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Rules and Introduction
A Whiskerís Worth of Time

An Invisible Sun Game

Greetings, Vislae!  I will be your guide assisting you as you take up the reins of your life after your long stint in Shadow.

You will need to have access to the Black Cube (or at least the Key, the Gate, the Way, and possibly the Path) in order to play.  While it has similarities with the Cypher System, it has a great deal more detail that the player will need to read about their order and forte abilities.

As the game is extremely player-driven, I would like there to be a commitment to posting.  I am not going to require one a day, as I know life can be busy, but a few posts a week (2-3 well-written posts) will be mandatory.  These donít have to be in the main narrative thread, as there will be individual Development Mode threads for each player, but a steady stream of posting will be crucial to keep everything going.

If you need to be gone longer than a week, please let me know.

We will start here, in Indigo, in Satyrine, City of Notions, in the Fartown neighborhood.  You are vislae, recently returned from Shadow and now resuming lives after the War.  It was terrible, but we won.  You escaped to Shadow and spent a life in the Gray, but now have returned to pick up the narratives you left behind.

Who are you?  And what do you seek to become?


When you need to indicate the use of bene for a venture, casting of a spell, use an ephemera, or any other game mechanics, you can put it in a private line to me, or you can put it at the bottom of your post like so:

OOC: Spending 3 bene from my Sorcery pool


I would like everyone to pick a color for their character's speech.  Please make certain no two people have the same color.

I will reserve orange for OOC actions, coral for NPCs, and red for when the fecal matter has hit the oscillating unit (likely for extreme danger).

As this is a game of detail, research, and introspection, please use good grammar and punctuation.  We won't be going at a breakneck pace, so there should be time for everyone to compose their posts with care.

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