are relatively slow.  There just isnt much to do once the initial burst of requirements are met.  Your informants and spies need time to do their work.  What do you with all this free time?

Ysine sends an overly nice gift welcoming you to the city, but she does so in a manner meant to deliver a message. To leave no doubt that she is in a stronger position, with more political access, and with more resources at her disposal. A less enlightened being might even consider it her thumbing her nose at you, or humble bragging. What does she send and how is both her gift and her message delivered?  How do you respond, if at all?

Finally you get your first bit of information back.  Something you can sink your teeth into and do something with. What is brought to your attention, and how?
Ledaal Sayn (DB)
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Ledaal Sayn - A little bird told me
Rolls for creating a network in Chiaroscuro in my previous post, using full Execllency:

14:03, Mon 30 Dec 2019: Ledaal Sayn (DB) rolled 3 successes using 10d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 10,2,5,2,6,6,9,2,2,1.  Bureacracy.Clandestine Operations+Intelligence.

14:03, Mon 30 Dec 2019: Ledaal Sayn (DB) rolled 1 success using 2d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 2,9.  Rerolling 6s.

4+3(From excellency)=7 Successes for Project "Gaining 'Contacts' merit in Chiaroscuro.

I will also make use of the 'Dashing Brooke Method' Charm (p. 182 of Dragonblooded) to speed up the process by a factor of 4 (Sayn's intelligence)

At the start, his brush touched parchment both swiftly and often, but as days pass things slow down, as they are prone to do. Now he was moving through the busy streets of Chiaroscuro's old center, born aloft his palanquin. Four of his personal guards carried it, with the remaining eight surrounding them, clearing his path of pedestrians. Immaculate and House iconography were prominently displayed upon his entourage. On a rod attached to his palanquin sat an elemental in the shape of a snow-white owl.

"Artruzo, old friend, what make you of this?" Sayn said in Old Realm, holding up a blue scarf to display it to the elemental. "It was a gift from House Cathak. Very fine, no? More than I'd expected from our dear Ysine." The scarf was in a pale shade of blue, with little white decorations around the edges. To most people it would not seem like such a big deal. This scarf was expensive enough so that only the truly rich could recognize it as an item of luxury. The fabric and decorations gave it away as a product of the far north, the remoteness of it's origin only adding to it's exclusivity, and therefor price, in these parts. Sayn recognized it's design, it was made by a certain Shimmering Aurora, a mysterious designer of the north that was currently all the rage in the Realm. In these times of unrest, the Great Houses would struggle to motivate the delivery of such a trivial item this far south.

"I know little of these things, dear friend." answered the elemental, it's voice calm and tempered. "And from my lack of familiarity, I can only deduce that it is not of scholarly import."

Sayn nodded. "Quite so, friend. It is not of scholarly import, but political. House Cathak would not provide her with this, I know it. And she knows that I know, therefor.." He squinted. "The Guild. That's where she got it, and that's the message. Clever girl.. I fear she may have a bigger headstart than we anticipated, if she's made connections in The Guild."

A few gestures of his hand, and his entourage shifted, and made their way into one of the city's parks. In front of a pond his palanquin was sat down and servants were dispatched to fetch him writing equipment. It soon arrived, and Sayn wrote a little allegorical poem about perseverance in the face of adversity, using the beauty of Chiaroscuro as subject. He let Mela guide his hand, and concentrated on Immaculate Philosophy with every stroke of his brush.

21:55, Today: Ledaal Sayn (DB) rolled 4 successes using 8d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 10,4,3,2,5,7,9,5.  Linguistics + Charisma for writing a good poem. Using full excellency.

No 6s to reroll. 4 success rolled, +2 from excellency makes 6 successes.

Will also use Cryptic Essence Cipher (p.209 Dragonblooded) to make it so that only people that shares Sayn's principle of 'Immaculate Philosophy' can understand the poem.

The idea here is two-fold. Tazaren will have the intimacy, and thus will be able to read it. When Ysine shows up to read it she either a; doesn't have the intimacy, thus won't be able to read it and will be made a fool of in front of a monk, or b; she has the intimacy and Sayn just shows off his connections with the Immaculate Order the way she showed off hers with The Guild. Either way, as a side-bonus Sayn will learn whether or not Ysine is an actual adherent of the Philosophy or just just pays lip service.

