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Sun 2 Feb 2020
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RY 678 Ascending Water - Wrath of the Realm
1 Ascending Water 768

The sudden explosion of Anathema over the preceding years had led to many rumors.  The demons were taking advantage of the absence of the Empress being the official stance of the Immaculate Faith.  With the empress missing, the full weight of the realm could not be coordinated.  Still, the Wyld Hunt had descended on chiaroscuro at the head of a massive number of troops, a full dragon.

- A Sergeant leads a Fang of 5 soldiers
- A Lieutenant / Scalelord leads a Scale of 5 Fangs (25 soldier, 5 Sergeants)
- A Captain / Talonlord leads a Talon of 5 Scales (125 soldier, 25 Sergeants, 5 Lieutenants)
- A Winglord / Major leads a Wing of 2 Talons (250 soldier, 50 Sergeants, 10 Lieutenants, 2 Captains, 1 Subaltern)
- A Dragonlord / Colonel leads a Dragon of 2 Wings (500 soldier, 100 Sergeants, 20 Lieutenants, 4 Captains, 2 Winglords, 3 Subalterns)
- A General / Strategos leads a Legion : 10 Dragons (5000 soldier, 1000 Sergeants, 200 Lieutenants, 40 Captains, 20 Winglords, 10 Dragonlords, 31 Subalterns)
- A Subaltern is assigned to assist each officer of Winglord rank and above. The General's Subaltern is also known as the Quartermaster.

In order to not cause all out civil war among the satraps, most of the Realm troops are stationed outside the cities.  Their princes of the earth descended on Chiaroscuro with a vengeance slaying any demons they found.  With others running like cockroaches from the might, justice and glory of the Empress.  Not able to defeat one of their main targets, one of The Wretched (Night Caste), they gave pursuit.  She had been poisoning the hearts and minds of the people with her venomous lies.  Ensnaring them with her corrupt demonic magics.  She had fled east like the coward she is, running to other demons for protection, seeking to evade the empress's righteous wrath.

Coordinating with their distant cousins from Prasad, the Realm has managed to secure their support in hunting down the Anathema who have sought refuge in Champoor.  They have committed another Dragon worth of men from their capital Kamthahar including a full compliment of exalted participating in the Wyld Hunt.  The armies are already marching and will be upon the city by the end of the month.

All characters have had over a year in Champoor and surrounding areas to get to know one another and live their lives.
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Mon 10 Feb 2020
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RY 678 Ascending Water - Wrath of the Realm
Siren played her violin as the others performed on the stage. They were not in costume, for this was a rehearsal. Everyone was into their roles when a voice went up. "Stop, stop, stop! This is wrong! All wrong! If we are going to tell the story of the Solars return it needs to be grander!" Harmonious Crane walked onto the stage looking around. Siren sighs a little and looks to him. "This isn't the return of the Solars, yet. We are telling the story of a return of heroes of old that will save the land." She said gesturing with her bow. Crane nods. "Yes the Solars!" He throws his hands up in the air.

"I have given up the only thing I ever cared about to come here with you! My poor play house being ran by my cousin now of all things! It will be in shambles I tell you! I only came here to see what you would become, so I can witness history and tell the tragedy or heroic tell myself!" As he spoke he did dramatic movements with his body.

She sighed lightly. "You came along because of the song I played and you want such a talent to perform your plays." She said looking at him squarely. Crane brings a hand up to his chest and makes a hurt expression on his face. Siren arches an eyebrow. "I am hurt you think so shallow of me! My dearest lady I came because of the reasons I stated! If that also en tells you acting in my plays and going under my direction, then the better for the both of us!" He declares and steps forward taking center stage and speaking out to the empty audience chamber. "There is no one else who can write the stories that will come and do them justice! Only one born with the talent like mine can shoulder this burden and do it justice!" He declares making a fist and bringing it to his chest. Then he turns to look at everyone. "Ok from the top!"

It had been a long hard road from one Sea to another. This was about as far from the Realm as you could get. Here they could try to do more and it felt like they were needed here. She had caused trouble for Crane and so to help him out of it and calm him she played a song that, with her charms, ruined anything else he may ever hear. He  agreed to come  with her and her band. Now they had set up a Theater in this city and were once again getting a following.

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Oaths in Ashe (DS)
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Mon 10 Feb 2020
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RY 678 Ascending Water - Wrath of the Realm
Ash had been moderately successful in his endeavors so far: he was still alive, for one. That alone counted for a pretty solid plus in his book. His cover was also mostly intact. In a different Champoor, one from older times, he'd have moved his living arrangements from Dusk to Solemn like all good, successful career criminals. In THIS Champoor, however, Solemn was flooded to the eyes with Dragon Blooded nobility and the colorful gaggle of sycophants that followed it - and mixing up with that crowd was probably far from being good for his long-term health. Dusk still afforded him a measure of anonymity, and in Dusk he remained.

It had been almost a year that Jisseur brought him the glass coin he requested of the thief - along with unsettling rumors about events unfolding in Chiaroscuro. So he hadn't been caught entirely unaware when the Realm descended on it like hammer on anvil.
Unpleasant business, and entirely too close for comfort: just in case he had a small set of light travel bags filled with the barest necessities seeded through the city if he ever needed to make a quick getaway  - and considering the latest news, it wasn't an impossible occurrence.

