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Mon 6 Jan 2020
at 01:08
Discussion Thread
Here, we discuss this place, preferences, and such. This is where we decide what this game is and how it's run.

My personal preference is for G1, after Season 2 and before the TF Movie, but I'm good for post-movie or post-Season 3 as well.

Chris suggested the idea of maybe TF's in space; looking at perhaps one or more of the many alien worlds the TF's colonized rather than the adventures happening on Earth. Maybe even before Season 1 (what were TF's doing for millions of years?) And I do like having humans involved, but nothing says we can't have that as well.

System-wise, for now we just have a super simple system that will probably involve rolling a d20, low chance of missing, and high chances of survival for all (even the enemy).

Thoughts welcome on all of the above.
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Mon 6 Jan 2020
at 01:30
Discussion Thread

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Mon 6 Jan 2020
at 05:59
Discussion Thread
Level .01 to .75, "Beginnings tier"
- 99% of the population in this tier.
- Carla's early life.  We're not alone thinking that the gods must be crazy.  Carla born of the hopes of the people.
- Mittens spent most of her life in this tier.

Level 1-5 "heroic tier"
- One heroic can take out several Beginners.
- While there are tens of thousands of individuals in this tier, it's still only like 1% of the populus
- Carla gets the calling of an oracle at age 2.  Remains lvl 1 for a number of years.
- Would Tim would like to see happen in this tier: foreshadowing of everything ahead of us.  We HEAR about the paragons.  Getting to see that we're surpassing the heroic level noteworthy persons yet hearing "you'll never surpass the paragons."
- Mittens discovered her singing sword just as she reached level 1.
- We will earn our first titles in this tier.  For example, "Mittens the reckless."

Level 6-10 "paragon tier"
- 1 paragon can take a group of heroics easy.
- paragons said to take out entire guilds solo.  RL example: Pan King Fu "the gangbuster."
- There are at most a hundred in the entire world of this tier.
- This is where word really starts to spread about the heroes.  "Yeah right.  You're not Callista.  The REAL Callista is WAY more powerful."
- Upper paragon: Powerful enough as a group to overthrow a king.  Most monsters are boot buttons.
- Lvl 10: Carla gets her wings.

Level 11-15 "legendary tier"
- Most monsters are NAMED monsters.
- What defines legend?  At these levels, deserve to say "I slew a dragon."
- There are maybe a dozen in the mortal world of this level.  Example: Mystagon.  Carla heard about and looks up to him.  Presumed dead or a mythical metaphor.  Krendis: lvl 15.  Centuries old.
- Carla awakens as a full fledged angel.

Level 16-20 "ascension tier"
- Can take on Named dragons as a group.  You are now a demigod.  You do not age.
- Possibly 1 or 2 in the mortal world of this level when game began.

Level 21-25 "conquest tier"
- Fighting celestials.  Working toward overthrowing the gods.  Gain domains!

Level 26-30 "dominion tier"
- We am play gods.

Level 30+ "beyonder tier"
- What happens in this tier is a mystery.  :)

I quote this as a frame of reference for what I'd like to bolt down with absolute firmness.  Namely that it would take several top level Paragon Decepticons like Starscream, Sky Warp, Thundercracker, and a legend like Soundwave to even begin to be a threat to Optimus Prime.

PCs are heroic.  PCs can swat up to 4 nameless mooks on their own with little chance of defeat, but 5 or more and the odds start to be unfavorable.  But the entire team of Autobot PCs working together with a second team would easily be swatted by Megatron.  (Not that the GM should ever pit them against an enemy 3 full tiers above them.)  PCs will gain levels slowly (if at all) and early paragon tier would be the level cap.

Suggested system: Mekton Zeta.  Haven't looked at it yet.
Setting: At the very least, I'd say everything after season 1 is non-cannon because season 2 was on drugs.  But I'd like to toss season 1 out too.  Maybe keep episode 1?  Because as fun as that story is, i'd like the freedom to not be constrained to any continuity at all.
Story: Was thinking of biting off some scifi module and reflavoring it for TFs.    Then maybe restart with new starting PCs with a new module.
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Wed 8 Jan 2020
at 04:19
Discussion Thread
I'm still wildly shrug over mechanics ideas.

All I've got so far is "So uh... I guess I'll call my space robot Turbo Thunder? Legally distinct from Turbo Fire, the Hotwheels toy I will be ripping off to double down on Toy Cars logic"
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Thu 9 Jan 2020
at 04:10
Discussion Thread
found a bunch of free mini modules for Mekton Zeta.

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Turbo Thunder
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 It's Thunder, not Fire.
 I'm legally distinct.
Thu 9 Jan 2020
at 05:11
Discussion Thread
That should help get us started, now to...

*Eyes folder with Bundle of holding collection he bought during the summer*

...You know you are a nerd when you forget how many tabletop systems you have bought and re-bought over the years.

Don't ask how to play Rifts or Classic Battletech. Just... Don't.

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Sun 19 Jan 2020
at 05:07
Discussion Thread
The new thread's perfect for introducing my new bot. :)
Tread is definitely *not* a sneak-in type, and she takes a lot of energon besides. So in her case, I'm going to go with she is either a bot who has volunteered to go into stasis to save the Autobots precious energon reserves and will be activated later, OR she'll be built on Earth / wherever once the TFs start getting more regular energy. I'm cool either way, whichever works best for the Narrator's story. :)

Meanwhile, time to intro Gem, Turbo Thunder, and Jumpjet!
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Sun 19 Jan 2020
at 21:13
Discussion Thread
Jumpjet's secret history is secret.  Prime wants it kept secret so he's got a fair shake among the Autobots without being treated like junk.  Only those who were on the rescue mission (which wouldn't include the PCs) know the secret.

I plan for the secret to come out very soon.  Any named 'con will recognize him and taunt him openly.
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Sat 1 Aug 2020
at 06:34
Discussion Thread
Just watched Netflix' War for Cybertron, and boy did it wet my appetite for Transformers.  But sadly, I'm still stumped.  So the best fix I can figure is to move on to a new episode.
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Sat 1 Aug 2020
at 06:48
Discussion Thread
Works for me! Go for it.