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Fri 3 Jan 2020
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Jorax Swain - Itinerant Healer
What were the events surrounding your Exaltation? Where did it happen, and why? Do your family know you are alive? Do they know you are Anathema?

Who found you and initiated you into the silver pact?  How did you meet up with Bitter Leaf?  Why/how did you travel to Champoor?

Coming from Nexus you are accustomed to a certain ruthlessness and depravity, so you were able avoid most of the pitfalls that foreigners are subjected to.  What have you been doing since you arrived in Champoor?

You found yourself drawn into a conflict between two rival organizations over a piece of real eastate.  One named Fallen Crimson Master operating from inside a shadowland, the other a local Dragon-blooded named Fasaa. How did you become involved? Was it because of your skill with healing, or because of you martial arts mastery?  Which side did you end up helping and why?
Jorax Swain (DS)
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Sat 4 Jan 2020
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Jorax Swain - Itinerant Healer
As the ship pulls into the docks at Champoor,  Jorax can’t help but look back on the last few months. So many changes, so many things changes pulling him in differing directions, new feelings, different ways of viewing Creation and his place in it, So Many Complications.

Once he was, well if not respected at least respected as a skilled healer. Looking back he can see the path that lead him here, the choices and the mistakes that lead to the breaking point. He had enjoyed and yes, he had reveled in the things he had learned, the healing arts as well as the more occult and varied; but the call of the dice, the pleasures of good food and fine drink, the distractions from the day to day….one thing built onto another.
He should have known the game was rigged, more than just the edge the House always gives itself, but truly rigged. Nerkad Nux had wanted him, his skills, his connections to those he treated, both for the benefits of having a skilled healer on tap when her ‘troops’ got injured enforcing his will as well as for the information on who needed his skills and what he was treating could provide. He should have seen it before it happened.

When Nux’s  bullys found him that night he was already in his cups, he knew he was caught, knew there was no way out. He went with them at first, and then a chance misstep gave him the opening and he ran, he ran into the darkness and didn’t stop hearing the calls and shouts of the thugs chasing him, slipping through the alleys dodging the crates and piles of debris, turning and shifting one way and another managing to ambush one and seeing the look of surprise when he leaped from the shadows and dislocated one of his knees. But one of many still leaves many and as they spread out he his chance of escape went from slim to none. Three of them eventually cornered him, back against an alley wall ankle deep in rotting vegetables and night slops.  Looking at them he knew he couldn’t quit, couldn’t stop, had to try and escape and as he stepped towards them the silver light lit the night. That part is still confusing and the best he can remember is looking down at the scattered pieces from his place on the top of the piled crates yowling his victory into the night and then scampering off on four legs not two.

The next morning he had awoken, curled into a small ball of fur, still warmed inside by the silvery presence that had touched him the night before. Winding his way through the streets and occasionally around the feet to those walking by with the sun shining on the tabby stripes of his fur he mad his way towards his family home only to find several of Nux’s thugs watching it. Turning away was difficult, but so was thinking at that point, so much confusion. The next few weeks ran together in his memory, the taste of rat and stagnate water and running from … well everything bigger which meant almost everything. Then She came, Whispers in the Leaves. Wings in the night and talons catching and holding oh so carefully. That first time in the air was terrifying but also exhilarating, the thrill of the air rushing by!

Eventually Whispers helped him regain the form he had been born in, taught him the ways of the Silver Pact, the truths of Luna, the truths of the Anathema. She taught him to control and use the many shards of memories that would now spring forward, sometimes at the most inconvenient moments. Her teachings on the Wyld Hunt were memorable, her teachings on how to acquire and use the forms af those around him, animal and human were unsettling but also…enthralling? What the Immaculate’s had taught wasn’t true, but shards of memories showed wonders as well as horrors, memories of past lives facing their families and the horror on their faces.
The most confusing thing Whispers has done, was point him towards Bitter Leaf, he is still processing that connection, the first time he saw her from his vantage point on that tree limd, he had known there was a connection, he felt it with the beat of his heart and the whispers in the grasses and in the trees…she was special….she was important … she was What? Leaping down from the tree and landing on his own two feet and addressed her, “Hello, I am Jorax.” While Whispers in the Leaves circled overhead.

