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House Rules
Here are few house rules for ease of play and to make things move a bit more smoothly in a PBP game.

1.) Narrative Freedom
Narrative Freedom is where instead of every player making a roll, and asking me to describe what happens, what they see, what they find, etc... That you will be writing a description of what YOU think should happen, see, find, etc... with your accompanying roll, if appropriate.  Then, as the storyteller i will do whatever is appropriate for the situation, and either either use your description as is, change it a bit, or disregard it completely.  Whatever i do, this will move the story forward much more quickly than if i have to make every creative decision and description for everyone and everything all the time.

Player 1 - "I am searching through the ancient tomes trying to find the necessary information to finally finish the second circle spell ive been working on."

Rolls appropriate skills and gets 5 Successes!

(What the player wants to happen) "After a few hours of searching, (much sooner than anyone expected) The Solar was able to locate the information necessary inside of a secret compartment she just happened to stumble across. Truly the unconquered Sun shines on his children!"

Storyteller What the players dont know is that there was some magical protections that not only defend the forbidden knowledge, but give an automatic penalty to anyone attempting to search for such information, reducing her successes

Makes appropriate contested/defense rolls and examines the final result

(What actually happens) After a few hours of searching, you stumble across a secret compartment with an ancient tomb containing the necessary information! It truly happened much quicker than anyone could have imagined.  Unfortunately, in your haste you tripped defensive measures. Just after you feel the rush of elation at your luck, you feel sharp pain as a tiny needle you that you are certain wasnt there before pokes your thumb.  As a tiny drop of your blood falls to the floor you look around and see that the room you are in is littered with bodies in various states of decomposition.  Presumably those who have attempted to steal such knowledge before.  Your head begins to throb and your eyes narrow, youve been poisoned!

2.) Contested mechanics rolled by Storyteller
This is where anytime there is a contested roll (especially with combat) the player will declare what their ultimate goal for the encounter is, predict any charms they might wish to activate given various situations, make any accompanying rolls that they think might be necessary, declare a number of motes they are willing to spend for the encounter, declare any absolute or absolute donts, and then i will roll all appropriate dice and respond with a narrative of what happens.  I will do my best to abide by the spirit of whatever you are trying to accomplish in the way you are trying to accomplish it, but it is possible that somethings might not happen exactly as you would have wanted, or perhaps more or less motes get spent than you would have preferred.  We will chalk this up to the randomness of contested rolls/combat.  As with everything else, i only want to make sure everyone is having fun, so if there is something that happens that you just cannot live with, then reach out to me so we can see about making sure everyone is having a good time.

Example 1
Player 1 We need to try and find who the Owner of the shop sold the magical flower extract to, so i am going to break into his store and examine his records.  Im going to roll Dex + Stealth 4 successes If i get caught i am going to use Preying on Uncertainty Approach to exploit a gap in the knowledge of whoever finds me (3m) to convince them i am supposed to be there.

3.) Limit Break
Instead of limit break happening randomly and being difficult for everyone (including the storyteller) to deal with during a scene, it will be a player choice when and if their Character Limit Breaks.  This will only be able to happen during an individual characters specific story (each person will have their own goals they may choose to pursue) and not part of the main story.  A character will gain 3 experience for suffering a limit break in addition to any narrative consequences, and will usually suffer an ongoing social penalty (-3) due to the disastrous consequences of suffering a limit break until the difficult steps needed to repair the situation are met.  Alternatively the player may suffer a penalty in the form of a loss of something very important or a serious setback requiring a complete change of approach to their goals.  The penalty will apply as appropriate until rectification/reunification is made.

Also, your character does not have to be limited to a single type of limit break, feel free to use whichever limit break you find narratively compelling should you choose to do so.

4.) Text Coloring
Red will be reserved for storyteller text.
Orange will be reserved for OOC communications.

5.) Essence Motes/Willpower/Crafting Exp, et all
Any resource that your character uses (like motes of essence/willpower) or accumulates (like crafting exp) needs to be kept track of in the Thread which you are using/accumulating it.  This is because each thread is a different story.  So if you are down to 5 essence remaining in one Thread, and you join into someone elses personal Thread it is assumed you will be full because it is a different time.  Also, due to the format we are using, resources do not replenish at the normal rates (essence does not regenerate at 5 per hour, willpower does not regenerate each night of rest).
--I have yet to decide how i am going to handle it, so until i figure it out (likely through trial and error) do not regenerate any resources unless a charm or ability specifically tells you to regain willpower or gain motes of essence.  And as always, any resource use/gain needs to be very clearly and explicitly stated in the thread which it is happening.

5.) Character Conflicts
While i am perfectly amenable to characters have conflicts with each other up to and including physical/social combat, it will only happen if it is agreed upon by both players before hand.  This means that every player involved in any character conflict will have had communication and signed off their ok before anything in character is written.  If some players decide it would be fun and enjoyable to engage in that type of story, then by all means.  But there simply will not be any direct intra-character conflict otherwise.

Now, if it is something small and part of a narrative like "I shove the character because he was an asshole" that is not a big deal.  The rule of thumb for this, is that if your characters action has any meaningful impact on another character, there has to be player communication beforehand.

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House Rules
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House Rules
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House Rules
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