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Game Rules - Actions
Actions take up the majority of the game play in ZASS. Because ZASS is intangible and forum based,everything your character does is considered an action.

When taking actions in ZASS, you use up your action resource: Time. Every character has Two Hours of game time per real week day (ZASS is not played on weekend days). Time works pretty much the same in the ZASS world as it does in our world. Stuff that takes a halfin hour of our time takes about the same in ZASS.

Note: A real world day is called a 'Real Day.' A game world day is called a 'Game Day.' As such, there are 12 Real Days in one Game Day (since each real day allows a character to act out 2 hours in the game world.

How you use your character's two hours of game time per day is up to you. You can spend
some time searching a house, some time fighting a zombie, some time building a barricade
and/or spending some time scavenging for tools. Regardless of what you want your character
to do, you have to spend time to do it.

The minimum amount of time you can spend taking an action is :15, and the most you can
spend is 2:00. This means that, generally, characters have between 1 and 8 actions per day.
Even if an action takes only 5 minutes in the real world, it still takes the minimum of :15 in ZASS. This is to reduce minutia when taking actions.

You have the course of the real day to make your 2:00 of actions. The time ZASS is active is 7:30am – 4:00 pm PST on weekdays. Otherwise, ZASS is not in play. If you do not use your
full 2:00 before the end of the real day, you will lose that time, and the world will
continue to move while you stand still. This means you could be attacked, get lost, pass
out, or other things. The GM is flexible, however. If you have extenuating circumstances,
that's fine, as long as the GM knows you wont be playing. ZASS is a dangerous place.

Taking an Action
Taking an action is simple: create a new post in the appropriate 'day' forum (see the chapter of Forums for more details) detailing what you are doing, where you're doing it, and, when appropriate, how long you want to spend doing it. Be as specific as possible, but don't make miniscule actions. “I flick on the light” is a waste of :15 of game time. “I flick on the light and investigate the room, looking specifically for zombies” is proper use of the :15.

Once you've made your post, the GM will respond with what happens based on your
attempted action. The GM post will also contain the time of day, how much game time you
have left today, any inventory updates, and finally any status updates.

You may continue to take actions for the current day until you are out of game time. You will then get 2:00 the next real day for that day's actions.

Move Actions
Make a post saying where you want to go. The GM tell you how long it takes to get there.

Example: You: "I want to move quietly to the house across the street." GM: "You make it across safely. The trek takes 15 minutes. It's 12:00pm, you have 1:15 left."

Search Actions
You tell me where you're searching, how long you're spending, and what you're searching
for. Do not simply say you are searching a room; there are far too many things for the GM to list. Instead, indicate what you're looking for.

You: "I search the bottom floor of the dilapidated house for any kind of melee
weapon. I'll spend half an hour searching."
GM: "You find an aluminum bat and several kitchen knives. Take your pick. It's 12:30 pm, you have :45 left. +Aluminum Bat OR +Kitchen Knives."

As a general rule, the longer you spend searching, the greater chance of finding what you're looking for. Sometimes, however, the thing you want just wont be there.

Other Actions
Every other action follows the same principle. Tell the GM what you're doing. If you want to spend a specific amount of time doing something, let the GM know in your post. Be specific. If you're vague, the GM wont have enough to base their response on.

For information on Combat, see the next section.