The bump and lurch as the ship landed at the dock and the bustling activity onboard and dockside broke his reminiscing, gathering his belongings Jorax made for the shore ready to learn of this new city, this Champoor.

OOC More post on Champoor to follow, but the wall of text was growing and I wanted to break it up.  :)
Jorax Swain (DS)
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Sat 4 Jan 2020
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Jorax Swain - Itinerant Healer
The first few days in Champoor were just as confusing as could be expected. A new city, new customs and laws, differing groups and factions competing for power…all to be expected. The spice of a trade hub with the influx of differing cultures and peoples made the confusion even greater. Still, after finding a few days lodging at The Albatros, a dockside inn in the Lower Docks district he settled in listening to rumors, talking with those passing through to make sense of the City and finding out who to talk to about finding more permanent lodging as well as determining who controlled the trade in healing herbs and supplies as well as making sure what toes he would be stepping on once he started treating those needing his services.  Eventually the owner of The Albatross, Morad Tir, recommended he contact Bright Harmony, a landlord on the edges of the Catta District near the bridge crossing over to Old Eclipse, finding shop space with an apartment overhead he settled in.
Settling in and finding the flow of the city, he spent his time made sure to grease the palms needed for licensing, and made sure it was known that he was open for business. Those truly in need he made a point of treating making every effort to ingratiate  himself into their good will, and make himself known as a friendly face willing to help out those in need. He helped those in need who could pay as well, just as friendly, knowing he would need the good will of those with connections to make this city his home. Indeed, some found him remarkably persuasive while he treated them, almost to the point of viewing him as family or a long lost friend. His open nature and friendly face served him well, avoiding the scuffles that happened in the city and some of those who trained and fought in the dojos of Catta learned he could set a broken bone or straighten a broken nose with no judgment offered.
One night a pounding on the door of his shop drew his attention. Answering the summons he found himself facing two thugs that put him to mind of those who had chassed him through the streets of Nexus, composing himself and with a bland face he asked how he could be of service. Apparently several of those who served one of the Blooded of the city, Fasaa by name, had run afoul of some competing faction and needed his services. Fasaa was known if only by name and rumor, unsavory and unreliable, but not one that you saifd no to. Gathering his bag of supplies Jorax set boned and stitched closed flesh, with instructions for the application og herbs to speed the healing and reduce the pain. The next day a man, Vox Besna,  delivered a small stack of obals and the simple statement that he should consider himself under the watchful eye of Fasaa and that he had done well. Thus did he end up on one side of the dispute between Fasaa and those who were attempting to take the territories he claimed.

OOC I have left the interaction with Bitter Leaf a bit open, not wanting to step on toes or assum how she was introing into the city while at least giving a link between characters. I am assuming that part of the reason for being in Champoor is knowing she was going there, and partially to look into the setting and find out what is happening there currently gt the Pact

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Mon 6 Jan 2020
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Jorax Swain - Itinerant Healer
Due to your skill with mending broken and damaged bodies, Fasaa and his family begin directing people to you.  Unfortunately you are given clear directives on who you are not allowed to help.  What do you do when faced with people coming to you for emergency healing, but having been told explicitly not to help them?
Jorax Swain (DS)
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Tue 7 Jan 2020
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Jorax Swain - Itinerant Healer
Champoor had started to feel, well if not 'Home', then like home. The details of the factions were different, the food seasoned differently, but still the underlying flow was much like Nexus. Dirty, rude, and a little unhealthy...yes, a little like Nexus. He was making friends and making a difference as well as gaining the coin necessary to survive in this environment.

He was sitting at Mamma Gkika's Noodle Emporium,  a block from his lodgings, enjoying a bowl of sesame noodles and plum wine while talking with Blood Tiger the sensei of the Enferno School, a dojo specializing in the First Pulse style.

"So, this girl, Sapphire Striking Snake, you have been training? Is she as skilled as your other students have said? I understand she presented well in the tournament last week.At least that is what Jovar Broken Tooth said when he brought his son in to have that shoulder straightened out. To hear him talk she is quite gifted, as well as a dirty fighter."

