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Human Imperial Marine Captain
For character background and discussion.

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Human Imperial Marine Captain
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Leopold was born on Arcturus to Mats and Elise Hurst. Mats was an engineer in the Army. While Leo was still young, his mother left the picture. Dad's work schedule, and work ethic, meant he was not always at home, and he would leave Leo to stay with friends when little, or babysitters when Leo was older. Leo grew up as a latchkey child, and often left home to explore Arcturus on his own, eventually coming to know the capital city like the back of his hand. When faced with the choice of whether or not to pursue higher education, Leo ultimately opted to join a military academy. He wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, and hoped it would bring them closer together with a shared bond of service.

Upon graduation, he earned a commission in the Marines, jumping to lieutenant by age 22. He performed admirably on numerous small-squad missions, and was a two-time veteran of frontline planetary assault & occupation operations. He became a skilled scout, and honed his tactical acumen and combat skills to a razors edge.

Not all missions were well-packaged successes, however.

Leo's squad received a new commanding officer - Keyran Zhulke. Rumor had it Zhulke was well-connected, and that he was quickly climbing the command ladder despite his lack of combat experience. Zhulke was in command during a mission that was supposed to be easy: a stealth-recon op where no contact with the enemy was to be made. Despite plans and intentions, the mission went disastrously wrong. While advancing towards their objective, the unit was discovered, and immediately pinned down by enemy fire. The only two options were to shoot and advance towards enemy, or run, but instead Zhulke did nothing. The squad was stuck in the middle of a field of fire, and the enemy was able to keep the team pinned and setup multiple firing angles on their position. Leo broke ranks and ordered a retreat, giving the order himself because Zhulke was frozen in place and incoherent. The team tried to leapfrog out, but the suppressing fire was too intense, and by the time air support came to the team's aid, only Zhulke and Leo were left. The mission was not only unsuccessful, it resulted in the deaths of most of Leo's closest friends in the service.

After the mission, Zhulke wrote a false report and tried to cover up what he'd done, and even asked Leo to lie on Zhulke's behalf, promising Leo he'd owe him a favor. Leo smashed Zhulke in the face and swore that if the two men ever saw each other again, Zhulke wouldn't live to tell the tale. Infuriated, and hoping for justice, Leo authored his own report to Zhulke's commanding officer, and requested that Zhulke be removed from the service as he was unfit for command and a danger to anyone he served with. The next day, Leo awoke to a summons for court martial. Each man was being tried: Leo for striking a commanding officer, Zhulke as being unfit for command. It turned out the rumor of Zhulke's family connections proved to be true - while Zhulke's failures would normally have met with a more severe penalty, he was instead allowed to remain in the service while only being busted down to Lieutenant. Leo, surprisingly, and to his own chagrin, was promoted to Captain.

Ultimately, Leo was furious at the outcome. Zhulke deserved to be kicked out (or worse) as Leo saw it. And after seeing his closest friends killed in a catastrophe of a mission, the last thing Leo wanted was the added responsibility of leading more men into combat. Leo resolved to quit the marines early, take a partial pension, and disappear. Zhulke's commanding officer, Colonel Corbyn, contacted Leo and asked that he stay enlisted for a final term. He knew of Leo by reputation, and offered him a soft spot to land, assigning Leo to be a protective security consultant attached to civilian exploration missions. He was essentially bodyguard to scientists and explorers who investigated uninhabited planets, either in search of resources or data collection. The job was different than anything he'd done in the past, and he liked it: people gave him a wide berth, and he still got to help people stay safe without having to engage in hostilities. Even though the assignment was a good fit, Leo was ready to retire, and did so as soon as he hit his 20 year mark of service. For said service, he was allowed to keep the HE vacc suit he'd used the past 4 years. He also left with his service-issued advanced combat rifle, a 20,000CR bonus, and a TAS membership, along with his medals and commendations.

The day after Leo retired from the Marines, he received a message saying he'd better watch his back...He quickly reached out to his old friend from the Naval Academy, Sei Nathtas...