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Web Resources (Reposted from TAS)
The Traveller:
This topic is for sharing links to resources on the web for Traveller.

NOTE:  These resources are not necessarily hosted by RPoL, but links to them are.  We should, for that reason, consider before posting links whether the resources to which they point are appropriate.  Especially do not post links to copyrighted materials which you do not have permission to redistribute.

As I vet posted links, I will re-format them to display a title instead of a raw URL.

I'll start the topic off with a few of my favorites:

The Traveller Portal at Downport.com is home to a large collection of resources and affiliated websites for Traveller.

The Zhodani Base is home to the Little Black Book Cover Maker, a free Optima font set (the font used for Classic Traveller covers), and lots of other good stuff.

Freelance Traveller makes available a wide variety of resources for Traveller.

Traveller GM Tools from Obsidian Portal.  The Obsidian Portal is a great general gaming resource, and their stuff for Traveller is worth a look.

Traveller Map is a zoomable map of the Original Traveller Universe (OTU).

The Crucible Highport is a personal favorite of mine, as it is the home for Traveller Plus, a fan-created supplement I use and support.  The Highport also has other very useful resources which are worth your time.

So... please let me know the links you find useful.  Let's build a real resource for Traveller.

Manric has already mentioned another great resource:

The Traveller Wiki

Some of the affiliates of downport.com are worth a look.  Here's one that has lots of good resources:

History of the Imperium Working Group

Another points to AAB, or Argushiigi Admegulasha Bilanidin (The Vilani Repository of All Knowledge).  Unhappily, the Vilani seem to have let this resource gather some dust in the last few years, but there is still good information to be had there (especially in the Traveller's Aid Society section - no relation).

UPDATE:  Saturday, 30 Dec 2017.  I'm adding some generally useful links that also just happen to have applicability for Traveller gamers.

Die Roll Stats

AnyDice Dice Probability Calculator

UPDATE:  Monday, 24 Sep 2018.  How could I have overlooked Citizens of the Imperium?