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Happy Mage
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Sat 11 Jan 2020
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General Info | Character Creation
INTRIGUING INTRODUCTION: Greetings! Have you heard of Halaster Blackcloak? He's the Mad Mage. Over 1,000 years ago he started making the Undermountain, trying to have the coolest wizard tower, but he totally went the wrong direction, hence, madness! You can call me Happy Mage, I'm here to spread love and joy to the tortured souls still residing in the Undermountain, and I need your help. Unlike most of the RPoL dnd characters (level 1), you're actually pretty accomplished, I think you have what it takes to go exploring with me. But watch out! There's other players down here as well!

ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN: Battle Royale puts 4 teams of 3 level 2 players in different areas of the Dungeon of the Mad Mage dungeon levels to see what happens.

ABOUT THE DM: I'm not a rules lawyer or a stickler for realism. I'm not a numbers cruncher. I drop pop-culture references all the time. If a player suggests something "out of the box" I'll go with it. I'll trust you to keep track of your character sheet and equipment and gold, and when you start getting too powerful the bad guys will just get harder, but ultimately I want you to win and us all to have fun role playing.

HOW THIS GAME IS RUN: This game is not for everyone: if you're really into min/maxing your character, get out. If you need a map and layout for each combat encounter, get out. If you're gonna take this game way too seriously, get out. If you're gonna quit after a week, stop being on rpol all together. If you're reading this and thinking "geez, this guy is salty" this is the perfect game for you.
Happy Mage
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Sat 11 Jan 2020
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General Info | Character Creation
Character Creation
Standard PHB only.

Standard PHB only. Multiclass to 2 classes max.

Subclasses: the players have voted to allow XGTE subclasses.

Standard PHB only. Nobles don't get retainers.

27 point buy, 15 max before race and level mods
Start at level 4 you can multiclass only 2 classes.
Level up is XP based.

1st level max, additional levels roll or take average if your roll is less than average. :)

All official spells are ok with me. Unlike my PHB only restrictions on everything else, Iím familiar with almost all the spells.

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Happy Mage
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Sat 11 Jan 2020
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General Info | Character Creation
PVE Combat
No initiative.
Players always go first and the actions are resolved in order of posting. Bad guys go next.

I'll list AC and HP out as:
Skeleton AC? HP?

Tactics | Positioning | Nerd Stuff
There will be a general map uploaded to the game map and I'll let you know what room you're in. I will describe general positions of bad guys:
The bugbear is 30 ft to your south.

But I won't update the map with positions, generally all tactics and spells work in the player's favor.

Post your rolls in orange. If you don't post your rolls for everyone to see I'll kick you.
Happy Mage
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Sat 11 Jan 2020
at 07:14
General Info | Character Creation
PVP Combat
Roll initiative.

You will die!
It is a fight to the death.

I'm completely open to suggestions on how to run stuff, but don't be salty if you die, this is what you signed up for.

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Happy Mage
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Sat 11 Jan 2020
at 07:16
General Info | Character Creation
TAKE starting equipment. I don't keep track of rations or immersive stuff like that.
I'm giving you all 1000gp

Magic items
Rarity Price
Common 100
Uncommon 500

Magic Potions
Common 50
Uncommon 100

Note: Armor is the price of the armor + the magic upgrade. You canít buy uncommon magic armor for only 200. You can buy the upgrade for your existing armor for 200, but you canít buy full plate for only 200, etc

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Happy Mage
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Sat 11 Jan 2020
at 07:19
General Info | Character Creation
Combat RL Time Between Rounds

During PVE combat I will give a full 48 hours* between my posts, as long as half the team has posted, I will go ahead and resolve the round and post the baddies. I will not target you if you were afk that round (subject to my discretion).

*I'm not guaranteeing that I'll post every 48 hours.

During PVP combat I will wait until every player has posted before resolving.

If you don't post in 3 days we'll all start praying you didn't die in a car accident. If you haven't posted in 1 week, you are dead to me and I will remove you, I've got a big waiting list of people who wanna kill each other.

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Happy Mage
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Sat 11 Jan 2020
at 07:20
General Info | Character Creation
I use both inspiration points and mulligans in this game. They have the same effect: spend the point to reroll a bad roll.
These are earned through really good role play or really bad roll play.

Inspiration: being a team player, talking in character and involving other players. I hate seeing players play the "dark rogue etc. type" that just broods in the corner sipping his ale. Annoying. But then I made the mistake of being too "outspoken" and I made everything about me and also annoyed other players. There's a balance somewhere and I'm sure you'll find it!

Mulligans: roll 3 fails in a row and you've earned a mulligan that can be used on your next fail. A fail is any roll that misses a DC or AC, pretty much anything that isn't a damage roll.
Happy Mage
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Sat 11 Jan 2020
at 07:23
General Info | Character Creation
Each team will have their own group dungeon and ooc thread.
There will be a general ooc for you all to flame each other.
When 2(or more) teams end up in the same dungeon room, I'll announce it to each team and open up a new group for those players to interact with the other teams (kill each other).

How you gonna assign teams?
By rolling. Duh.

What if I hate my team?
Intentionally lose. Dead characters will be reassigned new random teams on respawn.

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Happy Mage
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Mon 13 Jan 2020
at 01:26
General Info | Character Creation
There will be shops in the dungeon, find them to sell your loot to buy better gear. These zones are not safe from pvp.
PHASE 2: You can only buy common and uncommon. You can sell anything (if somehow you find it)
Sell back things for half purchase price from DMG or PHB,
SELLING magic items and potions are worth:
magic items:
Common 50
Uncommon 100
Rare 500
Very Rare 5000
Legendary 50000

Common 50 = 25
Uncommon100 = 50
Rare 500 = 250
Very Rare 2500
Legendary 25000

Are as quick as each player posting "long rest" and then it's done.

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Jimmy Switchblade
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Sun 19 Jan 2020
at 14:29
General Info | Character Creation
Happy Mage:

What if I hate my team?
Intentionally lose. Dead characters will be reassigned new random teams on respawn.

Could always attack them ;)
Happy Mage
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 I hope you do.
Wed 1 Apr 2020
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General Info | Character Creation
MOVING TO NEXT ROOM: Because all players are automatically forced into the next room with the door closed, 2 players must agree to go to a room and it will happen for everyone.
1) If a player says I check the door or guard a door, it doesn't count as a vote to enter it.
2) If player 1 says I enter room 5, but the other 2 players continue interacting with room 4, player 1 remains in room 4 until another votes to enter room 5.

Likewise I don't need 2 in agreement to do actions like start a fight or inspect something or attempt to disable (or set off) a trap.

TRAPS: If a trap is about to go off (either you didn't check for it or you failed to disarm it, or intentionally set it off) I'll post "click" and allow players a chance to describe what action they are taking. Then I will post what rolls are needed for each player, based on their actions. Then I will resolve.