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Wed 29 Jan 2020
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Asher Fairfox - New to the city
The city of Chiaroscuro rose like a shimmering city over the horizon as you approached.  The light glinting off the glass of the various towers in a dazzling display.  So many things to do when you first arrive.

Who has accompanied you to the city?
Where do you find to stay?
What do you like/want to do in this new city?

You run into some minor trouble that you deal with, but you are worried it could become worse.  It involves the associates of a Dragonblooded from the Realm named Ysine.

What is this trouble?
Asher Fairfox (DB)
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Fri 31 Jan 2020
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Asher Fairfox - New to the city
Asher trudged into the city pulling Kark behind him. The mule was even less happy then Asher. Asher was shocked at the site before him and that helped wash of some the weariness off, it did little for the mule.  Asher had grown up in Gem and spent months in the Lap and seen the wonders of the First age, be in this glass city, everything was from the first age. When more correctly the city was, the people where familiar. So he focused on them.

The population looked much like all people in the south, and that made him feel better. It had been a long trip, especially because he avoided Paragon. That place bothered him. Chiaroscuro was something different, not a city ruled by magic, but one built by magic.
He quickly set about chatting a few of the people up. They were at first ill at easy with him, but his natural charm, and charms soon put then at easy. He was able to find where the bad part of the town was, the good part of town and the affordable part of the town. He made his way for an inn that he could afford and what that was too dangerous. The Gryffyn Roost lived up to its reputation, just nice enough to not feel like you wear going to get stabbed. It somehow lived in stark contrast of to the glass city all around him.
Still the rate was right and they had a stable for Krak, so he wouldn’t get stabbed either.

Asher unloaded Krak, with the wears that he would sell to pay for it all and his passage to the next city, and ventured into the inn. The common room, was common. Which once again seemed odd with the glass city outside. Asher had his firewand out in clear view to send a message to other patrons.  Asher was able to a fair rate from the innkeeper and moved his things upstairs.

Asher raked his hand through his coal gray hair and it came out coved in soot. He wiped it absent mindedly on his clothing before hind the gems, the really treasure in the room. He then ventured out into the city, to get a feel for the market and the customs of the people.

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Asher Fairfox (DB)
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Sun 2 Feb 2020
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Asher Fairfox - New to the city
Asher walking aimlessly through the city, letting the flow of the traffic pull him. The people normally move to leave the city or to market. Both of which would helpful to for him to find out. He found so enough that he was being pulled to one of the markets. Asher moved to the side and watched the days trading unfold. He poured a few motes into Geese-flying-south Administration and read to the flow of the market( buys 3, rolls 2, get a five). Asher was able to pick of the the government officials that he have to pay inorder to sell his goods. He also picked out a another man collecting money who did not seem to be from the government,

Asher had and idea about what the man really was but he decided to followed the man to make sure. He ticked Ration-Enhancing Method for a single success and followed the man (4 successes). The man moves quickly and with purpose and Asher comes close to losing him more then once, but he is not hidden what he is doing. He makes his collections and heads back to what Asher guesses is his safe house

Asher loiters  outside for a few minutes. The Safe house is not far from the market, just down a thin glass alley no more than a few minutes walk from the market. He heads back and get the gossip of the market and now what he knows what to ask about.

Back in the busy flow of the market, Asher finds a place to eat the mid day meal. He sits near enough to the other people and listen as they talk to get a sense of what they know. As he finishes Asher picks out what seems to be the most talkative man and asks him about the collection. “Aye, that.” the sun beaten mans growls. “Those, are Macgroven’s man picking up his season protection. Best to stay away from them, lad. Nothin but trouble comes from that alley.” Ashers smiled cheerfully at the man and promised that he would. Asher was a convincing liar.

Geese-flying-south Administration Page181
The dragon-Blood may add automatic successes to a Bureaucracy roll for two motes each, and reroll 6’s until the cease to appear
10:46, Today: Asher Fairfox (DB) rolled 2 successes using 7d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 2,7,5,6,6,3,8.  Bureaucracy .

Rerolled both sixs because of Geese-flying south10:46, Today: Asher Fairfox (DB) botched using 2d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 1,1. Bouch has no effect because its part of the first roll

Ration-Enhancing Method (217)
The Dragon-Blood may add automatic successes to a Survival roll for two motes each. If she enhances a roll to forage for food, it yields  enough edible plants or game to feed a single additional character besides her for one day per threshold success
Buys one
10:59, Today: Asher Fairfox (DB) rolled 3 successes using 7d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7 with rolls of 6,7,6,7,8,4,2.  Tracking.

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Asher Fairfox (DB)
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Thu 13 Feb 2020
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Asher Fairfox - New to the city
Asher got to work quickly and over the next season fallowed and tracked the gangs operations and major players. When he felt ready he kicked the nest and killed one of the under bosses to try to get Macgroven’s gang to close ranks, and more importantly gather in one place so he could break them.

The night had come and as Asher was about to make his move and destroy most of the gang. He noticed and man, who he had seen a few time before. It became clear to Asher that he might of been tracked. Master Fairfox would be very upset. Another teacher though became clear, do not leave and enemy behind you.

Asher unslung his firewand and advanced on the man. "Can I help you sir." Asher called out.

"No" and cultured voice came back, "but I believe I can help you. I am Ysine, and those men you about to go after are protected by the Guild. It is much bigger target then you think."