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You have been in Champoor for a few weeks? a few months? How did you arrive here and how long have you been here?  It is a place of stark contrast to the blessed isle and Dynastic lifestyle to which you were accustomed, yet even here there are traces of Dynastic influence. What is the biggest/strangest changes that you have been forced to deal with? Learning the customs and way of life while being a foreigner got you into a bit of trouble that you are still having to deal with. What is the trouble and how is it negatively impacting you?  Of course, your privileged upbringing, experience, and education has afforded you certain advantages as well. What success has your various talents afforded you?

The districts in Champoor range from small islands of Dragon blooded oppulence complete with mercenary companies and guards to keep the peace, to hives of scum and villainy, to areas where the supernatural/the dead demand worship and the living suffer.  A specific business/building/location has been of singular importance, (either positive or negative) to you since you arrived. Tell us how you encountered it, and how it is affecting you.
Riaus (DS)
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Riaus woke slowly letting his sense spread about the room before revealing that he was awake.  He was laying in a small hard cot in a cramped room that made even economic ship quarters look spacious.  The layers of his robe still lay folded and undisturbed beneath the cot and his exquisite blade still in its scabbard remained in his grip.  He opened his eyes the merest fraction noting that the strand of hair he had bound at the thresholds of the room both at the door and window remained in place and intact.  He then rose and began his morning rituals shaving, and bathing using only a single bucket of cold water.  A brief application of a minor craft charm 'repaired' his gear allowing him clean and presentable clothes for the day despite his currently meager estate.  A shudder ran up his spine even at this minor act a heady mixture of unreasoning revulsion at what he had become and the thrill of power all he had ever wanted and the promise of so much more.  His mind wandered as it often did towards the chain of events that had lead him here...

It had started with the battle with the Lintha his captain dramatically underestimating the power and numbers of the pirate clan.  The Claw of Daana’d was a superior vessel but it has been damaged in the surprise attack, more worried about the ship than the lives of his fellow soldiers or his own for that matter Riaus had rallied his subordinates and led them to the engine room.  The damage from the explosion had damaged the hull and water was flooding in, still this was the best case scenario, they would have had no hope if essence drive itself had been damaged all that would be needed to save the vessel was a to repair hull and pump the water out... while taking enemy fire and fighting off boarders, in the middle of a storm.  The battle and repairs passed in a blur and it was like a dam broke within Riaus he moved faster than ever before his swordsmanship passing from professional and passable to the elegant movements of essence driven brilliance, even the damaged hull beginning to respond to his will the patchwork wood used in the emergency repairs first fusing seamlessly soon followed by the remaining supplies moving seemingly of their own accord to continue repairs with preternatural speed.  He remembered the deep sense of peace and purpose he felt in that moment everyone had said he was too old by a decade to be graced by the dragon, he was manipulating wood somehow, perhaps he had been blessed by Sextes Jylis rather than Mela but no matter he felt at peace at last.  Then he noticed the looks of his fellow legionnaires as the edged towards the exit some openly fleeing it terror.  It took only a quick glance at the reflective surface of the essence drive to understand why the iconic image of a giant spider (an orb weaver he noted in a detached haze) its body colored like a dark cloud a sunset iridescent at its edges and rooted at the nexus of a great web each strand glowing a brilliant orange or pink like a cloud during a spectacular sunset, and a multitude of strands connecting to all the materials used in the construction both to him and their intended destinations.  Most horrible of all leaving absolutely no doubt as to what had happened the mark of The Unclean burning brightly and unmistakably upon his forehead.  Still shocked at the move from an unfathomable high to an equally extreme low he acted quickly and decisively forming a make shift raft out in the open ocean and jumping through the small hole remaining in the hull before using the last of the supplies to seal the breach.

