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Human Imperial Navy Marquis Captain
For character background and discussion.

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Human Imperial Navy Marquis Captain
Captain Seivarden (Vendaai) Nathtas

Seivarden Vendaai grew up in a cold homelife on Porozlo, his father a minor Nemsoan warrior vassal to Imperial Knight Lord Sir Tarlon Rhaan.  His father fought in the Knight’s name in the recent World War that balkanized the planet only three generations past.  Seivarden’s family has minor FC Bloc contracts at Skymarket Downs, his father the bulk of them as a result of his actions in the war, giving him a bit more wealth than his station might have otherwise called for.  Sei was expected from an early age to rise to an even higher level of nobility (and was intimated to by his father that said rise could take the form of political scheming, loveless marriage, or even outright trickery -- as long as it happened), and he quickly grew resentful of even his minor nobility.

Seivarden loved piloting spacecraft from even an early age.  He’d been caught several times as a youngling using his rank and influence to persuade pilots on his father’s contracts to “allow” him to fly their traders about Startown and occasionally out of atmo and into orbit - and in one particularly egregious attempt, powering up for a jump to a nearby world before his father halted the process.  Finally weary of the familial embarrassment, and in a rare show of warmth that probably wasn’t meant as such, Seivarden’s father had given Seivarden the chance to “earn” his own starship through hard work in martial training and a wide array of science courses (intended to be used as noble conversation chatter).  If Seivarden could complete a swordsmanship course, then best a more skilled cousin in a duel, and work double-studies in science courses for three weeks out of four over an entire Imperial Year, he would receive a sleek Scout Courier ship, built to his specifications, and could use the other week of each four to study skills to allow him to pilot and astrogate it more safely than just borrowing at random.

Seivarden completed his father’s task (escaping the duel with a scar and only semi-major blood loss) and received his ship, The Sword of Nathtas.  To the ire of his father, Sei became somewhat notorious in circles somewhat outside his father’s preferred social groups, for multiple racing wins, and even moreso for his no-fuel grav-calculus-only hoop races, where using only the gravity wells of the Deneb system’s planets (and his own willpower to hold out for food/supplies after taking what limits the race allowed), he would bid less supplies and push his ship into smaller and smaller goal rings (from farther and farther distances) in times better than his fellow competitors, to the point where some of them, risk-takers themselves, called him too dangerous.

This risk-taking and rogue-ish pilot lifestyle over the next few years pushed him further and further out of his father’s desired life plans, though he was often made to attend functions or perform tasks that would appease his father’s appetite for the appearance of social progress.  His father put his foot down at Seivarden’s secondary school graduation, and rather than continue to be pushed towards a life of nobility, he secretly sought admission to the nearest Imperial Military Naval Academy.  Upon receiving his entry, he left home in a blowout, with his father disowning him, but his mother ensuring that he’d kept the title to his ship so that he’d always have something to fall back on “when he failed out,” as she put it.

Having rented out his ship to a rag-tag crew of mail couriers, Seivarden joined the academy, shedding his family name and taking a surname for the name of the ship he’d loved, Nathtas.  Throughout his academy days, he found a ring of friends that he could rely on.  He kept in touch with both Leo (OOC: Andrew), an Imperial Marine Captain, and One Esk Nineteen, a strange young woman who’d helped him out of a scrape or two (and who he’d helped through a piloting test or two) throughout their academic career.  He’d kept in close touch with both throughout their careers.

Seivarden joined the Navy and served four terms, advancing to the rank of Captain.  During his career, he served in numerous military engagements, including one famous engagement and one well-known battle.  His piloting skills and heroism in those two conflicts, as well as his actions throughout numerous others (including once holding off a team of mutineers), earned him two Exemplary Service Medals, two Meritorious Conduct Under Fire Medals, and four Combat Command Ribbons.  In addition, somewhat ironically, he earned the social advancement from the Emperor from his service in the military that his father had begged from him back on a planet nearly forgotten.  Seivarden was granted the rank and title of ‘Marquis,’ though in practice, this changed his life little, only requiring him to live to a higher standard and occasionally cavort or otherwise associate with people who always seemed to remind him, negatively, of home.  He did send a communication of the title home to his father, making sure to highlight his new surname on the patents of nobility, but has since refused to acknowledge any of his family’s repeated attempts at communication from home.  He added another friend to his close circle of allies, Uzkhoun 'Uzi' Aeveuekh, a Vargyr Naval Chief Petty Officer who worked with him during one of his ship commands.  Nearing the end of his career, he’d received a somewhat ominous communique from Anaander Mianaai, leader of the crew of mutineers he’d stopped early in his naval career.  It seems she’d served her prison terms but still held him to account for her illegal actions, and though her language was vague enough to prevent another prison sentence itself, Anaander promised she would see Seivarden pay.

Having mustered out of the Navy with a TAS membership, a pension, his continuing ship’s rental fees (he decided against retrieving his ship - though he loves it, he came to appreciate the little crew running it and decided to continue renting it to them for the forseeable future), a Marine-issue Gauss Pistol that served him well through some of his naval battles (though earned him the occasional odd look at Naval Officer Banquets), and a desire to see even more of the stars than he already has, Seivarden is interested to see what the next phase of his life in the Spinward Marches brings.