The explosion of Dynasts in Chiaroscuro ended up having one upside, at least - performers. Suspiciously skilled performers, but he enjoyed the shows and didn't investigate too deeply. While he liked the plays themselves his real guilty pleasures in the whole affair were the musics: song and dance were some of the few things that managed to stay... mostly wholesome even in Malfeas, and one of the few forms of entertainment that could be appreciated even if you didn't have a passion for artistic bloodletting.

In the end he had managed to get on speaking terms with the troupe, enough to occasionally spectate the rehearsals. It helped that he had himself a... more than working knowledge of musical instruments himself, and was handy for plugging the occasional hole left by a sick performer or by an abrupt change in scenography.

He clapped slowly as he approached the stage, clothed in reds and golds to break the outline of his night-black skin against the shadows of the nighted city. "A masterful performance, as always. Master. Mistress of the bow." He bowed with an entirely too showy flourish to one and then to the other, his smile and ashen-grey hair an obvious contrast to his onyx skin.

"You might, however, want to make your metaphors more subtle - or less so, and make absolutely obvious to the crowd of fans on the way from Chiaroscuro that, yes, the heroes are doing their absolute best to emulate the five Immaculate Dragons. I hear Hesiesh has quite the following here in the South." He didn't often share free info, but this was going to become worthless pretty fast - army movements never were something one could keep hidden for long.

I'm trying to keep a light touch on the year we've all been happily together in Champoor but gotta keep the ball rolling.
@Siren: I'm still open to changes if you disagree with anything in our past. I'm also, of course, open to adding to it. Also, I'm going to assume to have listened to enough of Siren's music to have developed a minor intimacy of your choice - or just something generally positive towards Siren if you have no nefarious plans.

Siren (C)
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Wed 12 Feb 2020
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RY 678 Ascending Water - Wrath of the Realm
What now? She thought as she turned to see Ashe here. "I am making them more subtle. You have to lay down the back ground first, set up the frame work." Siren walked to him as the others took a break. "What brings you to our humble practice, Ashe?" She asks with a smile and a small tilt of her head.

Ashe was odd and she was not sure, even now, what he was about. He did seem to be an ally overall though.  "You should know how Crane doesn't like people seeing his plays before they are done." She glances back to see Crane focused on rearranging small parts of the set, stepping back and see how it looks then move it again.

"Anything going on that I should know about?"
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Wed 12 Feb 2020
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RY 678 Ascending Water - Wrath of the Realm
Bitter Leaf has been more or less openly posing as a Dynast these last few months. She's gotten enough control to not randomly reveal her caste mark, while still being capable of performing super human feats of skill or ability. When that is combined with her equipment the obvious conclusion is she is an Exalt and no one expects the Solar.

She killed the two Guild Emissaries that were sent to... actually she didn't really listen, so much as kill them immediately. In retrospect, probably a bad idea, but the Guild didn't push matters. She's been able to kill a couple more members of the Guild, but it appears they've mostly just lightly gone under ground. Investigation is not her strong suit and everyone she asks insists they have no dealings with the Guild whatsoever.

Her wages had all been spent on hiring people to try and locate Blaze. She's only gotten rumors of people that could be him.

--Earlier Today--
Shadow Tulip actually sent her a messenger. Apparently some son of a wealthy Guild Factor had been mistreating her girls. He was very vocal about who his father was. One of his mercenary guards came with the messenger. Actually, ""I promise we didn't know. He just blurted it out when he was making threats. So please don't kill us? Just like kill him and run away? We will have to pretend to give chase to make it look good. Reputation and all that."

"Fine, show me were he is." The mercenary sputters, but he complies. When Bitter sees the Guilder she approaches. "Your the Guilder?"

"That's right. I'm doing Guild work. You aren't good enough for me, but I bet my-" The man stops talking when Bitter leaps onto a roof. He then drops dead when an arrow sprouts from his head. Bitter runs away as the mercenaries begin climbing up the building. When they grab onto the roof, part of it falls away and they fall off. Bitter returns embarrassed. "Go see Dr. Swain and tell him Bitter sent you."

"YOU STUPID- HOW ARE YOU A EXALT!?" the mercenary yells back. Bitter was suppose to be running. She mumbles an apology. Oaths was going to a performance rehearsal. She could probably pretend to low lie there. Plus they had easy roof access at the theater. Some of the employees at the restaurant had been making it hard for her to get off the restaurant roof. They probably thought it was amusing to see her stuck up there.