The next month passed in blur.  The storm had fortuitously put a good deal of distance between himself and both the Lintha and the Realm's Navy.  With any luck the men and women who had seen him might be too afraid to say much and he would be assumed lost in battle.  A few days later he spotted a merchant vessel belonging to The Guild returning from the western islands to the caravan routes in the south.  He managed to call up the powers he had used aboard the ship again repurposing his sword in a makeshift mirror to signal the vessel.  After a tense initial rescue in which the Guild Captain clearly considered enslaving this bit of random salvage before deciding that the risk represented his fluency in High Realm and exotic looks outweighed the potential value of those same looks.  After that Riaus worked hard to earn his keep traveling along the caravan route when the ship docked at Chiaroscuro.  He sold all of his legion issue gear at the port and managed to scrape together enough to afford some fine silks half of which he crafted into the robes he was wearing now and the other half into a length of exquisite lace bearing a unique constantly shifting pattern.  He traded the lace to another member of the caravan in exchange for a decent supply of Chiaroscuro glass that the latter had smuggled out of the city.  Riaus with great difficulty resisted the urge to use his talent to immediately forge it into a weapon instead using a barely functional blade he convinced another guard to lend him for the duration of the trip. Though ostensibly a guard he wound up spending far more time tending to the wagons soon learning the ins and out of their function design and of course repair.  They passed through Urim, them Ember, then Kamthahar.  From there he parted ways with the Guild Caravan and managed to join up with another smaller group heading the the Nighted City of Champoor.  A city on the edge of the Dreaming Sea, a City where he could begin searching both for a place of Solace and Rest that he kept dreaming of and figure who and what he was and who and what he wanted to be.

He has lost the majority of his savings from the caravan within an hour of setting foot within the city.  Crime seemed rampant but there were clearly rules even if he didn't understand them and no one seemed inclined to explain anything to him (at least for free).  He had spent the next week renting a room that was little more than a closet and trying to get a feel for how business worked in the city.  He had forged his sword that first night in the dark of his room and though he had thankfully not been forced to use it yet, he found it a deterrent from some of the more casual criminal attention apparently raising the risk of robbing you and failing meant fewer people were willing to try.

He followed a trade route first by ship then by caravan then by another caravan.  He has been in town for one week.

For his whole life Riaus had never had to stand on his own, he always had his family, his name, his rank propping him up.  Being here without any clear duty, without any ties, without any respect, without any backing, was a terrifying condition to Riaus both in the vulnerability of the position and the freedom it afforded.  Riaus had considered staying quiet, figuring out how his how powers worked more slowly, and making small incremental moves without creating too much disruption.  However now with this new power at his command he found he simply couldn't do it a week was already far too long to have sat idle... it was time to make some waves.  He made his way to the merchant stalls lining the docks and joined the ranks of the merchants plying their wares to sailors, unlike them he brought only a single item of superior quality a short slender blade shaped from the last of his Chiaroscuro Glass.  The Skyquill he had named it and he sold it for a fair price paid in part guild silver and in part in raw materials.  Each day for the next week he returned each day bearing more goods of unusually fine craftsmanship each distinct and unique and trading them for steadily increasing quantities of cash and raw materials.  Each night he would draw the curtains on his small room shut tightly and create goods for the morrow.  Things were going well soon he would have to make a cart to bring all his goods to and from the market and need to rent a small warehouse to hold the raw materials he was accumulating.  Soon he might actually be able to properly start work on a ship.