As Blood Tiger started into a small rant about the ancestry and personal habits of Jovar Broken Tooth and anyone associated with him, Jorax finished the last of his noodles using the bowl to hide a smile.

Suddenly the doorway to the noodle house was darkened by several bodies. Looking up Jorax saw several toughs, recently worse for the wear. A muscular white haired woman in leather and cotton stood in the front.

"You, healer, come quickly. You are needed, two of mine are grave injured and need your services. Come now, they are at you shop." The white haired woman gestured in the direction of Jorax's home.

Rising Jorax started towards the door only to be stopped by Blood Tiger's hand on his arm.
"She belongs to Fallen Crimson Master" he said before removing his hand.

Jorak nodded and walked out through the door and quickly made his way inside the shop where he treated those in need. Blood Tiger following a short distance behind Fallen Crimson Master thugs. Inside were two laying on the floor bleeding, stab wounds obvious through the makeshift bandages. Setting to work, Jorak started examining them, at first making a few TskTsking sounds as he did so. Then, he gave each a small sip from a stoppered goard.

"That will help with the pain. Now, you two set a delima before me. Complications even. I am dedicated to healing...indeed I think it is a noble calling and all diserve the opportunity. Yet balancing that I find that Fasaa has given very clear 'instructions' that none of Fallen Crimson Master's people be treated, and the wrath of the Dragons is not taken lightly.

The white haired woman started to interrupts but was silenced by a upheld hand and a stern glare with a predatory gleam to it.

"Additionally there is the mater of your master, Fallen Crimson Master, I do not hold or have dealings with those trafficking with the shadowlands as a rule. I find I have enough to do keeping the living from the dead with out helping the dead. Very well, you two make a choice, life or death. Renounce your service to Fallen Crimson Master  and swear yourself to me. Do so and live, do not and die. Choose"

A glance back to the white haired woman. "The choice is theirs, id the choos life and service to me, I will heal them, if the choose death you may take them back to your shadowland."

OOC: Attempting to instil a tie of service to me and possibly service to Life and Healing. Also attempting to impress Blood Tiger and the viewing students and crowd.

19:40, Today: Jorax Swain (DS) rolled 6 successes using 11d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 ((3,2,5,7,2,10,10,4,1,6,7)). Manipulation+socialize, assuming a 2 dice stunt for the oration, using Manipulation excellency for 4 dice.

Oaths in Ashe (DS)
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Tue 7 Jan 2020
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Jorax Swain - Itinerant Healer
His inquiries in the underground life of the Catta district brought along one extra juicy bit of information: nothing earth-shattering, just rumors about an healer with a somewhat familiar face - it was intriguing enough that it warranted further investigation.
And someone skilled in the healing arts was always a good friend to have even if he wasn't who he tought it'd be.

So, preparations: fishing from the locked 'good stuff' cabinet he produced a bottle from the inner coast of the near south-east, a brandy made from the distilled pomace of grapes: a fragrant drink with enough alcohol in it to double as disinfectant. Or as rust-remover and metal polisher for First Age machinery.

It was a bright and sunny day somewhere else in Creation when he walked into Catta, perfectly at ease in shadows even deeper than those of where he took residence. He already had a pretty good idea of where to go, and it only took a couple more questions to pinpoint the clinic - at a first glance, the healer didn't have much more time than Ash himself to settle into the city. Door partially ajar and with voices coming from the inside, he assumed the shop to be open and carefully let himself in.

Only to be greeted blade first by, apparently, the local security - healing people had to be a much more dangerous profession than he thought if it warranted this kind of.. overzealous security. "Well, hello you." He was almost cross-eyed from staring at the uncomfortably close tip of a cruelly curved blade. Had he the slightest training in any form of martial arts he could have probably said something about the thug's fighting style from the jagged form of his weapon - but he mostly stopped at the level of 'Don't let him stick it in you. It probably hurts'.

