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Game Rules - Inventory Management
Inventory in ZASS is managed through a 'slot system.' The goal of the inventory system in
ZASS is to force the players to make decisions on what they were carrying with them at any
given time. Surviving is about having the right tools with you at any given time.

While the game is based on the idea of simulating as realistic a scenario as possible, intricate inventory management is, frankly, not very much fun. To levy this, characters are still very limited in what they can carry with them, but they don't have to indicate where everything is being carried.

Every standard character has four slots of space to carry items with. This simulates things
they can hold in their hands and pants pockets. Additionally, each character can equip a
single backpack for extra bag space (which is variable, based on the equipped backpack).

All of the items in the game have a slot size of one, two, or three. When you find an item,
your GM will include its size in the description of the item. For example +Medpack (1). The 1 indicates not the number of medpacks, but the size of the medpack. If you found multiple of an item, the post would say +2 Medpack (1). This means you found 2 medpacks, and each
medpack has a slot size of 1.

Any item with a slot size larger than 3 is considered too large to be packed away and carried around. Your character might be able to lift it, but carrying it long distances semi-permanently is not possible.

Almost every item in the game will be 1-slot. Grenades, bottles of water, medpacks, tools,and other such items are that standard slot size. 2-slot items are things like shotguns, fullsize blankets, tennis rackets, etc. Examples of 3-slot items are shovels, bazookas, and other large items.

Inventory management in ZASS is entirely the player's responsibility. The GM will
indicate when you find a new item; it is your responsibility to record the item in your
inventory, if you can carry it. If you don't have the space, you'll have to ditch the new item or drop one of your currently carried items. Either way, it's your job to keep it up to date.

Item Lists
Generally speaking, the item list for ZASS is built on the real world. ZASS takes place at the exact moment and technical level as the real world, unless stated otherwise. Instead of
creating exhausting lists of item after item, just assumes that if it exists in the real world, it exists in ZASS. The size will have to be fudged into one of the three categories (slot 1, 2, or 3).

It is encouraged to use real-world items when referencing ZASS items. This way, the
characters can use items to their absolute fullest potential. For example, an iphone comes with google maps installed. Assuming the internet or cell phone network is still up (and the damn thing has battery life), a character could find an iphone and use the gps to figure out where they are and what's around them.

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