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Sat 14 Mar 2020
at 22:10
[IC] A hasty retreat
Our intrepid heroes make a hasty retreat out of the caves, moving down the ravine a ways, struggling to carry the limp and broken body of their companion, leading the gnome and terrified human boy towards the road and their hidden campsite.  Despite the clear and obvious trail the party unavoidably leaves, there is no sign of pursuit.

Shortly before reaching the road, there is a tremendous peal of thunder and brilliant flash of lightning, and the rain swiftly becomes an absolute deluge.  By the time the group breaks free of the trees, the road is already awash, a couple inches of muddy water over rapidly deepening mud.  The group, too, is swiftly soaked to the skin by the torrential downpour.

Once into the hidden campsite (which, thankfully, is not itself flooded, and is well protected from the rain) Shabaka and the Kobolds react very strongly to the sight of Kenemon's corpse.  All three seem to be experiencing a mixture of fear, uncertainty, and stunned disbelief.

For our new players:  Shabaka is Kenemon's squire; he's a green-scaled Dragonborn, 8 years old (about the equal to 13 in human terms).  The kobolds are Kug'no and Kig'ru, Kenemon's slaves retainers  well, theoretically, Shabaka's retainers, now ...
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Sat 14 Mar 2020
at 22:39
[IC] A hasty retreat
FYI Mando turned the flaming table over hopefully igniting the oil spilled hither and yon. I assume the oil didn't hit the ogre and goblins.
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Sun 15 Mar 2020
at 01:20
[IC] A hasty retreat
"Ah, good to be back in the open air," Dorbis says as he stops for a beat to savor the feel of rain pounding down. He then wastes no time making himself cozy in camp. If there's already a fireplace, he plops down next to it. If not, then he finds a relatively clear area. Having finished enjoying the rain, he casts Create Bonfire to get a roaring flame going in order to dry off. All settled in, Dorbis turns to address his saviors.

"Thanks for the commotion you all. The kid and I would have likely ended up as goblin stew otherwise. I suppose we also might have ended up like him." Looking them over his eyes stop on Kenemon's broken form, but they don't stay there for long. "Nasty business that. Anyhow, proper introductions are in order. I'm Dorbis, emergent scholar on the arcane and esoteric. This lad was the nephew of a merchant I was traveling with when we got ambushed by goblins. His name is..." He falters as he gestures to the boy, so he shoots a sharp look to the soaked and exhausted child. Stroking his chin in contemplation, Dorbis mutters to himself, "What is your name? I suppose I could just keep calling you Kid..."