"Hi, I'm supposed to be pretending to hide I think. If anyone asks I hid here from a band of scary mercenaries. I should have got their name." she says to the players as she enters. "I agree with Ashe. The Anathema aren't exactly heroic anyway. Have you met one? They spend all their time running away and hiding and stealing. Well when they aren't killing people. They spend some time overturning the natural order by messing with demons, using demon taught sorcery or bribing gods. They do that too." Bitter Leaf is getting this both from her life and from a handful of memories she's gotten from her Exaltation. Her Exaltation whispers in the back of her mind sampling bias, but she ignores it.
Oaths in Ashe (DS)
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Sat 15 Feb 2020
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RY 678 Ascending Water - Wrath of the Realm
"Ah, but it's the creation that's fascinating, much more than the finished product. With all the little flaws that get hammered away for the public. But I'm letting myself get sidetracked!" He didn't know much about the Realm's army soon to be at their doors - in fact, he came here to see if any of the performers knew anything at all: armies were, after all, made of people - and the right influence over the right people could stop them before blood hit the ground.

He only managed to get as far as opening his mouth before Bitter Leaf dropped in as well. As useful as she was when people really needed a sudden case of arrow to the face (and as good a cook as she was), her rather cavalier attitude to solving problems with bow and arrow even in a mostly civilized setting proved... occasionally troublesome. Her (entirely false) reputation mostly helped, but it definitely wouldn't hold up to the scrutiny of a determined Wyld Hunt. At her comment he only offered a shrug. "Maybe they do. In the end, most of them just do what they can do, for little more reason than they can - just like everyone else. They simply can do - and can get away with - more."

Cynical, but 'if you're strong enough to do something and survive the consequences you always had a right to do that thing' was a rule he was well used to. "Besides, hey, some of my best friends are demons!" Truth or not, he didn't seem too hurt at the casual comment.

Returning to the topic at hand he sighed theatrically "Alright - I'll just show my hand." He had no plan to, but at least he tried to keep the outright lies to a minimum. "The realm's armies are hardly a pleasure for those of my kind - or just for profitable commerce and absolutely legitimate entertainment. And I'm sure there are other interests in the city who'd find blood in the streets quite distasteful." Immaculate doctrine was, after all, pretty opposed to everything the Court of Secrets was doing in this city. "I was just wondering if you, lovely songbird, wanted to discuss over a dinner just how doomed such heretical interests would be in the face of the Realm's military might and moral right."
Translation: 'Hello! A fine day it is today, would you like to join me in plotting sabotage and guerrilla against the world's superpower?'
Siren (C)
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Mon 17 Feb 2020
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RY 678 Ascending Water - Wrath of the Realm
"The creation can be fascinating but it is our  work behind the scenes." She smiled a bit. Then Bitter Leaf entered and Siren turned and nodded her head. "I suppose we are doing open rehearsals then." She says glancing back at the stage. " Yes yes I should not try to change the image of Solars just accept and be boogy men I suppose? Also who are you in trouble with this time?" She asks looking at Leaf.

"If the realm is coming here that is something I do not want. It would be better to hit them as they are making their march here. So in short yes I would not mind a dinner to hear you out and about, hopefully, some other allies you may have for us."
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Wed 19 Feb 2020
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RY 678 Ascending Water - Wrath of the Realm
"Its not so much that I'm in trouble, but its a bit complicated. There was this terminally stupid Guild guy, who was being a jerk and what not. The mercs guarding him told me, I shot the Guilder and now I'm pretending to hide because I don't want to make the mercs look bad. It will look good if a Dynast has to hide for them. Plus, they probably don't want a reputation for turning on clients, even if its just the terminally stupid ones." Bitter seems a little embarrassed about the whole thing.
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Sun 22 Mar 2020
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RY 678 Ascending Water - Wrath of the Realm
As the day comes to a close, and everyone is leaving the theater rehearsal the city is markedly different than it was even a few weeks ago.  Word has spread about the forces marching on the city, and the reactions are quite varied.  Some of the spirits are asserting their authority through tyrannical measures.  Some of the Dragon-blooded, especially those functionaries of Prasad, are feeling emboldened as well and are acting out.  Some people have began hoarding, leading to shortages of necessary supplies.  This in turn is leading to increased volatility and unrest.  Most notable for all of you, is that the express stated purpose of the Hunt coming to Champoor is to root out Anathema, people have begun making accusations.  Rumors are that the Spirit court is extremely motivated to have the Anathema gone from the city.  There have been insinuations that if it meant them staying in power that they might be open to removing you through violent means...

What preparations are everyone making?

During the next week, you have a very serious complication that occurs making staying in the city much longer an untenable position.  It also cuts short any preparations you were making, either because you didnt start soon enough, or because your preparations were lengthy and intensive.  What happened?

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Thu 9 Apr 2020
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RY 678 Ascending Water - Wrath of the Realm
Bitter had avoided setting off her Caste Mark for a long time. Long enough that it had fallen to the back of her mind. She was working on a sorcerous working when it happened. The plan was to discourage disease in the city, and she was currently walking around waving a burning bundle of herbs. She poured herself into the work.

And the caste mark appeared. People started backing away. There were people around. Someone better at deceit might be able to pass this off. She was not that person. She dropped the bundle and took off running. To the restaurant.

She busts in through the door "Mistakes were made! Stealing food and running away. Have some jade!"  Bitter fumbles out her purse and throws it at the nearest waitress "That's for the restaurant to make up for the food I'm stealing." Then she darts into the kitchen and starts shoving food into her pack.