It was on the eighth day that a black robed entity floated through the bazaar shadowed mist carrying it instead of legs and a chalcedony mask with a neutral expression instead of a face... a Lesser God of some sort.  It was escorted by two men and Riaus was instantly struck by the resemblance of the two men to scions of House Cathak their confidence as telling as their red hair and sharp features... Dragon Blooded.  He heard one of them speak "This is the guy." Lost Eggs that is not a Realm Accent he thought even as the strange being approached him.  When it spoke its words had a weight to them almost as though it let go of them reluctantly when it paused it seemed as if it was done speaking only to resume as soon as the listener was convinced it was done speaking"You have been selling goods without a license... Were you aware of the requirements to do business in this market."  clutched at Riaus heart as he felt distinctly aware how little control he had in this situation he hesitated for a moment trying to think of a way out of this eventually deciding to just tell the truth (albeit as little of it as he could get away with) and running if things turned hostile.  "No, I just kind of assumed people could do business here everyone else seemed to be." he said gesturing helplessly at the the seemingly unregulated trade occurring all around them.  No expression changes on the immobile face of the entity but it seems strangely energized by the answer "This is the Nighted City you surely did expect everything to occur in open view here... Still we are not unreasonable and your work... Shows potential...  Since you have acted here without license here I may not offer leave to do as you have been doing...  However I can offer you the Blessing of the Court to carry out craft and commerce within the Nighted City for the standard price...  Do... You... Agree..."  Riaus notes the subtle shift in the stances of the dragonblooded and the predatory intent of the strange spirit it is clear to him that despite the words of the query there was only one correct reply "Yes." at the words he felt something leave him and something wrap around him, the sensation passes quickly but it was unmistakable charms maybe even a working I think I just made a pact without realizing it... well crap.  The being's posture and tone does not change but Riaus is sure he can feel satisfaction radiating off it "The secret has already been claimed... You will be informed of the Duty and the Service when they are required..."  It then turns to leave one of dragon blooded chuckling as he turns to follow.  Somehow through it all business has continued as normal all around them with no indication that anyone has noticed anything.

The biggest change is not having any backing and having the freedom to do as he pleases.

His trouble is that he accidentally violated trade laws for the market he was operating in, this attracted the attention of the Court of Secrets in agreeing to the Bargain he gained freedom and a small measure of protection when operating within the city, but had to pay the standard price for obtaining help from the Court, A Secret, A Duty, and a Service.  The Secret can be whatever you wish ranging from knowing his exalted status, his intimacies, or something he no longer remembers since they claimed it.  The Service is an open ended action/favor they can call in It must have a beginning, a middle, and an end and may take no more than five seasons if pursued faithfully.  The Duty can be some rule he must obey or a sorcerously charged major intimacy of their making.

His success is that he has begun to build up modest levels of influence and resources and with your permission the deal has also initiated him as a sorcerer.  If allowed you may design the shaping ritual associated with initiation or I can do it.

Riaus soon finds that the Blessing has severe limits in the influence it affords him.  Agents of the court are a little more willing to speak with him but will offer no assistance in dealing with the myriad factions vying for influence and resources within the city.  If he is to scale up his operations he is going to need more room and a reputation in his own right.  There is a small district that captures Riaus's attention. It is shaped like an acute triangle its sharp point giving access to one of the main roads through the town, a couple of sprawling buildings that could easily be refurbished into workshops or warehouses, and access to the waterfront sufficient for docks and drydocks.  It had such potential there was just one problem.  It was contested ground between two feuding factions and thus host to daily violent supernatural conflicts between them.  One side is a minor shadowland with some powerful being known as Fallen Crimson Master commanding ghosts and binding mortals to service in both life and death.  The other side is only marginally better dragon blooded outcaste has basically become a glorified gang leader running protection rackets on the businesses operating within his territory he has apparently been very active with the local women and has half a dozen children who have exalted themselves though the oldest is still in his teens and they are all fairly inexperienced.  Still Riaus is obsessed with the district if he could just figure out a way to take and hold control of the district he is certain it would provide the perfect base to begin his long term plans.

There is a contested district that Riaus wants to take control over.  Powerful forces (though hopefully not too powerful) are fighting in it (not really over it) and Riaus doesn't know how to best deal with them, but he is watching, gathering information, and seeking weakness.  Most importantly he is not on the radar of either... yet.

Narrated days 4 (initial exaltation, trip on the caravan, seventh day in Champoor, eighth day in Champoor) 24 silver experience (Supreme Perfection of Craft)

04:02, Today: Riaus (DS) rolled 13 successes using 19d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 9,10,7,8,6,9,9,5,10,1, 8,1,6,3,4,8,2,4,10.  Peerless Paragon of Craft.
13 Silver 3 Gold

Repair of Ship 6 silver 1 gold
Mirror to Signal 4 silver
Bolt of Lace 8 silver
Crafting Shroud of Mist and Form 4 gold (cost 10 silver)
Crafting Frost Snow Willow 4 gold (cost 10 silver)
Crafting Skyquill 13 gold (cost 10 silver)

Total 25 silver 25 gold

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Gain 1 Exp

You can go ahead and design a shaping ritual for yourself.