What he did know was people - and he didn't have to watch the man behind the blade to feel his tiredness almost physically: ragged breath, barely hidden by the need to appear tough. An uncontrolled twitch in tired muscles, already strained by effort and surface wounds. Bruises almost covered by damaged clothes. The thug didn't want to fight any more than he did, but he had to put up the act - and he would, if pushed. Easy, easy - it would be a shame if my bleeding corpse fell on this bottle and crushed it: it's pretty good, I'll let you know!"
If the onyx-skinned halfbreed was afraid for his life, he was certainly good at hiding it behind a playful, almost teasing grin - teeth and hair providing a striking color contrast with the rest of his body.

Little did he know that his interruption had come just after two people reached a very important decision regarding their continued ability to draw breath..
Jorax Swain (DS)
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Fri 10 Jan 2020
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Jorax Swain - Itinerant Healer
With all eyes focused on the onyx skinned stranger the action inside the clinic froze for a moment, all eyes on the new entrant to the events unfolding. As the white haired woman glanced back and forth between the new stranger and Jorax her head suddenly snapped back toward he healer and a rasping growl echoed in the room.

Flashing through the air in mid-leap was the healer hands curved like the claws of some great cat, his teeth barred an a not at all playful grin. Landing at the leader of the thugs he suddenly reared up striking out at the hand holding her weapon and thn spinning and kicking the thug holding the knife on the newcomer sending the weapons skittering across the floor into the corners. Whirling back to the woman his clawed fingers stopped a short distance from her eyes.

"You bring your fight to my place of healing and then threaten those who come here seeking my services? You have chosen poorly. I have chosen to try and make the lives of those in this place less painful, less miserable and free of as much misery as I can. You will not interfere, you will not threaten or you will join the service of Fallen Crimson Master in a most eternal way if you offend me again. The two that you brought here for healing are mine now, they serve me, you may chose to serve me the same or you may leave, but you will not threaten this place again.

Stepping back from the thug, he turned back to the injured men lying on the floor and prepared to set to work on their wounds. "If you chose to serve, there is clean water in the crock by the door, I will need it to clean their wounds before I start stitching. And you with the bottle....what is it, I am in a foul mood so your drink should be strong and good."
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Sat 11 Jan 2020
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Jorax Swain - Itinerant Healer
"Flavor, strength and memories. What's a good drink without even one of the three?" Ash's voice was oil on silk as he elegantly stepped over one of the scrambling thugs, letting him remove himself from the reach of the angry healer. He kept his focus on Jorax as the others decided how to react, some with their hands still on hilts from the previous outburst, but no weapon seemed about to be drawn.

None except the two women: clearly important in their own hierarchies they were glaring daggers at each other in a silent challenge to look away first - or to dare attack. Despite Ash's apparent calm he was thinking in overdrive: his massive miscalculation was thinking the thugs were the healer's own - apparently they were just guests, and he stumbled on a fault line between people with little love for each other. Two more thugs decided what to do with their own lives as he advanced further, one passing water and cloth to Jorax and the other dashing for the exit.

Keeping his voice smooth and low he continued to talk, and in his approach he just nonchalantly stepped between Blood Tiger and the white-haired woman. A step in the wrong direction for some, a coldly calculated way to defuse the situation by letting them break eye contact with each other while saving face for others. "It was a village to the southwest of Nexus." He resumed as he pulled the bottle fully out, the sealed content a clear amber liquid. "The festival of grapes, where wine makers celebrated their ability to work with nothing: distilled from skins and pulps, then aged in oak. You saved me from a distinctly unpleasant evening with your suggestion of herbs to take after drinking, and today I hoped to repay the favor by bringing a souvenir." Then, as if to double down on the idea. "I came in the spirit of giving, do not turn it into a night of violence. You have an arena for that."

He shifted the focus from Jorax to Blood Tiger just at the last moment: she wasn't a friend, but they had common interests in a certain noble tomboy, so he knew she was involved in the fighting rings. The other woman... he had no idea. Another local power? Related to shadowlands? To investigate. Just how many layers of secrets did this city have?
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Sun 19 Jan 2020
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Jorax Swain - Itinerant Healer
Gain 1 Exp

Given the choice of life or death, the two choose life.  With their decision made the white haired women's eyes narrow, and she quickly leaves.  "There will be trouble." Blood Tiger says solemnly.  The crowd murmurs once the tension of the situation ends.

