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Game Rules - Combat
Combat in ZASS is an abstract affair based on solid mechanics. Because ZASS is played in a
forum, combat is difficult to root in solely mechanics. Instead, it works similarly to action and reaction posts. However, it's important to know the success or failure of your character in combat is very strongly based on their stats, skills, and weapon(s) equipped.

Combat is brutal and difficult. Zombies are hard to kill. It is smart to avoid combat unless
your character is trained and equipped to fight zombies. Since there are literally endless
numbers of zombies, killing just one, in the scheme of things, is pointless. However, combat
sometimes is completely unavoidable, and having a character that's good at combat can be
very helpful to your or your group's survival.

How it Works
Combat works just like normal actions, generally speaking. You make a post describing, in as much detail as you want or can, how you fight (or flee). The GM will make a response based on your skills, stats, and equipped weapon(s), describing the outcome of that turn of combat. The zombie you're facing will likely react and strike back (or continue moving ominously closer to you).

After the GM posts a reaction, you post a new action. This continues until the zombie is dead, or until you have run away or died. The key to winning a combat (or at least surviving an encounter) is being intelligent and creative in your actions and reactions. “I swing at the zombie” is much less informative (and thus much more susceptible to failure, character mistake, etc) than “I swing the bat in a wide arch, right to left, using the refrigerator as both leverage and protection on my left side.”

When you attempt a specific move in combat, the GM will respond with success or failure
based on the attack. Successful attacks generally hurt the zombie or help you escape, while
failures might put your character in a more compromising position or even cause your
character injury!

Combat does not take time per post. Instead, after the combat is over time is assessed. As a general rule, combat will almost always take :15 (the minimum action time).

An Example of Combat
GM: “The zombie continues to shamble closer, hissing at you violently, its arms outstretched toward you. It's only a few feet away now.”

You: “I shoot the zombie several more times while it moves towards me. I shoot twice at the
head, and once at the heart. While I shoot, I slowly step backwards.”

GM: “Success: the shots to the head seem to have significant impact: the zombie's arms and
legs twitch as he brain is damaged from the bullets. The shot to the heart does nothing. The zombie is moving slower, but still stumbles toward you.”

You: “I'm out of rounds. I wait till the zombie gets a little closer, then make a low and wide kick, trying to trip the zombie”

GM: Failure: you recklessly kick at the zombie. It stumbles, but it lands on top of you,
immediately lashing out and making to bite at your bare skin...”