After your encounter with Isus - servant of Tenepeshu, you come to hear many rumors about the "blessing" you were forced to receive.  You find it very disturbing that no one seems to know what secret has been claimed, unless the court sees fit to use it against you.  Not knowing makes it incredibly difficult to take any action to insulate yourself.  Quite the powerful incentive to keep in line if ever there was one. You also find it quite unsettling that every other merchant you have asked about has, for their duty, been asked to uphold the Charter of Champoor. This is detailed as taking no overt action to destabilize the city. Providing no assistance to an outside power or organization acting against the city. Paying (rather extortionist) taxes and fees to support the city (whether legitimate or illicit). Any maybe a few other things i cant think of at the moment, mostly broad and city wide types of behavior including a major intimacy to the City of Champoor)  You, however have not been asked to uphold the charter with magical enforcement.  This just further fuels your paranoia. What do they know? What do they expect you to do?  The fact that they are just holding it over your head until they decide to call in the chit is maddening. And the cherry on top, is that there is not a single story of anyone that you can find who has failed to uphold their end of the bargain.  What happens if someone refuses their end?  That question keeps you up at night.

With your freedom to do business, and your excellent, special, creations you quickly build up  a business for yourself(resources 2), and are fast becoming known locally.  It is however incredibly taxing to try and continually create large batches of unique, one of a kind pieces of equipment.  And ultimately unsustainable for a single person Do you default to bulk making more standard fare? If so, what kind of items are u crafting?

You will not really be able to expand more than you have without infrastructure. So far you have just been watching the conflict between Fallen Crimson Master and Fasaa. It shows no signs of ending anytime soon.  Are you going to try to tip the scales in anyway? If so, what do you do?

As you spend more time thinking about the district in Champoor, you begin to have visions at night of a glorious workshop in the sky with machinery you cant even fully describe, fueled by essence, lost to time. Do you make and plans to try and pursue your dreams?
Riaus (DS)
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The brief feeling of freedom that Riaus tasted has proven fleeting indeed.  With the vague and well seemingly secret (even from him) restrictions that might or might be on him courtesy of his dealings with the Court of Secrets he feels the familiar constraint of unknown expectations settle on him.

More frustrating by far is the bottleneck he has encountered with his crafting.  He needs money and influence to expand and he needs to expand to get money and influence.  With his charms he could easily mass produce arms and armor but the idea does not set well with him.  The very thought kills the bubbling creative inspiration that has been building within him since his second breath.  The only solution he sees is larger scale single estate goods.  Ideally he would love to build a ship or even a wagon but both would require a larger workshop than he currently has access to, and most importantly some measure of privacy in which to use his charms.  He decides to return to the strategy he first used in when traveling with the merchant caravans to Champoor.  Raw silk yet to be woven flows through Champoor and with his charms he can turn out large bolts of cloth worked into either Damask or Lace, each one sufficient for craftsmen to produce hundreds if not thousands of articles of clothing.  The goods are relatively compact and valuable with the raw materials readily available.  Most importantly each bolt can and will bear a unique design, ranging from endless landscapes in the style of grey and black on white used in his own armor, to intricate geometric tessellations, to brightly colored floral patterns.  Each day he can do something new based off of available materials, market demands, and his own mood.  He will try to work out distribution deals with local craftsmen and traders so that the bulk of his goods are shipped out on caravans so as not to have too great an impact on the local markets, while also providing a few local crafters with superior materials at a below average price.