"Rajin." he said, and the head of his personal guard immediately came to his side. "Make sure this letter is delivered to my friend Tazaren at the Dragon's Rest, and tell him that Cathak Ysine will stop by and that it is a gift for her, and that I'd wish for him to proof-read it for me. Also, inform Cathak Ysine that I have a gift for her in return of the lovely scarf that she gave me, but that the gift can only truly be enjoyed at the Immaculate Temple. Go." The guard immediately left his side to conduct his errand. As the palanquin was picked up and began moving again, towards Sayn's residence this time, an ill-mood fell over Sayn. He disliked using the Order for political gain, but things were at stake here, and he could not afford to lose.

As he returned home, a fresh batch of papers waited for him on his main desk. New reports. As he begun to mull over them, a slave brought refreshments. He scoffed as he read one report. "Look at this, Artruzo." He said, slightly waving the report in the air. The elemental perched up a bit. "Hmm?" "Someone writes here that there is a being which prowls the rooftops of Chiaroscuro, dressed in a tiger-mask and old sheets for a cape. Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous?" He tossed the report to the ground. "The imaginative daydreams of Thresholders are at least amusing, if not informative."
"Imagination is an aspect of Mela, and as such you should honor it." said Artruzo.
Sayn huffed. "Maybe so. I just wished they were more prudent in their emulation of her."
"It is a poor shepherd that blames his flock."
Sayn eyed the elemental owl. "Wisely said as always, friend. I suppose it is merely the symptom of a lack of Immaculate teachings in the culture of this city. Thusly, discord arises." He rubbed his temples to ease his frustrations. "Every problem a grain of sand, and every day I find myself combing the desert. Prince of Creation indeed."
"With great power comes great responsibility."
"Oh stop it, you're beginning to sound like my uncle." Sayn glanced at his friend. Although the owl's form did not allow for much in the way of expression, compared to a human at least, Sayn could swear he saw a smirk on his friend's face. He knew Artruzo was right though. "Anyway, back to the matters at hand."

As he worked on, the pile of papers began to shrink. As he was nearing it's end however, one report caught his attention. It was from an agent who was working on the seedy underbelly of the city, for such circles were always present in any city large enough. The agent had seen a man with peculiar facial tattoos.

"What do you make of this, friend?" Sayn said as he showed Artruzo the report.
"Bad news. Very bad news." said Artruzo.
"Mhm. Someone isn't just holding on to the text to sell it. They are actively using it, following it's instructions."
"Could mere mortals decipher it or.."
"..are they being instructed?" a hint of fear were present in Sayn's voice.

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Ledaal Sayn - A little bird told me
Your network is incredibly efficient at getting setup, and in short order you have reports rolling in.  Diligently you pour over them, as is your duty.  Most are exceedingly tedious, but such is your duty.  When it rains it pours, as the saying goes.  And you are actually provided so much information that you are finding it impractical to solely handle all the reports yourself.  Doing so is leaving you with no time for anything else, and that is sleeping the barest 3-4 hours per night.

How do you plan to address this issue?

Your gift from Ysine has attracted the attention of someone who can be important in some way to your ongoing efforts in the city.  A Noble wishes to inspect it closer.  She has invited you to a small social gathering, no more than 50-100 people, a light catering of no more than 7 courses, and no more than 2 bands.  You read her letter and are quite sure that she thinks she was being subtle.  To your practiced eye however, it was anything but.  She is a spoiled, pompous, self indulgent, sybaritic hedonist who plans on seducing you... one way or another.

How does access to this woman serve you?

Your return message to Ysine is given.  She shows up to retrieve your poem and is made the fool.  You find out over the next few nights that a few of your new contacts in the city have met with unfortunate deadly violence.  Even worse than that, your friend Tazaren has also been killed.