21:14, Today: Storyteller, on behalf of Jorax Swain (DS), rolled 3 successes using 10d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 7,4,10,2,1,4,2,2,5,6.  Healing (Int + Medicine).

You treat their wounds effectively although they will require rest. (Unless you use charms) Now that you have two people sworn to you, What do you do with them?

The following few days are uneventful.

Do you do anything during this time?
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Wed 22 Jan 2020
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Jorax Swain - Itinerant Healer
Bitter Leaf promised to look into ways to magically help the clinic and she did. It was a long slog towards figuring something out, but it happened in the end. Mara had taught her quite a bit about the art of cursing, but she was lacking on the more benign arts. Bitter Leaf had spent days of her free time wracking her brain for a way to provide healing magic. She even spent what little pay she got on paper and ink so she could sketch out ideas, but her knowledge proved inadequate.

Then she had a breakthrough. Which led to several more breakthroughs. Simply put, she had been trying to do something that really wasn't possible at her level. If she set her sight lower, she could do a lot. When her shift finishes she rushes over, finds Jorax and begins talking. Rudely interrupting the conversation he had been having. She was excited and she could help Jorax!

"I have spells! Theoretical spells. The outlines. These are less spells and more workings. It was tougher than I thought, with my education being... rather focused on malignant workings. Actually that wasn't the problem, I thought that was the problem, the real problem was I suck. I mean, I'm at the top of the heap for mortal sorcerers, but that's pretty limiting. But... erm... Am I interrupting? I  wrote it down though, so you can look through it?"

She puts the armful of scrolls down on the nearest surface she can find.  Her heart is racing and she's flustered. Like when Blaze first asked her to his private rooms. Which leads to complicated feelings, which she tries to ignore.

If anyone gets around to reading them, they can find summaries at the top of each, followed by a bunch of arcane jargon. Each ritual seems to require blood and pain and dreams. Apparently the sorcerer and at most one assistant should be able to provide however.

Shadow Servants
I got this idea after I had basically given up. The shadows can be made to work! This is boring, but they can do all sorts of simple, repetitive tasks. In particular cleaning will be valuable for healthcare. Keeping your implements clean is extremely important in medicine and these guys are reliable and won't being in disease themselves. Plus they would be super convenient and save on lighting costs.

Ward against disease
This is actually surprisingly straightforward. We can ward against disease. The idea for the shadows led to this idea. It won't magically expel disease from people, but it should prevent them from getting new infections. Honestly, this is probably the easiest with the least fiddly bits.

Age-Staving Weed
Once I got the idea, that I shouldn't be using magic to cure directly, but assist you this idea was obvious. There are lots of super valuable, difficult to grow medicinal herbs. In particular Age-Staving Cordial. There are lots of annoying weeds that will grow nearly anywhere even in this dark city. I can combine these traits. This is trickier, and will take more power, but the major benefit is it helps all of Creation. Incidentally, the fact that my predecessors haven't done this pretty much proves their evil corrupt ways. Boo! This same method can be applied to any medicinal herb you want and can be further improved on.

Mushroom Weed
Really a minor modification of the above. Take a weed and a mushroom, so we get a weed that can thrive in the dark. Outside the city Creation is still dark half the time, so this weed will easily out compete the natural variety.  We then use this as a base to combine medicinal herbs with. Alternatively, we enhance a medicinal weed with a mushroom after creating a medicinal weed

Fresh Water
This idea came to me in a dream, so I don't have much to take credit for. I use magic to make a clean freshwater spring. Water is essential to recovery and health. I can layer further blessings on the spring if we feel like it afterwards.

Blessing of Health
I should just be able to flat out bless the building if I try hard enough. Help keep people healthy. It takes the most power as well. Technically, this works by drawing woe, ill and pain into a metaphysical well, and then using that to power the working. I'll need to work with the local geomancy, which will make the exact benefits hard to control.