No he will never stoop to mass production of standard uninspired fare... but there is a balance to be found.  He looks for goods that he can produce "one" of while still making a lot of it at once, things that his charms can produce in moments that would take skilled laborers days or even weeks to produce.  It this case he is making large bolts of cloth from raw materials, using his charms to weave elaborate and unique designs each time he creates one.  He also tries to make deals the delegate sale and distribution as much as possible cutting into his profits but leaving him with much more time for other schemes once the initial groundwork has been laid.  Regardless of the success or lack thereof in these strategies he will be pulling back on the time he spends on both crafting and mercantile endeavors in order to pursue his goals of gaining greater infrastructure as described in the next section.

The pressure related to the Blessing of the Court of Secrets weighs on Riaus for a time, building and building until he feel something coalesce within himself some fundamental change in his essence, mind, and perspective unlocking abilities within him much as the crisis aboard The Claw of Daana’d had with his crafting.  If he is trapped within unseen webs and plots beyond his understanding or control he will simply weave his own in turn.  At one point in his life he had aspired to attend the Heptagram, he had studied Old Realm and all of the knowledge concerning Lore and the Occult that his family tutors could impart to him.  That preparation served him well now as it gave him a solid foundation to interpret the ephemeral whisps of knowledge and memory concerning one of the most complicated expressions of essence... sorcery.  Riaus soon begins to summon elementals daily until he has a three quarters of a dozen at his command.

At this point he starts meddling in the conflict between the Dragon Blooded Gang Leader Fasaa and the Engimatic Fallen Crimson Master.

The first stage is creating compartmentalization of knowledge so that if any of the elementals he is planning to use as proxies are some how captured and questioned they will only be able to tell what they know which will be largely incomplete and misleading information that will not lead back to Riaus himself.  Elementals that he plans to send to observe either side will not be aware of any other elementals that don't have similar order.  He will dress in dark funerary garb and wear a mask of ivory when summoning elements meant to meddle with the Shadowlands, and dress in the Dynastic Style and wear a blue jade (alloy) mask when dealing with elementals meant to meddle with the dragon blooded.  Finally he keeps a group of three elementals near (but not so near that it is obvious they are bound to him) himself at all times hoping to have some better options in the event that anyone attempts to strongarm him again.

The second stage is ordering the elementals to dematerialize and gather much more detailed information on the inner circles of both factions.  Starting with less important members and slowly working their way towards the (more likely to have some means of seeing them) leaders.  Each side will have a group of three elementals working on in one as a point man or spotter gathering the actual information, a second watching the first (so it can report if something happens to it) and a third held in reserve but with more freedom to respond to unexpected situations.

Information soon begins to flow in.  Fasaa cannot be trusted to keep any bargain he makes thinking himself above any others and justified in breaking any promises he makes.  Fallen Crimson Master is a Deathknight but appears to be a neophyte having only appeared in the area recently.  Fallen Crimson Master took over an existing and relatively "benign" ancestor worship cult.  He has the fear of the cult members but not their loyalty even many of the ghosts seem horrified with the changes he has made since taking power.  He delegates much of the planning to the cult members preferring to focus on his own specialty a fearsome and terrifying martial arts style based off of emulating a hungry ghost.  Several of Fasaa's children show strong moral fiber and a love of their community born from having grown up struggling in hardship and relying on their own close knit community.

From here Riaus begins to form a plan, perhaps overreaching in his ambition... but as the saying goes that ship seems to have sailed long ago with him.  He makes a point to try to befriend some of the dragon blooded children using his business connections to help funnel much needed food and medical supplies into their district (and through them).  This has three effects it helps him get them toform positive intimacies towards himself, it helps strengthen their district overall (though only in a very minor way), and it helps improve the standing of his chosen successors in their eyes of the other inhabitants of the district.

Meanwhile his elementals in the shadowland are active as well, after identifying those cultist and ghosts least loyal to Fallen Crimson Master one of the elementals (which will not be returning to Riaus after this for fear of being tracked), reveals itself and begins feeding information on the Dragon Blooded movements to the Cultists.  This is not designed to give the Cultists a decisive advantage but rather to make the least loyal more likely to survive the dangerous armed conflicts occurring, and to establish the mysterious elemental as a reliable source of information.