Ysine has his cleaned body delivered and shrouded in white with a note.  A quote from the immaculate text about karma and how doing your duty leads to a better reincarnation in the next life.  There is more of the verse that she leaves out. In the actual texts it goes on to talk about how those who wrong a prince of the earth shall reap what they sow.  Apparently, in an attempt to make amends, Ysine had given Tazaren some information about a small cult openly flaunting the immaculate philosophy.  Using the information to investigate, he found out that they were much more serious than he was prepared for.  He fought valiantly, taking several among them with him as he died.  Ysine personally led the charge against the cultists upon hearing of his death, slaying every last one of them and burning everything to ashes.

She has been rash and impulsive before, but you are shocked both that she would choose to retaliate at such a serious level, and that she had the ability to do so.


You focus your efforts and begin to find more reports about a man with peculiar tattoos.  Unfortunately he is incredibly difficult to track and all your reports are second hand.  There is a guild bought mercenary company "Forgotten soldiers of the broken spear" that are camped out around the estate where Ysine is currently residing.  They have a reputation for being absolutely ruthless.  A squad of theirs is planning on raiding a tenement in the old city looking for someone who has information about "a tattooed man".  This is set to happen the following evening.

What do u do?
What have you heard or what do you suspect someone with this text might do that requires your dedicated attention?

Ledaal Sayn (DB)
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Ledaal Sayn - A little bird told me
On workload:
Amphetamine, or it's magical Exalted equivalent. At least in the short-term, Sayn will make use of drugs to deal with the workload. For maybe a week at most. If the 'rain' hasn't subsided by then, he will pull back some of his agents, say 4, to help with the workload at home base.

Noblewoman's invitation:

The noblewoman is one of Ysine's earliest contacts within the city, and the one that got her in with the Guild so swiftly. This makes her an invaluable resource to Sayn, as she could tell her exactly with which Guild-member Ysine has cultivated a relationship, and perhaps even the nature of said relationship.

Sayn plans on turning the table of this honeypot. He writes the noblewoman a letter, accepting her invitation in his usual, verbose, way. As he does so, he let's essence flow into his words with Fervor-Inciting Brushstrokes, creating a tie-intimacy of lust in her towards him.

Rolling Charisma+Linguistics with full Excellency and Fervor-Inciting. Instill action to create 'Lust' Tie. Total cost is 7 motes and 1 wp.
01:00, Today: Ledaal Sayn (DB) rolled 2 successes using 8d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 ((6,3,5,10,1,2,3,6)).
01:01, Today: Ledaal Sayn (DB) rolled 1 success using 1d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 ((8)). - Excellency-triggered Reroll.
3 success from dice +2 from excellency, 5 successes. Because there is a single, specific target, Fervor-inciting Brushstrokes will force a Decision Point where a Major or Defining intimacy is required to resist.

Sayn is left with 6/13 Personal motes, and 4/5 willpower

On Ysine and her recent actions
Sayn will steer clear of any direct interactions with Ysine as much as possible. He does still have friends within the Immaculate temple though, and will write a letter to his good friend Dhu-dhon explaining the danger Ysine poses. Dhu-don is not currently within Chiaroscuro, as he's out on Immaculate business, but is scheduled to return within a week or so.

On the nature of text
House Ledaal accumulates many secret and terrible things during their Shadow Crusades. Rather than destroy such things, they often lock them away in one of their many vaults, both in order to learn from them as well as protect Creation and The Realm from their influence. Once such thing is a particularly heinous and cunning demon of the Second Circle, one whose exact name and nature Sayn isn't privy too. He does know whoever that the demon is hidden away in a vault, and kept in perpetual service to Ledaal sorcerers so that I may not be summoned by another. There exists however special rituals pertaining to this demon that can supersede existing control. These rituals are detailed in three different books, only one of which is in Ledaal possession. The other two the House is fervently searching for. Sayn suspects that one of these lost text might be in Chiaroscuro. Very few could natively read the text however, for it is not written in simple Old Realm. The demon is extraordinarily cunning though, and even bound it can sometimes find means to influence, insinuate and instruct in the methodology of it's own liberation, and it would pay a high price for such freedoms. The tattoos suggests that however has the text is in communion with the demon, for it often writes it's messages in flesh. Note that the one bearing the tattoos need not be the same as the one recieving the message, for the tattoos are just a means of delivery, and most would use others rather than brandish themselves with such blasphemous marks.