After a few weeks of softer manipulations, information gathering, and slowly gathering ever more elementals under his banner everything is in place, and he needs only wait for the right motion to put his plan into motion.  His plan is fairly simple though rather it proves to be elegant or inadequate remains to be seen.  Essentially he plans to wait until Fasaa is on strike with some of his less moral children, feed the information to Fallen Crimson Master who seems to be the type unable to risk solving his problems with a direct violent confrontation with an enemy leader, wait until Fasaa (and probably at least some of the dragon blooded with him, though that is a bit fluid) are dead and Fallen Crimson Master has (hopefully) used a substantial portion of his essence,  Ambush Fallen Crimson Master using a full complement of summoned elementals (probably around 12-15).  Shepherd the more pliable Dragon Blooded into assuming control of the District and breaking the power of the Death Cult.  Assume command of the district he wants, offering jobs, protection, trade, ect to the people living in Fasaa's district.

Basically Yes, gather information, make friends with a subfaction on Fasaa's side that he thinks he can get along with and work with, play both sides against each other by feeding them information via proxies, arrange a meeting between Fasaa and Fallen Crimson Master, after one kills the other and is hopefully weakened by the conflict jump in a kill the survivor paving the way for the faction he is backing to assume control of the whole area.  Maintain separation of information making sure none of the elementals understand the big picture (just their role in it) other than the three he is keeping near for personal protection.

The visions of a glorious workshop in the sky continue to haunt and enliven Riaus's dreams.  He believes deep in his heart that it is real and it is near even if somehow out of reach.  He becomes convinced over time that the key to finding it no longer exists... if it ever did but perhaps he could construct something suitable.  He has a vision of a compass and a ship working together to reach a threshold unreachable by either alone.  Riaus begins using what time he can spare to consult with local sages looking for legends and strange tales from the area never giving away what he is seeking, he also begin to put out feelers looking for far rarer books containing secrets, recipes, and for the next step he must take in his journey as a craftsmen... artifacts.

The tales he finds about the area seem to be mostly nonsense or at least unrelated to his vision.  However he finds a number of stories about the Wandering Cloud.  With all the strange things to be found in the Dreaming Sea it hardly seems worthy of note.  The tales all tell of a cloud that does not move like the other clouds seemingly unaffected by the prevailing winds.  Sailors who have tried to approach the cloud all seem to indicate that always remains the same distance away leading many to believe it is an illusion of some sort.  A few sorcerers even sent elementals to investigate it only to have one of three things happen, one the elementals fail to reach it with it forever remaining distant by visible, a terrible storm manifests affecting material and immaterial entities equally and drove them back, or they had their connection to their sorcerer suddenly collapse presumably due to their destruction.  In spite of these accounts sightings seem to be rare indicating that most of the time the Wandering Cloud is either somewhere else, or acting much more like one would expect of a normal cloud.  The sorcerer who recorded his attempts to investigate it with elementals made several other attempts to find the Wandering Cloud again and investigate it more vigorously but was never able find again.

His attempts at finding instruction on artifact creation are more mixed, he finds maintenance manuals used to maintain the infrastructure in Volivat, and a few scraps of manuals and research journals from the Shogunate Era.  The scraps he is able to find would hardly be enough for most people to teach themselves the craft however when combined with his first age memories and his extraordinary foundational training in the arts of lore and the occult, and his seemingly endless hunger and talent for crafting he is able to make substantial progress in his understanding of the techniques, materials, and tools required.

He doesn't have the resources to directly pursue his visions... yet.  Still he tries to gather more information that may contain clues narrowing down where and how to look.  He dreams up a set of artifacts he believes could lead him to the place he seeks though he lacks the means to make them (at the moment), and he pursues books containing information on crafting artifacts something he intends to pursue with great vigor as soon as he has the infrastructure to support it.  He also plans to make use of the charm Supreme Celestial Focus to Raise Craft Artifacts to five using 19 Gold Experience.