Counteracting the mercenaries' raid
As news of the raid reaches him, Sayn frowns. That mercenaries in the employ of Ysine would show interest is.. troubling. He rises from his desk, walks across his large office, and fetches a strongbox sitting on one of the desks. Opening it reveals a small assortment of mineral-samples and precious stones. He places the contents of the box on the window sill, letting the light of the sun reflect on the stones, creating a beautiful dance of luminous light. He lets his mind wander away with the light, off towards the tenement in question. The earth, Pasiap, whisper to him about possible boltholes and hidden access points into the tenement.

After a few minutes of this, Sayn gathers up the minerals and put away the strongbox. He calls in his most trusted agent, Ezikiel.
"Agent, I need to make use of your skills." Sayn's tone was cold and matter-of-fact, as it often was when briefing his agents for high-priority missions. "This evening a squad of mercenaries belonging to the "Forgotten soldiers of the Broken Spear" will raid a tenement here in the city. They do this because they believe someone there has information on a certain 'tattooed man', and seek to either retrieve or kill him. Your job is to intercept this."

"Once you learn of whom they seek, you are to do everything you can to bring him here. If you cannot manage that, the man they are seeking is to die. Under no circumstance are they to be allowed to deliver him to their employer."

"Whilst this is an extremely challenging task, I have faith in you. Fortunately for us, the tenement in question is located by a canal. Once you located whom they seek, you need simply sedate him and throw him in the water. A small boat carrying three of my disguised personal guard will be waiting in the water, ready to snatch the two of you up should you need it. Artruzo will also accompany you in this. When dematerlized he makes for an excellent spy, and he is your eyes and ears but nothing more. No harm shall befall him, for he is dear to me.
We shall employ a small gang of goons to serve as a distraction. Make no mistake, the mercenaries you face are experienced and ruthless, and whatever muscle we can acquire in such a short time frame will lack both the numbers and the quality to win a physical confrontation. It is not a route to victory, merely a distraction and method for buying time. Of course, this also means that our hired muscle is completely disposable. You need not concern yourself with their survival."

"Lastly, we do not know the relationship between the mercenaries and their target. It could be that he/she fears them, in which case a social approach might be viable. I leave this up to you, though, for it is a judgement call that has to be made in the field."

Sayn looks to both Artruzo and Ezikiel, and waves them off. "Now go, and dragons grace you."

Ezikiel bows and leaves, taking Artruzo with him, and Sayn is left alone in the office. He sighs heavily. This new development troubled him greatly. Perhaps one of his concubines could take his mind off things..

Ledaal used 'Elemental Concentration Stance' in Earth aspect to introduce a fact about the tenement (architecture). He used 3 motes for the Charm and another 4 for his excellency.
01:34, Today: Ledaal Sayn (DB) rolled 2 successes using 9d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 ((1,4,6,9,4,1,6,3,9)).
2 rolled successes +2 from excellency, 4 successes.
I tailored by fact to the amount of successes I got, and chose a less dramatic fact because of the low amount of succs. Tenement close to water in order to secure an easy extraction. Not sure if this was the right way to go about it in pbp, but I opted for this because it didn't require that I wait for you input. Let me know if you wish to handle it differently in the future.

He ends the scene with 0/13 Personal motes and 32/33 Peripheral.

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Ledaal Sayn - A little bird told me
Ezikiel heads to the tenement early to scope it out and get a lay of the land, information is power after all.  It is quite easy between Ezikiel's trained eye and Artruzo's de-materialized form to get a very clear understanding of the tenement.  It is a three story complex and has 20 apartments, most nothing more than a single room. per floor in various states of disrepair.  Nothing appears particularly noticeable or out of place however, and short of going door to door he doesnt see a way to finding out who he is looking for other than waiting for the mercenaries to lead him.  The sun is beaming down quite harshly this day, and so with his preliminary work done, he finds a nice spot outside of the complex in the shade to wait.  Making sure he has a clear view of the entrance.  A large amount of people come and go during the day.  Women, children, individuals and groups.  It is fairly busy.

There is one thing that went well for Ezikiel during his day of preparation, and one thing that went poorly, what were they?