Crafting Experience Tracker
Three Minimally Described Bolts of Cloth 8 silver
Narrated Time 1 Crafting and Selling, 2 Scheming and Acting in the Conflict between Faasa and Fallen Crimson Master, 1 pursing information related to visions and crafting. 24 Silver Experience via Supreme Perfection of Craft.
Convert 20 points of Silver Experience to 10 Points of Gold during Sleep using Sublime Transference
Spend 19 Gold Experience to Raise Craft Artifact to 5 (all he can with it for now until he raises his essence.

Totals 37 Silver
         14 Gold

 GM, 147 posts
Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 03:39
Your desire for an elemental to help you with specific need is the basis for your summoning.  You focus on your goal and use that as inspiration to guide your sorcery.  Summoned elementals of which you are capable of summoning have no personality of their own and their is intelligence equal to that of a smart animal. They can communicate in Old Realm, and while they can understand your commands by dint of sorcery, if you wish to understand them back you will need to understand old realm.

(I will allow an occult + Int roll for you to sit down and decipher the information they give you. Extended roll 5 success difficulty, each roll represents one hour of work).

They do their best to obey your commands, but anything more complex than simple tasks is beyond their comprehension.  They can have an innate understanding of specific area of expertise.

For example, an earth elemental created because of geographic essence dissonance in an area has an innate understanding of architecture, landscaping, and ley lines such that he can resolve the disturbance through building/landscaping.  He would be unable to teach anyone else his skills however, as his ability to reason out why he knows how to do what he does is simply beyond his intellectual capacity.

The first elemental you summon (Vaktri) is capable of espionage/gathering information (positive quality), but has no ability to understand what information is pertinent and valuable to you (negative quality). Additionally, it reorganizes the area around it to be more crystalline and geometric, creating little statues. It will prioritize natural earth, metals and gems, stealing little bits at a time from nearby sources. If those are unavailable it will use tiny bits of wood, and materials from refined products like plates, jewelry, weapons or armor. It does not take whole items, but steals little bits from everything around it randomly, so any damage is purely cosmetic at first, but if left untreated can cause deficiencies and ultimately the destruction of items (negative quality). These negative qualities are innate and part of who they are just like breathing is to a mortal.  As such, they can only be commanded not to engage in this activity temporarily, and repeated commands not to do so can cause the creature to suffer a rage during which time it will ignore all orders of the summoner. (Effectively a limit break)

If you speak Old realm then the parsing of this information requires an extended Intelligence + Investigation roll 5 successes 1 hour interval, per night of information to glean all useful information. If you are deciphering from old realm this increases to 10 successes and an interval of 2 hours due to the volume of information being recited back to you.

When you summon an elemental you must either choose an elemental you have previously summoned/want to summon or you must choose a specific, narrowly focused goal you want it to help you with.  It will have abilities to be able to accomplish this (positive quality). You must also choose two inconvenient or irksome traits you must deal with (negative qualities).  If appropriate, you may command an elemental to ignore his negative qualities for a short time but this results in an ever increasing chance for the elemental to snap and be uncontrollable for the duration of its tantrum.

You have grand plans and have imagined exactly how your plan will come to fruition, unfortunately the reality of the abilities of your elementals forces you to adapt your strategy.

Do you wish to continue summoning more elementals after the first? If you do are they more Vaktri or other types of elementals? Are you going to use the first elemental to begin spying or wait until you have more?

Total crafting 25 silver 25 gold - You can have 1 interval of crafting exp at the time you summon your first elemental.
Riaus (DS)
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Fri 10 Jan 2020
at 09:56
Riaus will send his Vaktri into the contested zone to gather information and test its capabilities.

03:29, Today: Riaus (DS) rolled 5 successes using 9d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 3,1,7,7,8,8,3,3,9.  Int  + Occult.

One of his main fears is being tracked via his elemental so he will stick to one Vaktri and only direct it to places he does not think the major players are likely to be (at this point).  Personal protection is still a concern though so he will attempt to summon a set more suited to duty as a body guards.  He is hoping two will take to form of an elemental he has stories about called a Boebghey, and the form of a Zenalai.  His plans from there are hard to say but unless he quickly turns up a more accessible and low risk way to approach the situation he is likely to deem it beyond his current abilities and move on to different plans.

Proposal Boebghey:  An air elemental suited to combat (positive quality), akin to a multi-mawed flying legless spider it has no concept context(negative quality) waiting immaterial at the center of a weblike nexus of air currents until the trigger causing to attack a target is given at which point it springs into action.  The air currents will bring random snippets of nearby conversation to the Boebghey which seems to soothe it unfortunately these sounds are to distorted to be useful to gathering information but audible to anyone making the presence of something supernatural in the area obvious to anyone in the presence of one for an extended period of time. (this is its limit condition).  He would likely make their trigger either a command (not sic em but in the same vein, or anything he directly attacks with his sword, they would still have to spend a round and a substantial amount of essence manifesting which would limit both their response time and effectiveness once they do enter the fray).

Proposal Zenalai: An elemental of wood taking to form of a thick aura of leave and vines.  It is suited to duty as a body guard (positive quality) readily assessing threats and moving to help its charge escape and survive dangerous situation (normally by deflecting blow, obscuring its location, or speeding its movement to withdraw).  However it is strictly defensive and will never attempt to harm a living being even to save its own life (negative quality).  It will attempt to create a small garden somewhere that its daily routine allows it to easily reach using charms to grow small trees and ornamental flowers.  If not allowed to tend to its garden daily it will suffer the effects of limit break, likewise if its garden is fully destroyed it will let out a keening wail and dissipate (not instantly but at the next time when it would move to tend its garden)

With the changes to elementals I think the scenario I set up is to risky for Riaus to decide to pursue it past his initial probings.  The likely hood of being discovered and the inability to instruct elementals to avoid it combined with their habits which explicitly draw attention to themselves makes it too difficult to pretend like they are not connected, and the other limitations make them too unreliable to count on as a main strike force.

I think Riaus will most likely abandon that dream or at the very least delay it, and choose instead to bypass all the territorial squabbling and instead try to build a floating shipyard.  I would rate this as an artifact 3 4 difficult superior project but not necessarily an artifact itself.  The main difficulty here will simply be gathering the raw materials he needs in the quantities he wants.

He will also make some inquiries (which I am happy to rp through in the next post if you would like) as to the legality and ramifications of just plonking a substantial floating structure down in the bay.

 GM, 173 posts
Tue 14 Jan 2020
at 01:21
The Vaktri comes back after your probing test.  Its ability to "hear" through vibrations make it an extremely potent gatherer of information.  It is also able to "hear" multiple conversations at once, as long as it is inside of its effective vibration range.

This is going to be roughly medium range for now.

The effect when he returns to you and begins divulging everything is two fold.  First, the amount of information he gathered is astonishing.  Second, most of the information is incredibly useless, such as how many steps every person took to get to a seat.  How long they sat there.  The tune they were humming.  You sit down to the doll drum of painfully excising all pertinent data from his night of spying.

18:22, Today: Storyteller, on behalf of Riaus (DS), rolled 3 successes using 4d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 7,8,6,8.

18:22, Today: Storyteller, on behalf of Riaus (DS), rolled 2 successes using 4d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 6,8,3,7.  Decipher information (Int + Investigation).

After 2 hours of asking very specific and carefully worded questions, you are able to glean a number of useful bits of data.

You gain +1 success to all rolls to move against the groups that utilize your gathered information.


You are able to summon both of the elemental's the following nights without much difficulty.  i need you to explain your Boebghey no concept context differently for me please.

By the end of the second night, your Zenalai has created a burgeoning little garden inside your workshop that give off a very pleasant earthy aroma You can encourage it to move/find a new place to tend his garden if you dont want it inside your workshop.

Do you choose to use your advantage in anyway?


If you are going to reach out about expanding your floating shipyard, make an appropriate roll to move the process forward.

Maybe you try to make an introduction in person or maybe you write a letter for example.